Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 5

“Katharina’s crying,” He spoke, and hearing that from the baby phone, abruptly ended our embrace. The whole Sunday we were exhilarated and could not refrain from touching each other tenderly and kissing passionately. Katharina was hardly in bed when we were already lying on the sofa. Feeling his hands on my back, my heart beat faster. I did not know how to tell him that I was not ready to sleep with him. He sensed my tormenting thoughts and asked me. Faltering, I tried to explain everything to him. Even as he guessed the direction of the conversation he hugged me. Just one, “It’s okay,” he murmured in my ear.

Relieved by his words, I relaxed and felt his closeness even more intensely. Despite my bad experiences, I asked him if we wanted to go to bed together. Surprised by his ‘no’, I looked at him with wide eyes.

“I don’t want to lie with you in the bed I was already in with Savannah. Let’s buy our bed tomorrow.”

I just squeezed Him tightly against me.

“Will you come to my bed then?” I teased him.

A passionate kiss sealed the sleeping arrangement for our future together.

Just a few days later. Richard had taken Katharina to bed with us after she was awake and played with her. She was already laughing heartily when he took her and put her on my belly. With Katharina on my belly, I could not resist his tickle attack, of course. I got hold of his hand and put it on my chest without further thought. Both of us were startled. He wanted to pull it back but I held it. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me tenderly. Feeling his warm hand on my chest and his tender lips, my breasts became firm, my pubic wet as well as my breathing deeper. We smiled at each other before continuing to play with Katharina.

Richard was still in the bathroom. Only in my panties, I lay covered up to the tip of my nose this evening on my side of our bed. He gave me a good night kiss as always and even before he turned back into his bed, I asked him to warm me in my bed. Not knowing that I was lying in bed without a nightgown, he joined me under my covers. His eyes grew big. I didn’t let him speak and kissed him on the mouth. At first only tenderly, now passionately, we only part when we have to gasp for breath. “Are you going to take your shirt off too?” I asked him.

He straightened up in bed, wanting to put it on, but I held his hands. Instead, I slipped it off him. His muscular chest, a little insistent, is graced by small dark nipples. My eyes fixed on his belly, on which there were also only strands of muscle. Stripping the shirt from his body and just carelessly threw it towards the floor, I hugged him and held on to him. My naked breasts were pressed on his body. Hastily I sought his mouth and we fell into a real battle of tongues. I felt infinitely happy and secure. Cuddled together, looking him in the eyes, holding us tightly, and talking, I not only felt his hard phallus pressing against my belly but also felt a bit of moisture emanating from him. Shocked, I stared at him. Pleadingly I asked him not to go further than we were at the moment. He caressed my face and promised me never to go further than I would allow. His voice made me lose any doubts about his sincerity and I fell back into his arms a lot. Half lying on me, a trembling hand clasped my breast. I, too, was shaking with desire and with the unknown newcomer. A strange tension was in the air.

Both of us already had a partner but at least for me such tenderness and such a demand were new. I felt his lips on my mouth, neck, eyes, nose, and earlobes. Tenderly, as if my breasts were fragile, he caressed them. My breathing became faster and deeper. Heat-carrying waves were already running through my body. The buds of my breasts became hard. The nipples perched stiffly on them, demanding Richard’s attention. His fingers played around them, squeezing and pulling gently. When his lips then touched my nipples and his tongue also caressed them, the smoldering fire which had long been glowing between my legs became a bonfire. Wetness came out of my shame as if my body tried to extinguish these flames seething down there in me. In vain. Above me, the fire crashed, a tremendous tremor went through my body and I burned moaning in his arms. Feeling like a phoenix, I pressed myself against Richard. Wanting to hold him, only wanting to feel him, I turned us around so that I came to lie on top of him, my legs straddling his. He put his hands on my buttocks immediately afterward. I looked into his eyes and he slid them down my back before I could even say a word. I shook my head and put one hand back onto the slip-wrapped skin. I was aware that he felt the moisture in my panties, just as I felt his still hard phallus on my stomach. With this feeling, I fell asleep on Him, happy and barred from the tensions of the world.

The next morning I woke up alone and first thought of a sweet dream. My panties told me something different and the truth that instantly gave me butterflies in my stomach again. In the kitchen, before he left for work, he put our breakfast, and on a note, it said, “See you tonight. Love you guys. Your Richard.” It was with difficulty that I could hold back my tears as I read that note. My love for this man was and still is boundless, but at that time I was still afraid of full-blown sex with him.

There was now again a guest room in Richard’s house, which now also became our home. I had only been with him for 4 months and we were already functioning as a family. We talked about our future, my studies, and Katharina.

On a Saturday, the sun was shining. I think it was the first nice spring Saturday of the year. So I asked him if I could try on the inline skates from the garage and if they would fit, I would also take them. Stunned, he looked at me and made it clear in a serious tone, he was visibly annoyed by my question, that it was our home and I didn’t have to ask. I just kissed him and said thank you. Then in the afternoon, we went skating. Both of us were laughing, teasing each other over and over, and rolling, we forgot about time. Pushing the buggy in front of him, he kept looking carefully at Katharina. I watched him every time and saw his happy and proud face. Only when it was getting dark again, we started our way home. Back home, I prepared the dinner table while Katharina and Richard played in the living room. However, when I entered the living room to call both of them, there was nothing to be heard from either of them. They were lying on the blanket on the floor, asleep. Richard’s hand lay protectively over her. I got a blanket from our bedroom, lay down with the two of them, and covered all three of us. When Richard awoke and saw me lying with them, he grabbed my hand. Wordlessly, locking eyes with each other, we both watched over Katharina’s sleep. After dinner and putting our daughter to bed, we also went straight to bed. My feet burned like fire and my calf muscles ached. Of course, this did not go unnoticed by him. He sat down at the foot of our bed and massaged the soles of my feet, toes, and calves.

If it was only pleasant at first, the tender kneading and stroking excited me more and more. The pain was as if extinguished, instead, waves of intense pleasure went through my body again. I could now feel his lips where his hands had just brushed over my calves. His warm hands stroked over my thighs. Involuntarily I had to open my legs. Feeling his hands and lips on my body, I began to enjoy the tenderness he was giving me. My hands reached into his hair and directed his head to the parts of my body that most urgently demanded his attention. My abdomen was just a bubbling spring. His hands and lips came ever more dangerously closer to my pleasure grotto. I could not and would not end this physical affection. Feeling his lips on the edge of my panties, I tensed and almost tore his hair out. He let me come to rest. “May I remove your panties” I heard him ask.

My hands released his head and pulled the panties off myself. He pressed his mouth on my completely wet pubic and started kissing me there. Never before had anyone touched me down there like that. At this feeling, waves of pleasure momentarily ran through my body again. My breathing became shallower, my hands reached into his hair again to hold me. Again I felt these small twitches and cramps which swarmed through my body, which generated more and more pleasure and steadily strengthened. At the moment when it was hammering in my head: “Now the peak of pleasure has been reached”, I felt his tongue glide over my labia and penetrate between them.

My hands failed their service and cramped while he battered my hard breasts. Without resistance, I surrendered to this fate and let myself be overtaken by an orgasm again. Not yet fully back in this world, I pulled Richard up to me by his hair and kissed him wildly and longingly. Breathing deeply, we lay stroking each other in each other’s arms. “You mean scoundrel!” I only managed to get out.

He looked into my happy face, knew that I was not angry with him, and kissed me gently. I pressed myself tightly against him and whispered in his ear, completely without embarrassment, “We both have to sleep in your bed tonight, mine is wet.”

He immediately pulled me into his bed. Lying in the spoon position, I felt his still hard, panty-wrapped, phallus on my butt. “Doesn’t it make you uncomfortable when you kiss me down there like that and everything is wet?” I asked into the darkness and only a little later felt a tender kiss on my neck.

“No, I find it pleasurable to taste you like that, and I would like, if it doesn’t bother you, not to miss it anymore.”

I turned my head to Richard, kissed him on the mouth, and wished him a good night. Pressed close to him, I fell asleep, admitting to myself that I too would never want to miss this kind of sex again.

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