Call of the Forest

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Chapter 4

I sat on the deck outside with Jesse after an intense make-out session with Jesse, having stopped myself before it could go further.
"Jesse, as much as I'm enjoying this, I need to talk to you about something."
"I actually wanted to talk to you as well, I know its only been a few days, but I'd like-"
"Lowe says you're all werewolves."
Jesse paled, "She... wow, she... Shit. Does Beth know that Lowe knows?"
"Excuse me? So she's right? You're all werewolves?"
Jesse nodded, "I'm afraid so."
"Beth and Riven too?"
He nodded, "I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you, but Riven would go crazy if I did so without his go ahead. We aren't bad, we don't hurt people and we stay away from other Packs. There is a Pack that is our rival, Lowe's father is from them, but we stay out of each others way, they inhabit the other half of the island, the one which doesn't belong to Riven."
"Wait, there's another Pack here?"
"Yeah, but they won't cross the boarder into our packs territory."
I opened my mouth to speak but stopped as his phone beeped.
He read it and jumped to his feet, "Riven is calling a meeting, stay here okay?" he kissed the top of my head and walked out without another word.
Sighing I waited five minutes before getting up and walking out.
I would go to the forest and confront them, I was not about to be left in the dark any longer.

Of course once I was actually in the forest, I began to question my choices, it was dark and cold and rather damp.
Not to mention the noises.
"Yeah, Harley, go into the forest. The forest with werewolves. At night. In the dark. What a way to die." I rolled my eyes, but froze when I heard a branch snap a bit too close behind me.
Turning I was faced with a silvery grey wolf on all fours, towering above me.
"Oh my God."
I took a step back as it came towards me, slipping, my back landing flat on the mossy ground.
"I'm really going to die. Mauled to death."
The wolf came closer and my heart hammered in my chest, as if it would jump out of my skin at any second.
And then I saw its eyes and I relaxed.
Purple eyes.
"Riven?" I asked as I pulled myself to my knees, reaching a hand out to his fur.
He nuzzled his head into my hand before standing on his hind legs and I couldn't help but gasp.
The tattoos were still in place, as were his abs.
He extended a paw to me and helped me to my feet.
"It's not safe for you here. Did Jesse bring you?"
"No, I came because Lowe knows everything. She thinks her father left because of her. She told me about all of this werewolf thing."
Suddenly a white wolf came skidding to a stop along with a golden wolf.
Judging by their eyes it was Jesse and his mom.
Janie tilted her snout, "Riven, what have you done? Bringing a human here."
"Do not question me, Janie."
A larger black wolf walked slowly towards us, followed by at least twenty others who stood around.
I knew instantly that the black wolf was Beth and took a step forward.
"Beth, Lowe knows about all of this."
She stood on her hind legs, "Are you sure?"
I nodded, "She is the one who told me about this."
Jesse stepped forward, "Harley, you shouldn't be here."
I raised a brow at him, "You don't have a right to tell me what to do, Jesse. I don't take well to the domineering act." I saw Riven smirk at my comment.
Janie bowed her head, "Alpha, we must make her forget this."
I put my hand on my hip, "Excuse me? I think I have a right to know that I'm surrounded by ficking werewolves!" Look at me acting all confident in the midst of big bad wolves as if I wasn't completely freaking out inside.
Riven took a step forward, "Jane. Do not tell me what to do. I am your Alpha, and I will not make her forget a damn thing.
In fact, she is coming back to the Pack house with us."

And I did.
I was currently at Rivens desk which was upstairs from the bar and lounging area.
Everyone had turned back into human form, and Riven wore nothing but black pants.
Beth sighed, "Dad, what are we going to do about Lowe?"
I cleared my throat, "Jesse said her dad is from a rival Pack? Riven, I don't know how these things work, but she shouldn't suffer because of adult rivalries. She should be allowed to know her dad."
Riven glanced between Beth and I, "I don't like this, but you're right. Beth, we can discuss this with Crescent after the next full moon."
Beth sprung, her arms around my neck, "Thank you!"
Riven cleared his throat, "Now Beth, if you don't mind I would like to speak to Harley."
She nodded before walking out.
He sighed, "Do you have any questions?"
"Um, I thought werewolves only changed with the full moon?"
"No, we can shift at any time. The full moon only means we have no control over shifting."
"Okay... I overheard you and Beth speaking about mates?"
He nodded, "Yes. For Beth's mom, I was her mate, but she wasn't mine, I ended up rejecting her because I simply could not stop longing for my mate. A mate is someone you feel a connection with, someone who you need to be around, it aches when you are not near."
"And you think I'm your mate?"
"I do."
"What about turning?"
"An Alpha can change you by a bite and by sex. Any of the others will need to do a ritual and then they can bite you and change you."
I wanted to ask more but the door opened again, Jesse and Beth walking in.
Beth tilted her head towards the door, "Dad, let's give Harley and Jesse a minute."
Riven turned his gaze from me to Jesse, "I need to speak with Jesse first. Beth, why don't you show Harley around."
Beth nodded begrudgingly and I got to my feet and followed her out.
My whole being ached at being away from Riven.
Could he be right about me being his mate? But Beth clearly didn't like that idea.

"Jesse. Sit."
I expected him to challenge me, but instead he did as I had instructed.
"Look, Riven, Beth told me that you think Harley is your mate. And I know my place in the Pack, I mean no disrespect but Harley is mine, I made sure of that tonight."
My blood boiled at the thought of him touching Harley, but instead of showing it, I laughed, "Jesse, do you really believe that? When you look at her, do you really see your mate? Do you ache not being near her? Does her touch leave you burning for more?"
Jesse frowned, "Riven-"
"-Alpha, she is mine, whether you like it or not. You know that she will remain mine. Even if that means she needs to reject you. She doesn't feel what you feel."
I wondered how he would feel if he knew that she felt exactly how I felt, but as a human, she didn't understand it as well as I did.
"Jesse, remember one thing, I am the Alpha of this Pack. I have been for more generations than you have been alive. Make no mistake, I will take what's mine when she is ready. The only reason she isn't with me is because she's confused and I will not force her into anything."
"She wasn't confused when she was riding my-"
I knew damn well she hadn't slept with him, but still I was engulphed in rage and I charged him.

Beth had just poured me a drink when we heard a loud bang from above.
I was up on my feet and running for the stairs in seconds.
"Harley, wait!"
I ignored Beth and took the stairs two at a time, throwing the door open.
Riven and Jesse were rolling on the floor, fists flinging.
Beth came to a stop next to me, "Oh God. Dad! Jesse!"
They ignored our shouting and carried on.
They climbed to their feet and stalked each other.
Taking the gap I ran between them, facing Riven with my hands out, "Riven, you need to calm down."
"Out of my way, Harley."
I didn't take my eyes from him, "Riven, whatever this is about, you can deal with it in another way. Without trying to kill each other."
Riven's jaw clenched but he returned to his desk.
I turned to Jesse, "What are you thinking?!"
He hung his head, "I'm sorry, Riven. I don't know what came over me. I'm going to go home now if that's fine."
Riven nodded, his brow bleeding.
Jesse stopped at the door and turned to me, an unspoken question in the air.
"I'll stick around here and go home with Beth, I'll stop by in the morning."
He nodded and walked out.
Beth exhaled loudly, "Harley, you should go with him."
"Beth, please, I feel like I need to be here."
She glared at her father before walking out and slamming the door behind her.
I turned to Riven who sat on the edge of his desk, "Do you have a first aid box?"
He nodded slowly, "Yes, but I don't need it for this little scratch."
"I'd feel better if it was at least cleaned."
He nodded his head in the direction of the cabinet and I went over to get the first aid kit.
Returning to Riven I positioned myself between his legs and took out some alcohol pads.
I dabbed at the cut, and tried to concentrate.
He stared at me intently, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I can only imagine how amazing you would look as my Luna."
"Stop it."
He caught my wrist in his hand, "Look at me and tell me that there will never be any hope. Tell me that you feel nothing for me."
I frowned at him, "Riven, I'm with Jesse-"
"Kiss me."
What was it about this man that made me melt like this?
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