Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 7

After our confessions, we fell into a passionate tongue dance. More and more wild and uncontrollable our bodies wriggled. His strong arms held me gently.

“Do we need a condom?” he whispered to me. I just shook my head.

Although he saw the pillbox lying on my nightstand every day and we were already in the highest state of arousal, his thoughts were only focused on my well-being even at that moment.

He spun us around, tenderly kissing my mouth and neck. His fingers delicately traced my areolas strained to burst. Every fiber of my body already yearned for his touch and was already tense. At the very first touch of his phallus against my labia, I heaved a sigh of relief. He wasn’t inside me yet, but the feel of the glans against my grotto triggered a wave that rippled through my body, leaving the first tremor. The wetness from me was already running, creating more waves of pleasure, over my anus. With his hand, he directed his phallus over my clit and played with it. Twitches ran through my body. Breathing deeply and moaning loudly, I begged for release, not knowing that it should only be the prelude to an unforgettable emotional martyrdom for me.

My breath went faster and faster. His light movements with his pelvis led to his glans sliding not only over my clit, but also my wide inviting labia. Feeling his and my moisture, gave me the feeling of leaking. My lower abdomen bucked violently with each of its downward movements. The control over my body had long been lost to me. Once again, he pulled back the foreskin of his phallus and pressed his naked glans now between my labia. Feeling this naughty intruder, my legs slapped together over his buttocks. Slowly and powerfully he penetrated me. I squirmed and was shaken by this infinitely beautiful feeling I cramped. Feeling the cramping he pulled back and waited a moment. Feeling his lips, my mouth opened, and my tongue came out to meet him. My legs were pressing on his buttocks. He understood and slowly pushed his glans deeper and deeper into me. With my eyes closed, I enjoyed the penetration into my tight grotto. I felt him moving outward again and wanted to stop him, follow his movements. His weight pushed my pelvis back on the bed, and his phallus led ceaselessly through my labia.

This feeling of being so stretched and filled to the depths of my belly made me groan. He also gasped as if after hard work. He allowed our bodies a short time of recovery before he moved again cautiously in me. His light thrusting movements shook me every time he entered me again. His initial light, almost tentative, movements became stronger and stronger until he almost left me before each thrust. Each of these thrusts from him led to a new eruption inside me. In the depth of my emotional ocean, the tremors gathered and let my body shook again and again. Clawing, I tried to gain a foothold but was thrown back into the sea again and again by his waves. Richard poured deep inside me. At this feeling, my body shook again. The cramping and twitching felt no end, sucked all his love into me, and let me sink powerlessly into our bed. My grotto walls, however, were still firmly enclosed this trunk, which unfortunately lost more and more of its strength, in vain.

Finished Richard pulled the blanket over us, and we wished us a good night. Happy and satisfied beyond measure, feeling our juices flowing out of me, I fell asleep pressed tightly against him.

The next morning, we were awakened by the baby phone. Katharina babbled to herself again. Sleepily, I slowly opened my eyes. Richard was lying next to me and was also still asleep. Looking at the alarm clock gave me a panic attack. We had overslept. I shook Richard and urged him to get up. When he also realized that he had overslept, panic gripped him as well. He quickly disappeared into the shower while I prepared breakfast for him. There was only time for a short goodbye kiss, and he was already out of the house. After Katharina’s and my breakfast, I also had to take a shower. I looked at myself in front of the mirror. Saw the completely disheveled hair and his dried love juice on my body. Longingly, I was remembering, the last night.

Rarely had I been in the shower as quickly as I was that morning. The warm water tingled on my skin, and instantly my breasts swelled. I urged myself to hurry. Our daughter Katharina was waiting for me, and if I had stroked myself or even enjoyed the tingling water, a daydream would have made me forget the world. That was how happy I was that morning.

Knowing that Richard would not be home until evening that day, due to our late rising, I went to my mother’s grave alone. I told her everything and how happy we were, and how well life meant it to us. The sun was just setting when we got back to the house.

Already outside, I heard the phone ringing. I had not yet unlocked the door, it fell silent, but immediately afterward, this nerve-killing ringing began again. I had not yet taken off my jacket and picked up the phone. On the display, was the number of Richard’s parents. His mother was sobbing on the other end. I was only able to hear a “car accident ... accident escape ... Richard ... and hospital,” and the question of whether they should pick me up because they would drive to him. Before I burst into tears, I could only say, “Yes,” and put the phone aside. Torrents of tears left my eyes, and everything turned around me. With Katharina pressed tightly against me, I was already waiting at the side of the road for his parents’ car.

We sat outside the operating room for three hours. A doctor gave us women something to calm us down. Nevertheless, only one question kept hammering in my head, “For what am I being punished so harshly?”

The door opened and I saw him lying motionless on that table. I imagined the worst and burst into tears again, sobbing. A doctor came to us and told us about his condition. A skull fracture, a broken femur, an open fibula fracture, that he would regain consciousness after anesthesia, and he would probably make a full recovery. It would still take a while for him to wake up, and for his rehab, he will need at least half a year, he continued. Finally, he encouraged us and added that an angel must have been watching over Richard during the accident. Helplessly, I looked at his parents.

“We will take Katharina with us. You stay here quietly, and if you want to go home, please call. We will pick you up then,” His parents spoke. These words will always remain in my memory. That’s how grateful I was to hear them.

Not for a second could I take my eyes off him. Seeing him like that, with all the tubes and wires on his body, always brought tears to my eyes. Finally, not knowing how much time had passed, he moved his head and opened his eyes a little. My hand squeezed his. I thought I saw a smile on his face before he fell asleep again.

Every day I was with him shortly after the visit. But I will never forget the day when he was already sitting in a wheelchair waiting for me at the elevator door. It was already the 5th day in the hospital. A certain routine in my visits had already set in. I cursed this slow-moving elevator. When the door opened, he was sitting in a wheelchair in front of the door, waiting for me. His joyful smile opened all the floodgates of tears again. Seeing me so dissolved in tears, he stretched out his arms to me. The feelings which I had in the moment of this embrace, as well as when feeling his cheek, I cannot describe even today. Our greeting kiss became a passionate kiss.

Still in the morning two police officers came to his room and questioned him about the accident. Richard could remember absolutely nothing. One of the officers told Richard about the accident witnesses and what they had seen. I only heard fragments of the description. I did not want to listen. The memory of this evening alone brought tears to my eyes. If I had heard everything I would certainly have melted away again and I would have been embarrassed in front of the strangers. Then in my subconscious, I somehow perceived the description of the car that Richard was supposed to have run over. “Ali has such a car!” I shouted spontaneously, without thinking, and freely into the room. The officers asked who Ali was and I told them about my ex-husband and his buddy.

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