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One shot - Happiness

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What is happiness!?? ... Getting your crush like you back...

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It's my last day of high school..
And maybe it's the last day i will get to see him..
Him.. Means my high school crush, I have always had crush on this certain boy but i never got the courage to tell him..that "I really like you".
There were moments where our eyes would met and the whole world seems to stop. The only thing I could see was him, sometimes I really felt that maybe he also kinda have crush on me but boy... Maybe I was wrong.. That thing never happend.
Forget about it I will just go see him and let it go.
Oh there he is ... Wait!! Who is she??? .....
"Hey Ryan " She said
"Hii, maya, what you doing here?? " He said
" Actually.. I have something to tell you.. "
"Yeah go ahead"
"Ryan, I like you.. I have liked you ever since we first met " Maya confessed... OMG did she just... She is
.... So BRAVE to confess her feelings.. But it's making me feel weird inside me... I can't handle I have to get away from them.. I can't hear his answer, it's way too hard for me.

"Over here girl... Where were you? I was calling you!! " Neena said. She is my best friend
" I'm here now let's go "
" Did you tell him ,how you feel? "
"..... "
"What? You didn't?... Are you kidding me?... You have spend your whole high school simping over that guy.. And you're not even gonna tell him... You are one hell of a girl"
"Hey.. Forget about it I think he got a girlfriend now.. I saw someone confessing to him "
" So what? Maybe he didn't?.. I think he likes you why are you even afraid?! "
" I'm not afraid you know !! "
" Yeah.. Totally not.. If you are not just go and tell him.. I bet you can't!! "
" I can "
"Then show me.. If you can "
Okay... Here we go.. And here am I.. Again on the way to him.
Shiittt.. What's this why is he coming this way?? . Should I hide? Should I just pass by? He is not even gonna notice you.. Let's just pass him..
God he is coming.... Pass.. Pass... Pass. .
"Where are you going?? " What In the.... He talked...
To me?
"Uhh?.. Me? "
"Yes, you... Were you just going to pass by me? "
"..... "
" Let's go out "..... Wait.. Umm so what is happening..??
" What are you saying? "
"Be my girlfriend.. I can't wait now.. It's our last day of school.. I have wasted so much time.. I can't waste a minute now.. "
"B-but earlier... You a-and that girl "
"Who.. Maya? "
"Yeah,she likes you doesn't she? "
" Uhh..yeah..but I don't like her.. I like you so here I am... Will you be my girlfriend.??? "
".... "
".... "
"Y-yess "
Omgg.... Finally
"Ryan... I like you"
" Now.. Your saying this.. God you will be death of me" He chuckles
"It's bit late.. But it's my sincere confession to you.. I really really like you"
"Me too.. Since the day when our eyes first met".
Goshhh... It's was way too Long... Idiot.

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