Before You Say Goodbye

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Chapter 9

Richard still had to change and we went with him to his room. The door was not yet properly closed behind us, I felt his soft lips on mine. I opened my mouth and penetrated him with my tongue. We must breathe deeply through our noses. The mutual desire was so great that it seemed impossible to let go of this kiss. His firm hand on my breast bracing against her made my body tremble. Katharina brought us back to the real world and had it not been for her, more than just this kiss would have happened in the first hour of our reunion. His exchange of clothes lasted much longer than usual, although I helped or probably because of it. Every square inch of skin of his upper body that my hands could feel I enjoyed and kissed them. His training pants had a huge tent and if Katharina was not in the room, I would have pulled his shorts down with him. But so it remained with the pants. In the briefs, there had already formed a large wet spot. Amused and in an erotic undertone, I confessed to him that my panties were no longer dry either. His hand pulled me to him and he kissed me gently on the mouth. I was floating on cloud nine again.

He changed his shorts in the bathroom and alone. As soon as he was in sight again, Katharina slurred “Papa” and I was just air for her. Both of us laughed about it and looked at each other wordlessly. Probably my thoughts at that moment were also his. -My family-. When we arrived at the cafeteria, his parents were already there. We talked about the rehab and what was going on with us during the week. Richard’s father told us that they had just booked a room for us at a guesthouse in the town and also for the next weekend. If we wanted, they would take Katharina back with them, but she could also stay here with us.

“The landlord will put a little bed in the room for you”. His father offered. Richard took a sip of his coffee and pretended he was just talking about a side note. I was speechless at first. Richard immediately said that we had to go shopping to get diapers and porridge for Katharina. Finding words again, I intervened. “You can’t do that for me! Besides, we don’t have a change of clothes with us,” I argued.

With a smile, his mother replied, “If that’s the way you want it, we’re not doing it for you, we’re doing it for our son. But we did it for the three of you. You’ll have to figure out the change of clothes on your own. In the past, we were both on the road for days at a time at rock concerts and the last thing we thought of was a change of clothes. Besides, we’ll pick you two up again on Sunday evening.” She looked at Richard’s father lovingly in the eyes. I stood up and gave Richard’s father and mother a hug, incidentally for the first time, said thank you, and then kissed my sweetheart as well.

The afternoon flew by, Richard’s parents drove home. The landlords of the guesthouse were nice. They offered to look after Katharina while we both went for another walk for an hour. Richard had to exchange the crutches for the unloved wheelchair again. You could tell he was exhausted and it took little persuasion for him to put the crutches aside. While I was pushing him, we were fooling around and teasing each other. Suddenly I was overcome with a longing to feel him with my hands. I stopped and slid my hands under his sweater from behind, onto his bare warm skin. He put his hands on mine to hold them and looked up at me. I breathed a kiss on his forehead. It was one of the happiest moments in my life so far.

Katharina lay peacefully sleeping in the crib next to us. Watching her, we two lay in ours. My head rested on his chest. His hand ran over my hair and my back. Not only once I got goosebumps. My naked bust on his body had developed a life of its own and became firm. Taking care that I did not touch his sick leg, I lay with my shame on the other. My love juice wet this one. Synchronous thoughts let our mouths meet again and again and let us sink in the kiss. Glowing, I looked at him and revealed how much I missed these touches. Wordlessly, he pressed me to his body and held me tightly, and kissed my forehead. I rose, lay on his belly, and offered my chest to him to kiss and suck. Feeling his mouth on my nipples, my body shuddered. I pressed close and my whole breast squeezed into his wide-open mouth. At the same time, his hand caressed my other. Only briefly it lasted until small tremors shook my body. The resulting sounds of pleasure were not allowed to penetrate to the outside, so as not to wake Katharina. More and more I was heading towards an uncontrolled orgasm. With the last of my strength, I pushed his mouth off my chest and straightened up. “We have to be quiet so as not to wake Katharina” I reminded him, actually meaning me.

“I would like to kiss your pubic.” He whispered to me. It must have been hard for him not to be able to spontaneously co-determine our position and actions, and thus be condemned to certain passivity. I squatted down on his face.

My wet labia were already swollen, and I lowered onto his mouth. His hands were firmly on my buttocks and his were lips firmly enclosing my clit, I was soon overwhelmed by a first cramp. My hands clawed at the bedstead. Alternately he sucked and kissed my labia. It was hard for me to suppress a moan. Too powerful were the waves of emotion that tossed me back and forth and wore down my will to silence. At any moment I expected the final thrust of his train into my receptive grotto. But he made me suffer. Rubbing my outer labia between his lips and spoiling my clit with his tongue, he made me tremble again and again. He let his tongue penetrate me only briefly in between to get something from my nectar flowing in streams. One wave after another robbed my body of its strength and made it tremble. I could no longer hold myself. Powerless, I let myself sink onto his mouth. His tongue now pushed tirelessly into me and explored every corner of my silken grotto walls. Feeling this, there was a final surge of my body and a suppressed scream made me crash completely. With my abdomen, I slid back onto his belly and lay on top of him, exhausted and happy. I was only aware of his hands stroking me again. Which gently brought me back to life.

Powerlessly, my fist hit his chest. “You mean bastard. Getting me down like that every time.” That was all I could say. He kissed me and held me tight. Perceiving his hard phallus leaning against my butt, my passion for him reignited. Much too ready for a second round I also wanted his redemption and that should take place in me. So I squatted over his phallus. With my hand, I guided this hard rod to my pleasure center. Feeling him there, the first waves of heat ran through my body. Feverishly anticipating the feeling of pleasure, I fell on top of him and impaled myself. His phallus plowed through my tight but wet grotto in one go. A sweet pain shivered me. He was not so deep in me the first time, was my thought. Only briefly I enjoyed this fullness. With my eyes closed, I moved my lower abdomen to his in waves. His hands, which gently massaged my breasts, were guided by mine lying on them. Close to orgasm, his hands held me and tried to make me stay. To no avail. I didn’t allow him any rest. With each forward movement, I wanted to feel him deeper inside me. Pleasuring myself, my grotto tugged and clutched this pole until it poured into me powerfully and overwhelmingly. A gentle shiver ran through my body. Every drop of his love was again absorbed by my body. He now also opened his eyes and looked into my happy face.

We lay cuddled together afterward, holding each other. “Sorry that I came so quickly.” He whispered to me.

“Nonsense idiot, it was wonderful to feel you inside me like that and to feel you pouring your love all over me. Do you know that I used to even go to the gynecologist because I never got wet and then had pain for days after sex? Today I get wet just thinking about our sex. When your hands touch my body, my control is completely over.” I confessed to him, kissed him, and wished him a good night. Since that night I fell asleep again without tears of pain.

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