Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 10

The next morning we were woken up by Katharina. We looked at each other and have to hug. I put my hand on his phallus. “Because I would have liked to feel once again in me, but now I must, unfortunately, do without until next weekend.” With these smug words, I got up and fetched our daughter with whom we then played in bed for quite a while.

The next weekend was getting closer and closer. Finally Saturday, and on that day of all times, I wasn’t feeling so well. In the clinic, we were already joyfully expected by him. I only had time for a short kiss. I felt as if I would leak. Immediately I had to go to the toilet. Once there, I could have cried again right away. This month, of all months, I got my period a day early. Fortunately, I had everything with me. When I was alone with my sweetheart, I told him about my mishap and that we could only cuddle the next night. No disappointment showed on his face. He took me in his arms and said only that it will be beautiful anyway.

I don’t know how he did it again and again, no matter how low I was on the ground, he only needed a few words to bring me back to heaven. I love him for that too.

Although the weather was lousy, it was a nice day. Satisfied, we lay again in the beds of the guesthouse opposite us. Holding, caressing, telling, kissing, teasing, and in our sleeping clothes. I began to caress his chest, he did the same. Very gently, he traced my areolas over the fabric of the nightgown. My breasts were already hard, creating incessant waves of pleasure. Almost unnoticed by my own body, he drove me higher and higher into ecstasy. Only in short puffs, I could breathe through my nose. I pressed my lips together. Little by little, my senses faded. Unimpressed by my tremors and my moans, he continued to dance his fingers over my breasts. Only with my eyes closed could I endure these feelings and expected to die. He pushed me over the cliff and let me fall. My hands clawed at him and pulled his face between my breasts. I could only muffle my cry of release in my pillow, I could not stifle it. My body exploded like fireworks. After a felt eternity I took his hands holding me, as his warm breath on my packed breasts was again. Having regained my strength, I took off his sleeping clothes. He wanted to help me, but I did not let him.

Hastily I also tore my nightgown over my head and lay half over him. My breasts lied on his. My head was supported by my hands. I looked into his face and fixed his eyes. In me, thought and decision matured. “Richard, I would like to taste your phallus too. I’ve never done that before. Would you be mad if I just quit if I didn’t like it? “I asked him.

“Not at all. I can well imagine that not every woman likes it. After all, I’d be mad at you if you forced me to do something I didn’t like. If you don’t like it, then just stop. I’ll never be able to be mad at you for that.”

I looked into his eyes and asked him, “Why can I talk to you so openly about sex? I used to turn off the lights when it came to that.” I told him laughing.

His answer was short. “We love each other and trust each other. That’s all it takes.” He got a kiss from me in return. I turned so that his member was in front of my face. Well, it was already standing fast and feeling my hand, it then stood like a rock. With one hand I pulled back his foreskin, looked at this purple wet shiny head in the middle of which is this hole and from which already spring-like juice. With one hand directing this trunk with the other spoiling his testicles, I let my tongue lightly and hesitantly stroking the naked glans.

I stopped to be able to form a taste judgment. No movement was to be felt from Richard. Only his hand on my back, continuously caressing me, let me know how nice it was for him. I played around his glans with my tongue. I took in more and more of his joy, which also produced a feeling of lust in me. Again, first carefully but quickly demandingly, my mouth enclosed this phallus. With pleasure I let him slide through my teeth. Reminding me of my childhood, I sucked and nibbled on him like a cinnamon stick. Put it deep inside me to wrap my tongue around it. In my greed, I took him too deeply and bumped my tonsils. A coughing impulse overcame me, which quickly subsided but could not stop my greed. I felt how Richard braced himself against the juices that were building up. Far away I heard his admonishing shouts that it was about to come to him. I didn’t know what to expect, knew only one thing, which I wanted to taste him. Abruptly and then surprisingly for me, he filled my mouth, which I opened abruptly. But I did not release his phallus. I heard his deep breath and tasted his sperm, which I swallowed with pride. It tasted strange but not disgusting. His hands pulled me to his face. He kissed me tenderly and we embraced. Happily, I fell asleep in his arms. Only a “good night” we breathed to each other before.

The week he came home, we received a letter from the prosecutor’s office. I was very curious, but Richard was the recipient. Finally, he was back home. Katharina got her dress on and I also got my dress on to please him and welcome him home. When his parents drove him up, the tears of joy rolled down my face again. I hurried to meet him. Proudly, with only a crutch, he came up to me and kissed me passionately in front of his parents. With Katharina on his arm, we went back into the house for a cup of coffee, which I had already prepared. I couldn’t wait to show him the letter, but there was so much to talk about that it became evening. So I prepared some sandwiches for the 5 of us for supper. Richard helped me with the preparation. In between, in moments of our unobserved togetherness, he could not keep his fingers off me. Again and again, I had to tap his fingers and admonished him to be patient, which I didn’t have myself, and my hands stroked more than once over his butt and his trouser handle, or I put my hands under his sweater on his naked skin. I also had an excuse for a kiss at any time. I would have loved to fall over him. After dinner, his parents said goodbye. The door closed behind them, I jumped to his neck and clung tightly to him. No kiss, no stroking, just mutual embrace, just holding and feeling the warmth of each other. At that moment we didn’t need more to be happy.

After our daughter was in bed, I went to get his mail. He sat down in an armchair and I sat on his lap to lean against him and felt his warmth again.

The contents of the letter were shocking. The prosecutor charged Douglas and his buddy Ali with attempted murder in a very serious case. Reading this, I clung to Richard. My whole body was shaking and my hands were cramped in his sweater. That evening we hardly spoke a word. At some point, we went to our bed, where I immediately clung to him again. Knowing his protective hands over me, I fell asleep.

The next morning, after our breakfast and with Katharina in his arms, he hugged me. With glassy eyes, he said, “Come let’s make the room where Katharina now sleeps into a real nursery, her room. We’ll find a place for my things.”

I didn’t answer him. I knew that this was so important to him at this moment that no one could have dissuaded him from this plan. I was afraid that he would overdo himself with this work. So I distracted him from his thirst for action with lots of kissing and cuddling now and then. We cleared out everything, wallpapered, and painted everything new. She also got some new furniture. Three days later he proudly showed his parents his daughter’s room. That we have prepared it and for our daughter, he had particularly emphasized. Every evening he read and reads her a story to fall asleep. Since the renovation, there was also a small couch in her room, on which I would lean against him and listen, also often fall asleep with and only wake up again on his hands carrying me. He showed to the entire world that he loves us and we are his girls and he let and lets us feel it several times a day.

Tenderly I was woken up by him with a, “We wish you a happy birthday my darling”. With Katharina in his arms, holding a small bouquet, he sat on my bed. Immediately I jumped up and hugged them both. My birthday could not begin more beautifully than in the arms of my two treasures. Richard gave me a pair of stud earrings and a matching ring, which I had discovered some time ago, during one of our walks in the city, at a jeweler. Seeing the astronomical price for me, I could not quite hide from him my disappointment that I could not afford them.

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