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Alexandria has grown up in a pack dominated by males. She is meant to obey and keep her mouth shut. After finding out her father the Alpha is giving her to a vile Alpha's son as a mate she decides to end it all. The moon Goddess has other ideas and sends her to a pack run by a female and made up of rogues and other misfits. Alex finds her mate and others in the pack to show her what true love and family are all about but will her father destroy it all?

Romance / Other
E J Gaze
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I sit starring out my bedroom window, men with guns petrol outside with a few of our warrior wolves.

I'm trapped here, in more ways than one, destined to serve the males of our pack. First my father the Alpha David Chase, only see's me as a bargaining chip, something he can trade for power. I've never known real love or kindness only pain and indifference. I never knew my mother, she disappeared when i was young and no one speaks of her, ever.

The females of my pack are to be beautiful trophies to the males, to be silent and obedient, to produce pups and keep their houses in perfect order.

I stare at my uneaten breakfast willing myself to get up and dressed, my father's best friend Ben Stone and fellow Alpha is visiting. I hate them, i hate my pack, i hate that i'm powerless to change the life i have.

Ben also treats his females like property but his no where near as disgusting as his son, Shaun.He openly gropes any female within reach and has told me on multiple occasions he wants to bed me. The thought brings bile to the back of my throat and cold fear, terrifying fear constricting my chest.

My father and Ben would never stop a male from doing what they pleased with the women of this pack. Females that go through their heat must lock themselves away in their rooms, if they get caught outside when it happens the male wolves have been known to rape these poor girls. Once a girl lose's her virginity she's seen as unclean and thrown out the pack, nothing happens to the males.

I'm pulled from my mental anguish by a tap at the door and a maid pokes her head through, 'Miss, the Alpha wants you downstairs in his office' she has a worried look when she see's i'm still in my robe.
'Thank you, i'll be down shortly' i get up to show her i'm moving quick so as not to get her in trouble with my father. As she shuts my door i go into my closet and pull a plain navy blue dress off the hanger. I already have on underwear so i pull it over my head.

I check the mirror and add a little lip stick to my full lips and a little blush to my cheeks. I pull my long wavy blonde hair into a pony tail then bun.
I check the mirror again to make sure i'm presentable, my father expects all females to look and act like ladies, even if the males act like feral dogs. I feel dread up my spine at the thought of being near my father and Ben, i pray to the Goddess that Shaun is out looking for a good time in some bar and not lurking in the pack house somewhere.

As i make my way downstairs and down the hall i can hear my father and Ben's voices talking behind the office door. I hate being in the room with Ben as he leers at me, even when his weak minded Luna is next to him.

I knocked at the door and take a deep breathe, i hear my father snap ' come in', as i enter the smell of whiskey and cigars hit my nose making it itch.
'Alexandria, what took you so long' my father scowls at me taking note of my dress and general appearance. ' Sorry Alpha, i was making myself presentable' bowing my head and averting my eyes.

My father came from behind his desk and stood next to Ben, 'Me and Ben have come to arrangement over your future, your to become Shaun's mate and be next in line to rule BlackNight as their Luna'.

I felt as though i couldn't breathe, my legs began to shake, 'please, no father, i can't, not Sha...', i was stopped mid-sentence as my fathers hand slapped me across the face and onto the floor.

'How dare you defy me you ungrateful little bitch, i'm Alpha here and your do as your fucking told, your mate with Shaun and have his pups,' he lent down over me 'your let him take you and your be thankful for it'!

Just then Shaun came walking through the door, he looked down at me and smirked 'careful with her face Dave, i like her to look her best', Shaun grabbed my arm and yanked me up. 'Come on sweetie, lets go talk somewhere private about our new lives together'.

He pulled me down the hallway, his fingers dug in to my skin and i could tell they were going to bruise, i felt tears rolling down my face but my brain had gone dead. As we got to a store room he open the door and pushed me in.

I tried to push past him and get out but he just throw me against the wall and pinned me there with his body, 'well now my future Luna, how about i give you a taste of what your mate can do to your body'.
His lips were on mine before i could do anything, i screamed in his mouth and tried to push him off me but i was no good. I felt his hand creep up my thigh until he reached my panties, tears came thick and fast and i prayed someone would save me, someone would stop what was about to happen.

I couldn't let this happen, i didn't want this to be my new life, i tried and tried to push Shaun away but he was so much bigger and stronger than me. His gold eyes bored into mine, he was enjoying this, enjoying my fear. I'd always known that i was just as unimportant as the other women in this pack but somehow i'd buried the thoughts of the future way down to the back of my mind.

I struggled against him with everything within me but it wasn't working, finally out of panic more than planning i bit down on his lip, he yelped and for the second time that day i got slapped across the face. Shaun grabbed me round the throat and rammed my head into the wall so hard bright lights flashed across my vision.

' If you think you can stop this from happening you got another thing coming, i'll tie you to my fucking bed if i have to' he was spitting in my face as he spoke but i could already feel darkness taking over, his hand had stopped me from being able to breathe.

'Your going to be my mate whether you like it or not, your do as your told and if you ever bite me again i'll have my warriors break you in one at a time to teach you some fucking obedience'. I saw his mouth keep moving but could no longer hear as the sound of my heart was thrumming in my ears, getting slower and slower.

I finally let the darkness start to consume me and Shaun's face started to get further and further away until it was gone completely, before i fell unconscious i heard what sounded like a distant whisper, 'you must run little one, run away from this place as fast as you can'.........

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