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Chapter 2- Riley

Christmas break has come way to fucking quickly. I want to go home and see Dad and Mum, but I don’t want to go back to the compound. Why can’t they get out of the life like I have? I walk back to my dorm room after my last class has finished. I have to get my shit packed so I can head back home tomorrow morning.

This time I am not going alone. My boyfriend Ryder is joining me. I am nervous for him to meet my parents. I have never met his parents in the two years we have been dating but that doesn’t worry me. When I was at home with my parents I was always covered in dirt and grease. Now I have let my brown hair grow out. I wear makeup every day. I look amazing. I feel amazing.

“Hey baby” Ryder calls from behind me. I stop walking and turn around. He looks like one of those preppy motherfuckers from the movies but I fucking love him. He has never done anything to hurt me. He gets closer to me and wraps his arm around my waist. I lean up on my tippy toes and kiss his lips softly. “Hi” I say to him. “Are you ready to go home?” he asks. I shake my head no. “It’ll be ok, babe. I promise” he says kissing my lips again.

Ryder takes my hand in his and walks me back to my dorm room. Once we are in, he sits on my bed while I grab my bags to pack. We are only going for a week and a half and then I have to come back as classes will start up again. “I need to stop at my parents on the way there babe” Ryder says while I’m getting clothes from my cupboard. “Oh, ok. That’s cool” I say to him, when really, I don’t know how to feel about it.

I quickly throw my shit into my bags and put them on the floor ready to go. “Babe, I was thinking we go tonight to my parents and then we won’t have to leave so early in the morning” Ryder says. I nod my head but don’t say anything. I don’t know much about Ryder’s home life. He never speaks about it. He knows where I come from and who my parents are but he has never said anything about his. That should have been a red flag, but I fucking love him.

Ryder picks up my bags from the floor and heads towards the door. “Let’s make tracks now and we will get something to eat on the way there” he says and opens the door. I grab the rest of my shit and throw it into my backpack and head out following Ryder down the halls. We make it out to the carpark and he throws my stuff into the trunk of his car.

Climbing into the passenger side, I can feel my nerves are already on edge. This is the first time I am going to be seeing his parents and where he grew up. I just pray to fucking god he isn’t some overly rich kid with a mansion for a house.

We are on the road again. We stopped at a diner in the middle of nowhere and grabbed a couple of burgers to eat. I’m feeling sleepy, my stomach is full. “Close your eye’s babe. It’s going to take us a few hours before we get there” Ryder says. I do as he says and close my eyes.

I dream about him again. Mason. He is the only one I ever dream of. I miss him. He is my best friend. My first love. My first everything. He didn’t follow me. I wanted him to follow me until the end of time but he didn’t. He loved the biker life and I wanted out. I got out and he stayed. I regret leaving him everyday but he chose to stay. I need him but he didn’t want me.

I’m startled awake from my sleep when I hear a loud noise. I open my eyes and notice I am in a compound looking place. There are bikes all around me. Ryder isn’t in the car with me. I start shaking and feeling like I am going to vomit. “Please be a dream?” I say under my breath.

The door opens next to me and Ryder’s face comes into view. “You’re awake” he says. I nod my head slowly. “Come on, my folks wanna meet you” he says. I slowly get myself out of the car and grab my phone. I follow behind him, up the steps and into what seems to be the clubhouse. I am not ready for what I see and my heart starts beating faster.

“Welcome to Satan’s Devils” Ryder says to me. Holy shit. I have come out of the life from the Devil’s on Wheels to another club. I thank god I never got branded by the DOW’s now. “Everyone. Shut up. This is my girl Riley. She was apart of the DOW cunts but got out. She will be your Queen one day so be prepared” Ryder yells out. The room erupts into noise and I can feel the panic attack settling in.

Ryder grabs my hand and pulls me into a small room off to the side. Two people are already in this room and they both look at me like I am trash. “Who are your parents?” The man asks me. I keep my mouth closed the whole time. “Answer me you little whore” he yells at me. I take a step back but Ryder stops me. “Dad, give her a chance.” He says to the older man who is his Dad. His Dad looks at me expectantly, waiting on an answer.

“Oh for fuck sakes, Riley. Her parents are Savage and his whore of an old lady” Ryder says. I am shocked at his words. “I’m gonna take her to bed and be out of here in the morning” Ryder says. Grabbing my wrist and pulling me behind him. He drags me up some stairs and down a long hallway. He opens the door to a room and throws me in there. “Get some sleep and I’ll be back soon” he says and shuts the door behind him.

I try to open the door and notice he had locked it. I am stuck in here. I sit on the bed and wait for him to come back. I can’t sleep, my brain is wired. He has locked me in the room by myself. I pull out my phone and decide to message Dad.

Dad, I have found out who Ryder’s parents are. Please don’t be mad at me but they are Satan’s Devils. I am scared out of my fucking mind here.

I send it and hope he gets it soon. I am shitting myself. They all know I am from their enemies club. What are they going to do to me? I hear voices in the hallway. A girls giggle and a males deep voice. “Shhhh, I don’t want Riley hearing this” he says quietly. “Fuck that slut, Ryder. I have missed you” the girl says.

That fucking cunt is fucking another girl and I am locked in this room. I pick up the lamp from the bedside table and throw it at the window. Breaking both window and lamp. I then grab the chair from the desk and throw it at the bathroom mirror. He didn’t want me hearing. Well guess what cunt, I heard everything.

The bedroom door is kicked open and Ryder walks in. I grab a shard of glass and point it towards him. “Don’t come near me. You are cheating on me. I heard everything” I yell at him. “Put the glass down Riley. You heard nothing. You are just imaging things” Ryder says condescendingly. “Really? I am imagining it?” I ask him. He stares at me with anger in his eyes.

“Shhh, I don’t want Riley hearing this. Fuck that slut Ryder I have missed you” is what I heard and look your little whore is waiting for you.” I yell at him. The girl moves towards me ready to attack. “Take another step towards me and I will shove this shard into his jugular and you will watch your precious Ryder bleed out” I yell at her. “You wouldn’t. You are a weak cunt like the rest of the DOW’s” she yells out to me.

More people have come up the stairs to see what is going on. “Knock her out and lock her in the basement. That’s where she belongs” I hear Ryder’s father yell out. “No” Ryder yells. “I need to have some fun with her first” he says with an evil glint in his eyes. “Don’t come near me” I yell at him. Ryder lunges for me and tackles me to the ground, knocking the glass out of my hand.

He punches me in the jaw and I bite my tongue. Blood is filling up my mouth quick and my only option is to spit it out. “That wasn’t very lady like” Ryder sneers at me. “You hitting me wasn’t very gentlemanly like either so looks like we are just as bad as each other” I spit at him. The look in his eyes told me he wasn’t playing anymore.

Having Ryder on top of me I never noticed the other person in the room until they were shoving a needle into my thigh. “Goodnight Riley. I hope you sleep well” Ryder says to me, before the darkness takes over.

I start coming around but my eyes won’t open. I start to panic, my breathing coming out in short, sharp puffs. I try to lift my arm to rub my head but notice it doesn’t move. I finally get my eyes to open and see I am in a cell. I am naked and strapped down to a makeshift bed. “Holy shit” I whisper to myself.

Noises can be heard from above me. I start thrashing around in the straps, hoping it will release me. The tears are pouring down my cheeks. I try to scream but my throat is hoarse. The only noises coming out from me are squeaks. The yelling from up above is getting louder and louder. The door to the basement is thrown open and slammed shut.

I can hear someone running down the stairs. I turn my head to the sound and see the one person I don’t want to see ever again. “This is going to be so much fun” Ryder says with an evil glint in his eyes. “Right now, your Dad is upstairs, trying to find out. But we don’t know where you are so I wish him luck” Ryder tells me. I shiver under his stare.

“Fuck, you are beautiful. I can’t wait to ram my cock in you” he says to me. My body shudders at his words. I don’t know how much more of this I can take without completely breaking down. Ryder comes closer and rests his hand on my thigh. Moving his hand towards my vagina. I try to kick my legs out but my ankles are strapped to the bed.

“There isn’t any point trying to get away, Riley. You are stuck down here and I am going to have so much fun with you” Ryder says. I can taste the bile in the back of my throat. I turn my head to the side and empty out whatever is in my stomach. Ryder slaps my face screaming at me. “You are fucking disgusting. I now have your fucking vomit on my shoes. You will fucking pay for that” he says.

A gun shot rings out and I scream as loud as I can with my dry throat. Ryder shoves a cloth in my mouth. “Shut the fuck up you stupid whore. If you get me caught things won’t end well for you” he spits out at me. I start crying again. Hoping that Dad heard me.

The basement door is kicked open and more feet can be heard on the stairs. I try to scream but it is muffled by the cloth in my mouth. Ryder grabs a knife and holds it to my throat. “Come any closer and I will slit her fucking throat” he screams at whoever ran down the stairs. I can’t see anyone. All I can do is keep my eyes closed tight and pray to god that he doesn’t go through with it.

“Step away from her, Ryder” Dad’s voice. I want to relax at his voice but I can’t move. I keep praying to god that I get out of here alive. “Shut the fuck up Savage. You and your club are weak cunts and I will finish you all off. Starting with this little whore” Ryder spits out with venom in his voice.

“I wouldn’t be stupid boy. I have a quick shot and I never miss” Dad yells out to him. “Step away from Riley and I won’t have to shoot you, but if you want to keep playing this game, I am more than happy to shoot you and bury you out the back” Dad tells him. Ryder pushes the knife into my neck more and I make a sharp squeak. Dad hears this and cocks his gun.

“I warned you and you didn’t listen” Dad yells, before a gun shot is ringing out in the basement. Ryder screams bloody murder. I can hear more footsteps running towards me. I open my eyes as the gag is removed from my mouth. “It’s ok, Riles. I have you and I won’t let anyone hurt you” comes the voice of Mason. My first love. The one I left behind.

He starts undoing the straps on my arms and legs. My body is shivering and shaking from the drugs they gave me and the cold air. “Frosty, I need that blanket” Mase calls out to Frosty. A blanket is thrown to Mase and he covers me up with it, picking me up bridal style and running back up the stairs out of the basement.

I have no idea where Dad is but I know that he will be out here once he has finished off what he needs to do.

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