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Elisa was on the verge of giving up,her nightmares were becoming too much to handle.What happens when she is forced to marry ...Adrian Martinez...the most feared mafia king?

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Chapter one

The shrill voice of my foster mom woke me up from my sleep.
"What the hell are you still doing in bed right now!"She shouted from downstairs .I quickly rushed out of my room or should i call it the attic.Sometimes i wonder why my foster parents adopted me if they knew they were just going to make my life a living hell.
The whole family was at the dining room waiting for their breakfast.
Mark and Emily ,my foster parents ,had two daughters ,Becky and Tammy.I saw mark's eyes ran down my body hungrily as though i was the last piece of meat available.I closed my eyes trying very much to bury my dark side.
"Quick,make breakfast girls will be late for school,"Emily said.
Tammy ,becky and i went to the same school,we were both in our senior year,
We weren't the best of friends either ,in fact the two hated me.They were among the popular group in school or should i call them
"The school sluts" while i was branded as an outcast.No one wanted to associate with me,an order from Tammy and becky ,which everyone followed blindly mostly because everyone literally worshiped them.The girls either wanted to be like them and the boys wanted them in their beds.
I quickly made their breakfast and dashed upstairs to get ready for school.
By the time i got back downstairs becky and Tammy had already left in their posh cars.
I walked to the kitchen to get a sandwich when i felt a presence behind me.I already knew who it was.
Mark's hands went to my thighs as he slowly lifted up my skirt.I attempted to push him away but that only earned me a slap on my left cheek."I warned you never to fight with me,"he said as his other hand grabbed my breast.I pushed him away as i grabbed my sandwich and dashed out of the house ,knowing very well i was going to get punished when i get back home from school.
I walked towards school as i chewed on my sandwich earning some weird looks from passerby's but i cared the less.
School was not my favorite spot either .It wasn't yet time for the first period so everyone was at the parking lot in groups chatting.I didn't want the attention so i made my way to the washrooms.I was halfway there when someone grabbed my hand by force and pushed me into one of the rooms.I didn't have the time to check who it was because the door was quickly closed on my face as i heard laughters outside.
The bell rung and i cursed knowing i was gonna be late for class.I shouted for help and it took almost ten minutes before the janitor came to my rescue.I quickly thanked him before rushing off to class.
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