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Wake up Silver

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After four years Silver woke up from her coma. But when she does, she discovered her family has left the country without her. What happened to Silver? Why did her family leave? Who is the mysterious man who pays her hospital bills?

Romance / Drama
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1 Waking up


Beep, beep, beep.
It's the first thing I hear. I have been lost in the world of silence for too long. I couldn't hear a thing. Now I can hear a beeping sound and it's annoying as hell. Please stop. Slowly I think the beeping sound must be my own heartbeat. But why could I hear my own heartbeat? I couldn't hear anything else though.

I blink my eyes; the world becomes a little bit brighter. I can see some colors of light. The sunlight is way too bright. I blink a few times before I can see clearer. I'm not outside at all. It's no sunlight. It's a lamp. Yes, definitely a lamp. What was happening? Where am I?

Finally, I open my eyes fully and stare to a sealing. A white boring sealing and I know for sure this isn't my room at home. I'm confused. I move my head to the side and see that I'm in a hospital room. Wait, a hospital?

‘Oh my god!’ a woman screamed. ‘Doctor, she woke up! I told you she would wake up. Quick, come.’

I look over to the woman, she scared me. The beeping sound to my right confirmed my speeding heartbeat. The beeping also fastened. A nurse is standing on the other side of my bed. She is saying something to me, but I have no idea what she is saying. I didn't even see her before she had spoken. I Needed to ask her where I was. Why do I have all kinds of tubes and beeping things attached to my body?

‘Eh..’ I try to say hello, but my voice doesn't allow it. My throat feels so damn dry. I swallow and try it again, but there is no sound coming out of my mouth.

‘Sssh, easy girl. Don't overdo it.’ the nurse tells me. She holds my hand with a smile. I have no idea who the woman is or why I'm here. She gives me a glass of water with a straw. I take a few sips.

A doctor walks into the room, an older man with grey hair and a doctor's coat. He gives me one look and smiles too. He is really happy to see me and I have no idea why. ‘Nice to see your eyes, miss Zantos. My name is doctor Hall. Don't try to talk just yet, you have been sleeping for a while now.’

‘H-how?’ I ask. I can't seem to finish my sentence. I take another sip.

The doctor laughed. ‘I told you not to talk, but I get it. You are probably wondering how long you have been sleeping or how you came here. It's so good to see you awake. You have been sleeping for quite some time now.’

Something doesn't make sense to me. He is stalling. What isn't he telling me? I take a deep breath and try again. ‘H-how l-long?’ I finally use my full voice to make a sentence. It's not easy to talk. My throat is so freaking dry. How long did I sleep?

The doctor and nurse exchange a look with each other. They look sad and with pity. ‘There is no easy way to say it. Silver, you have been in a coma for the last four years, one month and five days.’ the doctor says to me.

My breath stocks. I have been what? Why? How? What? Tears are filling my eyes. The world goes blurry again. I can't believe it. The beeping sound next to me is going crazy right now. I shake my head over and over. No, this isn't possible. The nurse next to me, keeps saying sweet things to me. She is trying so hard to stop me from crying. I can feel a tear escape. I lost four years of my life. That means I'm now eighteen years old. I missed birthdays, family vacations, my own graduation. Wait I haven't even finished high school. I never learned how to drive a car. I missed so much. My brothers must be so worried about me. The twins were ten years old, now they would be teenagers. How strange must that be when I see them?
‘M-my fa-family?’ I ask. I wonder where they are and how they are doing. Do they know I woke up?

They exchange a look again. The nurse shakes her head, telling him no.

‘W-what is w-wrong?’ I ask, but they don't answer right away. I wipe away my tears. ‘P-please.’ My mind is telling me there is something wrong. Did we have an accident or something? Are they dead?

The nurse takes both my hands in hers. She is rubbing the back of my hand slowly. Her brown eyes look sad when she speaks to me. ‘I have been your nurse since you came here four years ago, Silver. You were brought here unconscious. You had hit your head pretty bad. That was probably the reason you went comatose. The man told us he was your brother. He left right after we took you into surgery. We haven't seen him since and I'm really sorry to tell you, but in the four years, he nor your parents have visited you.'

Now the tears are streaming down my face. I have been in a coma for four years and my family never came to visit me? Why? I try to remember what happened, but I'm blank. I have no memories of what happened. Why, oh why can't I remember a think of how I got here? Where are my parents? Did my older brother Julius bring me here? What about the twins? My younger brothers Nico and Iyan, why didn't they visit me?

Doctor Hall and nurse Ella both did their best to comfort me, but hearing my family never had visit me while being in a coma hurt so much. How can they leave me like this? My family was everything to me. They are all I have. I have no other family here in America. My family is from Spain. Did they move back to Spain and did they leave me behind? I had a lot of questions and no one to answer them. I was alone. My family left me. All I could do was cry. Cry for the family I no longer have.



I'm in my office working on some documents. It's still early, but I worked on this document for over an hour now and I don't think I can finish it before lunch. I look up when my best friend and best co-worker Adrian comes barging in without knocking. We have been best friend forever, but why doesn't he knock when he enters my room like all the damn time? What if I had a girl with me in here? Who am I kidding? I never take girls in here, only in my bedroom or a hotel. I have my needs, I'm still a man. I'm not the kind of person for a relationship. I mean I'm no heart braker. So, I keep myself busy with work. I look down again, trying to focus on the papers in front of me, then I look to my computer screen.

'You forgot to knock?' I ask tell him. I slowly look over my computer screen and see he is sweating and panting. His face is red like a beet. 'What are you doing? Do you have a heart attack?' I ask. What is wrong with him?

Adrian just shakes his head and hold on to the doorway so he doesn't fall over. 'I-I.' he takes a deep breath and says: 'God I have to work-out more.'

'You wonder?' I'm trying for years to take Adrian to the gym with me. I have a personal trainer and he was looking for some more clients to train. Adrian always said he looked way too good for the ladies, but his shirts became a lot tighter over the last two years. His belly is slowly showing, just like a pregnant woman. 'What do you want Adrian? I have a lot of work to do.'

'The girl. You know the girl in coma. She, she woke up.'

'What?' I jump out of my chair. It fell over with a loud bang, but I don't care. 'She woke up? Why didn't you say so right away? I have to go to her.'

'Sorry, It's because of my bad condition. I came right to your office when they called me.'

My eyes widen. She woke up. I have waited to hear this for so long. She had been in a coma for four years now. I tried to visit her every week, but the last few weeks have been hectic around here. Ever since I took over the Royal Brooklyn Casino two years ago, my life changed forever. I used to be my father's right hand, but he wanted to spend more time with my mother and since my sister got dumped by her fiancé and found out she was pregnant, he is been helping her also. Little Elisa is a handful and my sister needs all the help she can get.

I leave my office right away. I have no time to ask my driver to bring me my car, I grab the keys and get the car myself. Adrian follows me inside the car and I drive with full speed to the Brooklyn Bay Hospital. I park the car in front of the entrance. I don't care I can't park here. Sue me if you want. I run to the stairs, up to the second floor where she has been staying for the last four years. I don't wait for Adrian; he is too slow. When I open the door to the second floor, I see doctor Hall. Just who I needed to see. 'She woke up?' I ask him. ‘How is she doing? Is she okay?'

Doctor Hall smiles at me, he seems happy with her waking up too. 'Yes, she did. She is doing great. You can see her if you want, mister Dellario.'

'Thank you doctor.' I carefully open the door and see her laying on her bed. She still looks so young though, but she turned eighteen three months ago, she is a woman now. I sat next to her on her birthday and blew out a candle, wishing she would wake up. I had no idea the wish would come true three months later.

She hears me entering and her head turns toward me. Her brown eyes are looking at me. Her long brown hair is brushed and she is out of the hospital clothes I used to see her in. The dark green shirt suits her well. She looks amazing.

I teer my eyes away and close the door behind me. I slowly take the chair and slide it so I can sit next to her bed. I don't want to scare her. Silver was watching my every move. 'I'm so happy you woke up Silver. How are you feeling?' Her eyebrows frown by my question. She doesn't reply my question right away, so I ask her again. I can't wait to hear her speak. It's been four years.

Slowly she shakes her head. 'I-I'm s-sorry, b-but who are y-you?'
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