Bride to be

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"you're going to have to marry him" "I can't" "yes you can and you don't have any other option" those words still remain in my head till this day I was a bride to be but I messed up I wish i never met that girl at the night club that one night

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Where it all began
My dad was always getting drunk going to night clubs cheating on my mom and hanging with his friends he never made time for me or my mom, it was tough for my mom to take care of me and work 3 jobs all at the same time. Obviously it got easier as I grew up after my 11th birthday my dad stopped seeing me cause apparently I started to look more like a woman, when I turned 15 I got my first job so I could help my mom pay rent, everything was alright I had a friend group my mom would hang out with some of her friends too we were all doing great... until my dad came back one afternoon
Friday November 12 4:54 pm
I heard a knock at the door so as any other person would I opened the door "dad?" "Oh god you look just as ugly as your mother" he was drunk it was really easy to tell the way he slurred his words and the way he reeks of alcohol and cigarettes I was already starting to get nauseous "follow me" "why?" "Just do as I say" "no" "y/n I swear-" "y/n who's at the door-" my mom stops walking as soon as she sees him, she stood there not knowing what to do "what are you doing here?" She asks "I'm taking my daughter back" I look at my mom not knowing what to do "no your not" he ignores my mom and says "let's go y/n" he grips my wrist harshly making me jolt in pain from the fresh cuts I have "give her back to me" my mom runs over to me trying to pull me back but my dad lets go of me and punches her, I saw as she collapsed to the ground her head hitting the floor first. It reminded me when my dad used to argue with her then hit her I couldn't do anything to help I was only 6 my mom would always hide me in the closet when he came back just so he wouldn't hit me or touch me in places he shouldn't be touching me. Blood started to ooze out of her head "alright let's go before someone sees us" I was silent as he lit a cigarette and held it between his index and middle finger, once again I couldn't do anything but just ask questions "where are you taking me?" "My friends place" "why?" "You'll find out when we get there" he says as we're getting into the elevator
As we're walking down the street I see an ambulance passing by us heading to my apartment building I'm guessing the neighbors heard and saw her laying on the ground "we have to hurry" "but why" "just stop asking questions" I stay silent and start speed walking with him

We soon get to this sketchy hotel "this is where your friend lives?" He didn't respond "can you answer my question" once again he stayed silent
121 was the room number, he then opens the door for me and walks in after me the first person I see was this young man no older than 20 "you are going to marry that young man" "I'm sorry what" "I sold you to one of my friends" "I'm so confused" "god, you always are" everyone is silent until the young guy speaks "hi my name is Atlas" "nice to meet you my name is y/n" "I thought you said she was pretty" an old guy says "well that's what I thought too but apparently not" "umm y/n you wanna go outside or something" "uh sure"

A/n: sorry about the short chapter and also there will be slow updates

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