Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 6

It was another evening when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, although everything started harmlessly. After dinner, as usual, we put our daughter to bed together. Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, we discussed whether and how I could continue my studies. Richard was urging me to continue and finish. For me, the matter was not so simple, after all, I had Katharina. At the thought that I would have to give Katharina to the daycare center and ultimately to strangers, even when she wasn’t one and a half years old, I was already crying. Richard took my fear away.

“Initially, she only goes for an hour or so to get used to it. If it works then I shift my working time. I have flextime and can be at work earlier. I’ll pick her up at two at the latest. That’s just fine with me.” He finished his monologue.

I was still pondering over the words I had heard before when he added in a teasing undertone: “Katharina babbles as well as so only Papa, Mamma I have never heard.”

Playfully indignant, I pounced on him. Only when he shouted mercy in amusement did I let go of him, but stayed up lying down. My hand brushed his hair out of his face.

“How do you imagine our life together?” I asked him and fixed his eyes.

He kissed me briefly on the mouth. “I don’t plan our lives. It’s up to us what we make of it. I never want to miss you two again and that Katharina doesn’t remain our only child. These are my only wishes and is my dream at the same time.”

Hearing these words, my mouth sought his lips. After our tender kiss, I told him about the reason for my fear to sleep with him. His hands lay on my back gently pressed me to him. “I promised you that nothing more would ever happen than you allow. I already find our sex divine, and I won’t push you for more.”

His shining eyes testified to his sincerity. I shook my head, “I want to make love to you properly, but I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed in me afterward.” I confessed to him and pressed his cheek firmly against mine. At some point, he carried me to our bed, and also that evening we had sex without daring to take the last step.

Almost simultaneously, we woke up that night by the baby phone and immediately rushed to Katharina. But she probably just had a bad dream. Soon her eyes closed again, and she slept on. Back in our bed, I snuggled up to Richard. His hand sought my breast and stroked it. I detached myself from him took off my nightgown, and also immediately his shirt to lie on him afterward. His hands embrace my naked buttocks. He caressed it and my back. Feeling his warmth and his hands on my skin, it boiled inside me as soon as possible. Firmly I pressed my mouth on his, and my tongue vehemently demanded admission. Our tongues felt each other only briefly before they fell into passionate dance. I struggled to breathe but was in no way willing to give up even one of these bars, in this dance. His hand plucked at my nipples. Small tremors of pleasure shook my body again and again. Richard released our kiss and let his tongue dance over the other nipple. Unexpectedly for me, he completely sucked this in together with the areola and, flanked by his teeth, released it again. This continuous sucking, loosening, and plucking of my breasts made me tremble with delight. Tensed, I moaned my pleasure against him. I couldn’t go on, just wanted complete redemption, which he denied me. Only slowly did my senses return. I felt how his hands tenderly enclosed my still hard bust, and his mouth breathed kisses on my belly.

My hands pressed his head on my pubic. Here he should continue his gruesome work. With legs straddled wide, I offered him my sanctuary. Gratefully he breathed kisses on my already swollen pubic. His chilling work let my senses run amok again. Again sensations piled up in my body that I wanted to hold on to. I knew that if I could no longer contain them, they would tear me apart. Lightly he sucked the small lump between my labia, spoiled it with his lips. Around me, everything was already spinning as his diabolical tongue penetrated deep inside me. My body wanted to flush them out, but he stabbed them mercilessly again and again in my grotto and with relish absorbed the moisture that ran out of me. A tremor went through my body. Unable to hold on to my sensations, I screamed my release to him. Lying in his arm, I looked at him. I can’t even tell you when he lay down next to me again. I was just lying in his arm, and his other hand was gently stroking my hairy pubic area. I stretched up to him and kissed him tenderly.

I was sure at that moment that I also wanted to feel him completely and with all the consequences. My hand slid into his shorts and enclosed this huge hard phallus. Tentatively I let my fingers slide over his wet glans. I felt his hole in the middle, from which moisture kept coming and which I rubbed with my fingers. It was just nice to caress this hard pole and enclose it with my hand. Abruptly I pulled my hand out of his shorts. I breathed a kiss on his questioning eyes, as well as on his mouth, and took off his shorts. He pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. Lying half on top of him, I let my hand slide back onto that hard pole. His heavy sack with the two marbles was so wonderful to feel, but also so big that my dainty hand can’t enclose it. I rocked and kneaded him playfully. He tried to turn around to be able to pamper my sanctuary with his hands as well. But I did not allow it. I wanted to give him back what he had given me so often. While we fell again into an endless kiss, my thumb and fingers played again and again around this wonderful head of his phallus.

From this moisture was always penetrating and which became harder the more my hand spoiled him. My breasts, which were already stretched to bursting, maltreated his chest and with my hand, I could only slide up and down over his phallus in my desire. We moaned into each other’s mouths. Completely unexpectedly he held my hand, the hand that was pampering his manhood. Deeply he breathed. His eyes sparkled in the darkness. Our mouths loosened only briefly when he whispered to me that he was about to come. Wildly determined to let him feel my love for him, my hand continued its gruesome work. Passionately I kissed him. Even I was infinitely stirred up by our love game and felt that the ground would also open for me and consume me. We experienced this moment together only a few moments later. From his phallus, an infinite amount of his love juice squirted between our bodies. Feeling this on my skin, I also crashed. After our redemption, I now lay down completely on him. I did not care that my hand was sperm-soaked and that his love juice spread over our bodies.

Thinking back, I even had to grin to myself. Compulsively, I had to go wash myself every time Douglas had penetrated me. With Richard everything was different. I enjoyed the moisture on my skin, and I felt no disgust as in the past.

Both of us were much too excited to sleep. I lay on his stomach and looked at him. Now and then, we kissed gently. Words were not necessary to explain all that was going on inside us. Our faces told it. I felt on my belly how his phallus stiffened again. This feeling made me want to feel him inside me. I was not willing to wait even another day or hour.

His hand stroked through my hair, and he pressed my head towards his. After the touch of our lips, he continued to caress me. Without a move, he whispered to me how much he loved me. I leaned down to him and kissed his lips. “I love you too and want to feel you inside me,” I whispered back.

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