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Finally My Own Love

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For centuries, Dominic has had to share a mate with his brother, Alaric.   Their first mate, Elizabeth, was kidnapped by a witch named Morgana. She made it appear as if Dominic done it. This created a strain in Dominic’s and Alaric’s relationship.   Upon finding their second mate, Liza Hunt, their first mate was brought back to them now awaken from the spell she had been under.   Liza dethroned the Dragon Council in hopes to build a better future for each specie.   In this new world will Dominic find love in the first mate? Or will he be destined to live with his curse of always sharing a mate with his brother? Will Elizabeth finally choose Dominic?

Romance / Fantasy
Danielle Lambeth
5.0 4 reviews
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“Serene! Why do you not help your own descendant? I shouldn’t have to be punished for this!” I yelled at the moon.

I still cannot believe the moon goddess is my great great great grandmother. Because of her and Heka I am forced to share a mate with my brother.

“Dominic.” A strange voice sung my name.

I turn around and sure enough there she is, Serene.

“I can’t do this anymore Serene. I am losing my mind. I know Alaric and Liza said we could figure this out together, but I don’t want to share my mate. Had hoped Elizabeth would have wanted me but no she is still hung up on Alaric and even tried to kill his son in an attempt to take him back.” I rush out as the tears fall.

I kneel there just a broken shell of the wolf I was meant to be. If there is no hope I might as well kill myself now.

“Fret not my child, I heard your plea. Sadly, I cannot grant your request.”

“Well isn’t that fan fuckin tastic!”

“Only the witch from the bloodline whom cursed our bloodline can lift it. You must seek out Rosalynn’s Bloodline. They can gift you which you desire.”

Rosalynn where have I heard that name before?

Liza! She’s my only hope! Her and her mother Morgana.
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