Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 14

He made fun of my tone and I pointed out to him but in a deliberate tone that I hold the razor and his best piece in my hand. Whereupon he fell silent. His wordlessness, however, could also have been triggered by the shaving foam that my hand gently spread over his testicles and hard trunk, lightly massaging it in. Looking up at him, I saw him suffering. I enjoyed how he tried to fight against the pressure building up in him. He even held out for the shave. Checking with my tongue to see if I had shaved off every hair, I couldn’t get past his scrotum. When he opened his eyes again, I just said, “Too bad.”

“Why to pity?” he asked back in surprise. In a played lascivious and sad tone I whispered to him that I would rather have had his love in my belly than in my hair or on the floor.

“You are a glutton for punishment. But you were close to it with your mouth. So you could have had what you’re craving now.” he made fun of me again and kisses me.

Playfully, I groan out. “Men. Think only of their pleasure, forgetting that they have a duty to their wives and are not in this world for their pleasure.” Smirking at my own words, I kissed him again.

Still in the kiss, he snatched the razor from me and spun us around. Now, for my part, I sat on the edge and longed for mine to be shaved. Seeing his ready grinning face, I knew all too well what was in store for me. Nevertheless or perhaps therefore a thought manifested itself in me: “Wait, only you scoundrel, I resist you as long as it goes. You shall toil before I beg you for redemption.”

That it would come so far, I knew. My love for him is simply too great.

With both hands, he gently opened my legs. His warm palms slid on my inner thigh, towards my pubic. With his hands repeatedly stroking and squeezing my inner thighs, he slowly pretended to have to align my lap exactly in the middle of his face for this shave. First sighs of pleasure, which I could however still swallow, made their way. Gently, his finger ran over my labia while he murmured to himself. Pretended that he had to first create a plan on which it was recorded where he had to be particularly careful. His fingers checked these places several times, very gently and softly. My hands were already in his hair and cramped more with every second. He sprayed shaving cream on one hand. Then pretended to check if the foam was not too cold for me. Playfully, as if he was not convinced of his judgment, he tapped the foam-covered finder against my labia and explained that if the foam was indeed too cold, he could then stop again. At least this was to be inferred from his muttering. Again and again, these cheeky fingers poked at my sanctuary. He rubbed the moisture that was already running out of me gently. If I thought at the moment of spraying a mountain of foam into his hand, he would now have mercy on me, he deceived me again. The foam rubbing hand left out no place. Again and again, it stroked over my little stub down there. While stroking my pubic he let his fingers dive into me. My hands already tore at his hair. My pressing lips released no moans from my mouth. He carefully shaved me, really making sure that my body didn’t twitch with excitement. Putting the razor out of his hand, however, he continued his diabolical work, dabbing a warm wet rag over my bare pubis. Removing the foam, he sucked in my labia while his hands brushed my calves. My hands held his head to my lower abdomen. His tongue worked only my knob. Fingers of his hand, I don’t know how many there were, penetrated my grotto. The wet velvet walls of my grotto tightly enclosed them and felt every movement of them inside me. The feeling of penetration made my resistance crumble and I surrendered to my feelings.

He carried me to our bed, where I immediately snuggled up to him. I looked at the clock. It was already half-past two. We confessed our love to each other, kissed softly, and fell asleep happily.

We woke up around noon. There was no thought of getting up. We enjoyed each other until mutual redemption. Only after that and lunch, we went to see the city and in the evening, we enjoyed the musical concert. Sleep was also out of the question the next night. Our feelings and the desire to feel each other were too agitated.

At the same time as we arrived at our home, his parents came with Katharina. I asked his mother to brew us a cup of coffee. We had to swap our things and, after leaving the hotel in a rushed manner, where even the shower had to fail, we had to freshen up a bit.

Both in the bathroom, we undressed and eyed each other over the image of the vanity mirror. Standing behind me, he pressed our cheeks together. We saw our happy faces in the mirror. I turned my head back and our moist lips touched.

Surrounded by his arms, his hands tenderly holding my breasts, I spread my legs, directed his hard pole between my already wet labia which split and stretched demanding in me until I was filled only his steady thrusts with only his even thrusts in the rhythm of a metronome and his outpouring in me triggered a gentle orgasm. Breathing deeply, we looked again into our mirror image, which radiantly told of the feelings of our first quickie.

Twice I had to go to the bathroom that afternoon. Despite panty liners, I could not contain the juices running out of me. Every time I got up I looked at Richard with a smile, he knew why I had to go and grinned back.

When her mommy got one on the butt with the rod from Santa Claus, Katharina began to cry and only calmed down again on my lap. For me, however, it was a joyful celebration again for many years. His brother, uh, Santa Claus, took plenty of presents out of the sack. Everyone watched curiously and joyfully when the presentee opened them. Katharina, his parents, Richard, Santa Claus, and I had already unwrapped all our gifts. Leaning against my sweetheart, I was happy to be a part of this family. He gave me a kiss on the cheek disappeared briefly from the room and returned with a large gift box, which he immediately handed to me without fuss. Surprised, because I already had my gifts, I looked at him questioningly. It was very quiet in the room. Only the playing of Katharina could be heard. So the others knew the contents of the package. This drove my tension immeasurably. Hesitantly I opened the package. Already my first look into the opened present made tears break out. Hugging him, I began to sob. Richard had hired a lawyer to get my things from Douglas’s parents. These were in the gift. On top was my childhood photo album with my mother’s photos.

We celebrated New Year’s morning in our home, and not just because of our daughter. We celebrated our first anniversary with a cup of tea, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, and happy. However, we were not as celibate as a year earlier.

In the spring, Richard proposed to me. Our wedding day was to be the day we saw each other again by chance and the day that would bind us together for a lifetime. I was in a green dress, Richard in an elegant suit, and with our daughter in my arms, we stood in front of my mother’s grave after the wedding ceremony. His hands held mine tightly. That we two now carried his name made me infinitely proud and that he gave her the promise to always take care of us, infinitely happy.

In the afternoon all our friends and relatives came. We had a nice wedding celebration and Richard didn’t miss the opportunity to carry me over our threshold and into our bedroom.

Tenderly, kissing each other and enjoying each other’s touches, we undressed each other. The tingling of this moment was not only marked by the feeling that I would sleep with my husband for the first time, but also by the knowledge that we would do it unprotected. The contraceptive pill had been in the bottom drawer for a month and we were both feverishly awaiting this moment.

Even more intensely than usual, I took his fingers, which tenderly traced my areolas on my already tense breasts, hardly touching them and poking my nipples, triggered waves in my body. The goosebumps on my arms and the tingling in my belly were the first harbingers of an approaching emotional tsunami. His kisses on my neck and ears triggered more minor tremors in me. His hard pole lying on my pussy, my hand could no longer restrain. With each passing of his phallus on my clitoris, a shock wave was sent from it to my insides. My body tensed and I stretched my chest towards him, which was absorbed by his warm mouth. While his hands now pressed my valley on the bed, mine tried to pull his body, and fingers clawed into his shoulder.

My hands and arms had nothing adequate to oppose his muscular body. Like a seagull sitting on a buoy in a storm, I was tossed back and forth. Feeling his teeth and lips on my hard, protruding nipples, my body was shaken again. All I could do was gasp. Wanted to scream at him to finally have mercy and release me. I couldn’t and sought release in a consuming kiss. He drove me higher and higher. Again my body plunged like a landslide into the abyss and I was caught by his hands. Finally, he penetrated me, splitting and impaling me. No ramming, just hard and steady. My grotto walls wrapped around his hot pole and never wanted to let him out. His in and out movements triggered further eruptions in my body, which were amplified by the feelings of depth and fullness. I was just a bundle of lust in his arms and at the mercy of the storm of his passion. Crossing the Rubicon of my wave of feelings, his sperm shot into my body. Feeling how it filled me, shook every fiber in me and another wave of orgasm drowned me. In the depth of the abyss, I lost the sense of space and time.

Feeling a kiss on my mouth, a caressing hand on my cheek. Like a drowning woman who has been rescued, my arms clasped tangled behind his neck and pressed me against his body.

Waking up the next morning, I looked into the radiant face of my husband. Kissed him on his mouth and wished him a good morning. Enjoying his hand stroked over my body before he, we heard her babbling over the baby phone, took our daughter to bed with us. Looking at her and feeling his hand lying on my belly, the tears of happiness flowed.

Pauline looked at me and had to smile when she saw my moist eyes. “You’ve been through quite a lot and you can be proud of your family. We should call it a day now. I think your husband is waiting for your call. That we repeat such a conversation is clear! Then I’ll tell you how Matthew and I got together. Unlike me, however, you are a nun. I can tell you that much.” We said goodbye with a kiss on the cheek, while inside the phone was already ringing.

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