Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 11

These ear studs and this ring were mine and from him. On the set breakfast table there was still an envelope in my place. From it, I took two tickets for the musical Mama Mia in Venice. Stunned and a little reproachful I only said, “The ear studs were already so expensive!”

He took me in his arms and told me that he had received the tickets from his company and that we only had to pay for the journey and the hotel. I couldn’t let him down, I was so happy. By the way, he asked me at the breakfast table if I would be very sad if his parents would come on Saturday to celebrate. Truthfully I told him that I would be a little sad if they could not come to us on this day of all days. I also knew that only a really important appointment could keep them from congratulating their daughter, as such they always call me, in person. At the same time, I hoped that they would at least find time for us in the evening.

After breakfast, Richard got Katharina ready for her buggy. Again I looked at him confused. With an innocent expression, he just said that he wanted to take us both out for a drink.

“But we’re not buying anything!” Was my first reaction.

“No, we’re not.” He replied with a smile.

I was not able to keep my good resolution. Richard urged me to buy things. Not only a new dress and my first pair of pumps but also my day clothes ended up in the shopping bags. I liked the dress and the pumps but without Richard’s urging, I would never have bought these things. A hot corselet also wandered into one of these bags unnoticed by Richard’s eyes. Back home, I heard Richard talking to his parents on the phone. Which half an hour later, for me completely surprised, then stood before our door.

Seeing them, I immediately hugged them with joy. “We didn’t want to show up at your house without a present, but we didn’t know what to give you either. Your treasure and our son once again had no idea what you like and what would suit you. But we also didn’t want to give you money. I feel that as so impersonal. That’s why we made him go out for a drink with you today and we’ll pay the bill. This is our birthday present for you, my child, and that’s why we’re only coming now.” Already after the first sentence from his mother my eyes became wet.

Sobbing, I hugged her and at the same time scolded me and my stupid howling.

I immediately disappeared into our bedroom and put on the new dress, underneath of course the corselet, and for the first time, I was wearing pumps. I tied my dark hair into a ponytail with a hair tie. In nylon stockings, I showed my family my newly acquired short dress. Even Richard’s father, who usually seems like an over-correct civil servant, complimented me. His wife smiled at him. “You come home to me sometime!”

To which everyone laughed.

Upon entering our bedroom, Richard’s eyes no longer released me. But my whole body was also tense with pleasure and desire. Played cool and casual, which was hard for me, I arranged my things in front of my bed, opened the bedspread to take the nightshirt lying in it, and spread it out in front of his eyes. Slowly and provocatively I took off my stockings, each leg on the bed. That his gaze also slid again and again under my skirt I took with relish. Shoes and stockings were already lying carelessly next to the bed. The straps of the dress were already pulled up over my upper arms.

His eyes sparkled. But I went once again to the door to turn off the light. Only in the glow of the not-quite-bright moon did I pull my dress down. Put on my nightgown, got into my bed, turned to him, kissed his cheek, wished him a good night, and turned back into my bed.

“You’re mean!” Were his first words after entering our bedroom, which he whispered in my ear.

“I never thought you’d take a lifebuoy from a drowning man.” He whispered, playfully offended, further.

Snappishly I answered him, “That’s just the just punishment for what you did to me today. Leading me astray like that. I had a totally bad conscience when we bought the things. Only because of your bright children’s eyes I have allowed at all that we bought the things.”

“And how can I make it up to you?” He whispered in a rueful tone.

“How about a few cuddles?” came my prompt reply. I turned back to him. Giggling at first, but only a short time later we were already engaged in a passionate kiss. My nightgown was off faster than I had put it on. His hands stroked again and again over my corselet-covered skin. Stormy and passionate were his kisses on my cleavage. My hands burrowed into his hair and pressed his mouth on my firm breasts. I turned him on his back and swung myself on top of him with straddled legs.

Half sitting, I pulled him to me, wrapped my arms around him, and my hands clasped him again. Feeling his hard phallus on my fabric-covered shame, the desire in me became overwhelming. There was no thinking and no reason for me at this moment. There was in me only the irrepressible desire for this, for his phallus. No kissing, no caressing, no cuddling could have quenched my desire at that moment and I would have found such a kind of love at that moment only disturbing. I was the only woman.

“I want you inside me!” I begged him.

He pushed aside the gusset of my corselet and I impaled myself on him. The sensation of impalement made me groan loudly and my body contracted. With my hands in his hair, I pressed him hard on my breasts threatening to burst. There was no getting out of the way for him. Like a Spanish Amazona, I determined the pace of my redemption and at that moment I did not know consideration. I was still moaning and groaning, his powerful discharge already filled my body. So filled I exploded. My body cramped and only by pressing my mouth on his upper arm, my groaning could only be suppressed in our house.

Overjoyed, I held on to him. He let himself fall into the pillows and pulled me along. Our bodies struggled for air for a long time. Lying on top of me, he began to kiss me. I pulled him to me and pressed our cheeks together.

“Thank you for the beautiful day,” I whispered to him and held him tightly to me.

At some point, I rested my back against him. “Do you want me to take off all my clothes too?”

I asked him. Hearing only a “no”, and felt his hands, which kneaded my wrapped breasts lightly, and his already reawakening phallus on my abdomen. I opened my legs, pulled aside the wet gusset, and directed his semi-stiff pole to my grotto. Lying like this, I wished him a good night. So lying I wished Good night to him, I felt that he once more tenderly penetrated me and only lingered in me while my abdomen milked him, pouring itself once more gently into me, as the crowning end of a wonderful day.

Our life got a rhythm again. Katharina went to the daycare center while I continued my studies and Richard went back to work. The autumn storms were over and the day I had to face Douglas was here.

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