Vengeful Redemption

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"Anything." He whispered in her ear sending a horrified shiver down her spine. Standing behind her petite figure he didn't even touch her but his breath was enough to scare her as it was hitting her ear continuously. Never in million years she thought she will be afraid of this man. Not only afraid but terriorzoed by the way he was behaving. "Y-yes." She finally let out earning a dark chuckle from him as he stepped back from her. "Fine then. A girl like you can give me only one thing." Saying that he walked infront of her with dangerous steps. His eyes darken and a mixture of different emotions appeared in his eyes. "Strip." Her world stopped. SPIN OFF OF EX-WIFE CONTAINING HARRY KALE AND ROSE STONE STORY. The story is full of Lust. Hate. Vengeance. Regret. Redemption And Love. If your a sucker for dark yet regret concepts then enter. WARNING: THIS STORY WILL HAVE MATURE CONTENT MORE THAN MY OTHER BOOKS. IT'S A DARK BOOK WITH EROTIC CONCEPT. SO BEWARE. THERE WILL BE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS SO DON'T MIND.

Romance / Thriller
Mirah Selim
4.5 20 reviews
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Most important note before you start this book.

This is a spin off Ex-wife containing only Harry kale and Rose Stone story with the use of characters from Ex-Wife.

Kindly do read atleast first 12 chapters of Ex-Wife to know the story of Harry and Rose before starting this Novel.

It’s a Dark romance. Strictly restricted for only 18+ Audience.


The story is based on dark concept. Dark romance with some triggering scenes.

The story is based on hate. Revenge and regret. So there will be a lot of events you might not like.

The characters are completely fictional yet they will be portraits the way author would want. The story will be presented practically not dramatically or cringe worthy.

If your looking for a lovey dovey cringe worthy story then it’s not for you. The triggering warning is that the story is full of sadness, tears, regret and pain.

This story contains mature content. Read it on your own risk. The content might contain violence as well so beware.

There will be alot of violent scenes that might trigger some audience so kindly if your sensitive of women being dominated by men in a harsh way then don’t read.

All the characters are fictional. They are made by author’s imagination. it has no reality.

Don’t comment negative. No hate comments if you don’t like it. Don’t read it.

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