Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 13

During his master’s degree, he did a one-year internship at the company he’s still working for today. Richard was a total late bloomer when it came to women. At 21, he had an excellent bachelor’s degree in his pocket but was still single, despite his appearance. He once had a relationship with a fellow student, but she quickly dumped him. The reason was simple. He spoke of love, she spoke of sex. So his experiences with women until then, were very manageable.

Savannah was 10 years older than him, had a pretty face, and was his desk neighbor in the office. Her expansive cleavage impressed him more than was good for him. As a woman, she of course quickly noticed where her young colleague’s gaze constantly wandered off to, and with his young athletic body, he in turn was exactly in her prey pattern. On the days or in the hours when they were just the two of them in the office, she crossed her legs so that her skirt slid up and he could sometimes spy the strapless nylons or a lot of uncovered skin. That man could not avert his gaze from her thighs, she knew only too well. Richard regularly invited her over for coffee or a trip to the cinema after work. She played with him and unconsciously he let her play with him. Whether in the office or when he was out after work, seeing her dressed in a hot outfit, he always lacked the air to breathe. If he was back at his workstation after a date, he first had to go to the toilet. This went on for quite a while, until she after she had cooked him soft, took the initiative. Casually she asked him at noon if he had time in the evening to move some furniture with her in her apartment. Of course, he always had time for this woman.

That she took him right away with the car was only right for him. He was already sitting in the passenger seat before she got in. Astonished, he registered that she pushed her short skirt up to her waist after closing the door and only then buckled up. With a lump in his throat, unable to say anything, he looked at the top of her legs and her thong which, as he told me with a grin, was very flaccid. But he also noted her baldness in the uncovered pubic area. “The tight skirt always bothers me when driving, we are colleagues and we are yes adult enough, so what of it.” She explained as she drove off, completely at ease.

There was a huge riot in Richard’s pants, which she registered with relish. In her apartment and during a coffee, she explained to him what she had in mind. Her current living room should become the bedroom and vice versa. She didn’t comment on Richard’s remark that they wouldn’t be able to do it all in this already late afternoon, instead, she went into her bedroom and pulled him behind her. From the closet she reached for a shirt and handed it to him, explaining that he couldn’t leave his clothes on or they would surely be soaked with sweat later. Before he could say anything in reply, she also undressed in front of him, except for the thong and the bra.

“Are you afraid of me or why do you hesitate?” She provoked him further. It was clear to him that she would see his giant erection, which without his taming tight jeans would make his boxer shorts a tent, in a moment. But she didn’t want it any other way, he encouraged himself. Pants not yet properly down, he ran red. His lollipop was not pitching a tent. Instead, he peeked out from his shorts and stood proudly towards her. Lasciviously she snuggled up to him and kissed him. Without her asking, but also resistance from him, she took his lollipop out of the shorts and jerked him until he cum on her. “So my little one, now we will have a while to clean up.” She said smugly and patted his phallus.

She didn’t put on any more clothes herself, rubbed his cum on her skin, and threw her pillow at him. Encouraged, he grabbed her from behind and put his hands on her 34D tits to knead them. She still hypocritically resisted but enjoyed not only his hands on her tits and his re-hardening boner on her ass but also the feeling that she had him to the point that he had fallen for her. Skillfully she used her womanly charms. In her proximity, only his cerebellum was still working for Richard. For the rest of the brain, there was simply no more blood, because it collected elsewhere.

Our train stopped. With: “So now I have revealed myself enough?” he, unfortunately, ended his confession.

A train station, passengers getting on and off, but around us, the seats remained empty. I gently kissed Richard’s lips. “Thank you for telling me,” I whispered to him.

He just looked at me and stroked my forehead. From his face and in his eyes I could read his love for me, like in a thick book. “Did you satisfy yourself every time you thought about her in your bed?” I immediately wanted to know.

“Not just once a day, and not just in the bedroom or washroom.” He answered me with a smile.

Curiosity gripped me. “Have you ever done it because of me?” I asked, grinning at him.

He leaned down and kissed me, “That my darling will remain my secret.” His subliminal tone gave it all away though. “Have you ever done it to yourself?” He now wanted to know from me.

“You almost caught me doing it once.” I blurted out right away.

“When?” He immediately wanted to know from me. This question, however, I left open with: “This, my darling, remains my secret.”

The mutual fixation with the eyes did not stand long. Both grinning, we kissed each other. Enjoyed the ride and each hung his memories.

Already midnight through, we were finally in our hotel room. I opened the bathroom door and saw this whirlpool bath. Immediately, indecent thoughts settled in my head. I looked at Richard.

“I have the same thought. We shouldn’t wait until tomorrow and get in the tub right away.” He answered me without me telling him about my thoughts.

Like children, we undressed around the weather and enjoyed the water that was already coming in. His naked skin against my back, one hand lightly massaging my chest the other my pubic, I enjoyed the bath. I turned my head back to him and kissed him. “My birthday present is already infinitely awesome. Thank you.”

Passionately, he kissed me back. The warm water and his hands made me fly into the sky. Seeing the scar on his lower leg, I clawed at his arms. I wanted to hold on to my happiness and never have to give it away again.

His fingers on my pubic played tambourine with my clit. Small twitches ran through my body. Again and again, the finger easily penetrated my inner labia. Spurred on by the twitches of my body, his fingers became faster and harder to finally penetrate mercilessly into my grotto. Which made me shudder. Even after my climax, he left his hand on my lower abdomen. The tenderness with which they then spoiled me gives me goosebumps again. I finished the tenderness that was happening to me by turning around and squatting over his thighs. My hand grasped his phallus and spoiled him. His arms were on my shoulders and behind my neck, his hands were clasped. We looked at each other and I had to smile at him. “I’d like to know your thoughts now.” He teased me.

“Do you want to shave down there too? The tickling of your hair when I spoil you with my mouth already bothers me a little.”

I confessed to him. “Mutual?”

I nodded, “In a minute.”

Again I nodded, only this time more vigorously.

Only held up by a short kiss we escaped from the tub. The shaving kit was quickly fetched from the bag. Already I commanded: “Sit on the edge of the tub!”

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