My No Choice Love Story

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Chapter Two

It was Wednesday when they started the shooting. The bride looks stunning.

“Audrey, watch the photoshoot and pay attention with what I’ll be doing. I know you’re a fast learner. You’ll definitely catch up. Tomorrow, you’ll be the one to continue this at the other venue. I’ll just supervise you.” Audrey nodded with excitement. That will be her very first photoshoot.

She watched the Lianne as photoshoot started. Audrey suddenly thought that there was problem between the couple. Because the two didn’t cooperate with the photographer and there seemed to be awkwardness between them.

“What’s with the atmosphere? They look like they’re about to get imprisoned.” She thought.

“Miss Ciara, please smile. We’re almost done,” Lianne said. Trying to lighten up the mood.

After a few more shots, the photoshoot was done. The couple went back to the dressing room. Audrey started packing up the equipment and helped the other staffs.

While passing by the dressing room, she heard the voices of Ciara and Grae arguing.

“Ciara, are you sure about this?” It was Grae who asked.

“Why wouldn’t I? Don’t you want it too? With this, both of our companies can merge. It will strengthen the bond between our families, Grae.” Ciara smirked.

“But that’s not what I-” Ciara interrupted him.

“Let’s not talk about this if you don’t want us to be fighting like this, Graeson.” She stared at him with a warning look.

“Okay.” When Grae agreed, Ciara left him.

She saw Audrey when she opened the door. But she didn’t say anything and left.

Audrey saw Grae staring at her. She was surprised when he suddenly smiled.

She was back to her old self and quickly apologized.

“I’m so sorry, Sir Grae! I didn’t mean to...” She clasped her hand as if praying for forgiveness.

“No. It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to eavesdrop.” He stared at the floor before shifting his gaze on Audrey. “Would you like to have coffee with me?”

Audrey just nodded.

“C’mon then.” He quickly held Audrey’s hand before they left the studio.

They arrived at the coffee shop just few blocks away from the studio. Grae ordered a slice of ube cake and iced coffee for Audrey. While he ordered one americano coffee for himself.

“I’m sorry you had to see that.” He started.

Audrey just didn’t know what to say and just kept silent.

“To tell you the truth, we were just forced to get married. It’s… our parents who actually planned everything.” He continued before shifting his stare from the table to her.

“Oh… okay. I see.” Audrey didn’t know why she suddenly felt nervous. She quickly drank her ordered iced tea to hide it.

“By the way, since when were you and Lianne became friends? Or, is she one of your closest cousin?” Grae took a sip from his cup.

“No. Lianne is just one of my closest friend. She was our neighbor before. She even became my playmate and best friend when we were still kids. We treat each other like we’re sisters.” She smiled after explaining.

“I see.” Grae smiled, showing his dimples.

“Oh God! Why is he so gorgeous?” She thought to herself.

“Do I have something on my face?” Audrey snapped back to reality when he said that.

“No.” She just shook her head as she respond.

“Okay.” Grae just nodded.

“This is just awkward. Is he really my guardian angel?” She thought.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

“That must be Lianne,” Grae stared at her again. Making her feel nervous.

“Sorry, excuse me.” She quickly answered her the call. “Hello?”

[Where are you?] The woman on the other line shouted.

Audrey smiled apologetically as if Lianne will see it.

“H-hey, Ate. Sorry. Actually, Mr. Grae invited me here at the coffee shop near the studio.” She answered and shifted her stare from the table to Grae.

[I see. You made me feel worried. My staff didn’t know where you went.] Lianne massaged her forehead.

“I’m sorry about that, Ate.” After sipping his coffee, Audrey quickly looks away from him.

[It’s okay. I think Grae just need someone to talk to right now. I can feel there is a problem between him and his fiancee. We can’t even make it look like they really are in love in their picture.] Audrey felt the same way when she was watching the photoshoot.

“Do we need to go now?” Audrey asked her.

[Yeah. They’re ready.] Lianne answered.

“Alright. We’ll be right there.” She reassures her and the call ended. “We should definitely head back now, Mr. Graeson. They’re looking for us.”

Grae smiled while staring at his coffee.

“You can just call me Grae.” He stared at her, still smiling. “Just Grae would be fine. We’re friends now anyways. Lianne’s friend is also a friend of mine.”

When they came back, they continued on doing the photoshoot. Audrey watched the soon-to-be couple with sadness and pity.

If only there is a way she can help them. An advice maybe?


“Why did they even continue with the marriage when they don’t even love each other?” These questions are still running on her head.

“Seeing how they’ve been treating each other lately, they must’ve been really forced to get married, huh?” She shook her head. “It’s really hard to be living with a rich family. Some rich people had the power and money, yet rich children sometimes don’t have their own decision. Sometimes, their life has already been planned out for them by their parents. What a sad life!”

She suddenly stared at the window on her side with her chin resting on her palm.

“I wonder if mom and dad would’ve done the same thing for me if they’re still alive. If that were to happen, I will never let them do whatever they want. I have my own freedom and right to choose. It’s my life and I should plan my own future.” She glanced back at the sleeping Grae beside her.

“I wonder if it’s okay for him to stay at our place for the meantime?” She whispered to herself.

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