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His Sanity

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DARK ROMANCE Lucifer King used to be normal kid with cold personality but one incident in his life messed his sanity up and turned him into a childish abnormal man. Being 27 he behaves like 7 years old kid. But only he knows what's hidden behind those innocent hazel eyes of his. The dark reality of his abnormality only his sinister mind knows. Catelin an innocent young lady. She was adopted by Martin King at the age of 1 year. She had a normal life with beautiful personality. She always had a soft side for the son of her adopted father. She was the only woman who ever treated him like a human and cared for him without any greed in return. And sometimes people's one good act can turn into a choker for a life time that's happened to her. To repay her adopted parents she took a step to help that abnormal helpless kid but only if she knew. He isn't the one who needs help. It's her. Because once his sinister abnormality decided to make her his sanity then no one can save her from him. WARNING: GRAMMATICAL ERRORS MAYBE BE FOUND THERE AS ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE. IT'S A DARK BOOK AND MALE LEAD MIGHT COME OUT A LOT CREEPIER SO DEAL WITH IT.

Romance / Mystery
Mirah Selim
4.8 26 reviews
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This is not the beginning of the story just a little glimpse

Author Pov

"Tell me what I want to hear doll.” He whispered in her ear while pinning her on his bed.

His weight had pushed her body deeper in the soft mattress while her slightly trembling body was stiff laid on the bed. His one arm was wrapped around her waist while the other was pressed against the mattress beside her body.

His muscular yet heavy body had caged her not even letting her breathe properly.

“I-I am yours a-and --” Suddenly her words halted as he placed his finger on her plump lips hushing her.

“Shh you know what I hate the most right angel then why are you making me angry.” Her trembling hands slowly went to his neck as she wrapped them around his neck.

He smirked satisfied at her submissive behaviour. How much he loves to see her so obedient or simply how madly he loves her.

“I am yours and I will never leave you.” She finally let out without stuttering this time. She knew he hates when she stutter especially when she’s claiming herself as his.

He groaned in satisfaction before heaving his head in her crook sniffing her scent. His fingers were rolling on the waist while he nuzzled his nose in her neck.

“I know your mine. It’s not like you have any choice anyways.” His deep dark voice was enough to send a shiver down her spine. How weird it is she’s scared of his this side but at the same time, she couldn’t help but feel tingles on her body.

“You know what I did today. I broke the head of that bastard.” This stopped her breathing. Pulling his head up he stared in her stunning green eyes with his sinister hazel ones.

“First I cut his every fucking finger. The same finger that he used to touch what’s mine.” He said caressing her cheek tracing his finger till her jawline.

“Then I slapped him using a baseball bat for exact 4 times. Even his teeth were fallen off. Weak ass.” He said chuckling like he was enjoying remembering the very scenario of his victim.

“Then I cut his tongue and slash his lips after all they shouldn’t have done the things he made them to do. Now they paid for his idiotic moves.” He exclaimed making a disappointed face.

Then closing the distance between their faces he leaned closer kissing the side of her lips.

“Then finally I broke his head in a way that he wouldn’t be able to use it ever again.” Tears started streaming down her eyes as she stared at him trembling furiously this time.

She was horrified to her core. This man is crazy and he has proved it so many times. Seeing her tears he instantly placed his palm on her cheek wiping her tears.

“Aww, my doll shh stop crying don’t worry he’s not dead. He’s just in a vegetative state. Stop love he’s paying for fucking with me. The king.”

He mumbled trying to stop her tears but they rapidly streamed down. “My poor baby I shouldn’t have told you.” Saying that he dug his face in her crook before kissing her flesh again and again.

His kisses changed into furious ones when she didn’t stop crying. “Fucking Stop Catelin.” He growled near her ear earning few sobs from her.

Then again it happened.

“Cate. Oh my God.” His voice suddenly changed into a panicked one as he instantly pulled away from her. Sitting on the bed he scooted away from her leaning on the bed’s headboard with a scared face.

“Why are you c-crying. I-I did something a-again right. I-I am s-sorry Cate. I a-am so s-sorry.” Catelin sits up on the bed staring at him who a few seconds ago was a completely different person.

He started crying thinking that he had hurt his Catelin while she only stared at him with sad yet tired eyes. Slowly wiping her eyes she knew this man is not the one who was creeping her out a while ago.

She slowly crawled towards his curled up sobbing figure as she slowly held his face in her trembling palms.

“No Lucifer. You did nothing, my lovely prince. I just had a bad dream and you were comforting me.” She cooed making him look at her through his beautiful teary eyes.

His innocent gaze saddens her that how much of a big monster lives in him. Her heart melted away when he slowly hugged her letting his head rest on her shoulder.

“I love you Catey. I am sorry if I make you upset.” He mumbled like a child making her chuckle. All of her fear and terror faded away turning it into adoration.

“It’s fine Lucifer. I am fine. Don’t worry. Let’s sleep huh.” He nodded gently pulling her beside him placing his head on her chest hugging her tightly. She hugged him back rocking his body in her arms.

“Good night Lucifer.” She didn’t get any response only to find him fast asleep. Chuckling she also closed her eyes only to prepare herself for another battle with that beast tomorrow.

After few proper minutes. Slowly peering his hazel eyes. Lucifer carefully pulled his head away from her chest before staring at her asleep face.

His innocent eyes were long gone. His sinister gaze with a small smirk stared at her with only obsession holding in them. Chuckling he mumbled

"My innocent doll.”


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