Call of the Forest

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Chapter 5

Beth raised a brow, "I was just coming to get Harley. I thought we could take the rest of the night as a girls night."
"That sounds like a great idea." I dropped the first aid kit onto Riven's desk and turned.
"No goodbye?"
Beth sighed, "Dad, stop it."
I chuckled, "Goodbye, Riven."
Beth and I left the Pack house, walking down a small pathway to the road where her car awaited.
"I'll talk to Lowe tomorrow after school," she said as we got into her car, "And thank you for talking to dad, I'm surprised that it didn't take more convincing."
I shrugged, "Maybe he has a soft spot for me because he thinks I'm his mate."
Her hands clenched on the steering wheel, "He told you that?"
"Well, I overheard you two talking, and he told me."
"Harley, you're young, you don't need the stress of dating an Alpha. Let alone such an old one."
I rolled my eyes, "Beth, don't you think that should be my choice?"
"Don't be gross! That's my father. Plus, you would end up being turned into a werewolf, you would be the Luna, the Pack mother. At your age? That's far too much responsibility. And you would never be human again."
She was right, it wasn't right of me to be into her father.
Plus, I wasn't about to be a werewolf, that just seemed too much.
My phone buzzed and when I checked the caller ID I'm sure my eyes almost bulged right out of my head.
Jake. My ex.
"Jake, what the hell do you want?"
"What are you doing with Alarick?"
I frowned, "Excuse me?"
Jake chuckled, "I know he thinks you're his mate."
"Jake, how do you know any of this?"
"Darling, I'm the Crescent Packs Beta, the next in line to be Alpha."
My mouth dropped, I had dated this cheating scumbag for years and hadn't even known was a werewolf, how?
"What's wrong, babe, wolf got your tongue?"
I hung up and turned to Beth, "Did you know that Jake is the Beta of Crescent Pack?"
"What?! Your ex Jake?"
"Yeah, that's who was on the phone. He knows that your dad thinks I'm his mate."
She hit the steering wheel, "Fuck. How does he know that? Someone must have told him, someone from our pack."
"Shouldn't we tell Riven?"
Beth shook her head, "Not yet, he is too hot headed."
"Well in a case like this, I think that's what we need."
I shrugged, "Well I might as well include myself," I stopped, realizing something, "Beth, Lowe's dad was booted from the Beta position, right? But was he next in line for the place of Alpha by blood?"
Beth nodded, not taking her eyes from the road.
"Jake said he's next in line, does that mean that Jake and Lowe's dad are related?"
"Maybe, but it's also possible that their Alpha, Arrow, has changed things a bit. Like dad did, his Beta should be male, but he went ahead with me as his Beta, so even though I'm a woman, I will be the next Alpha."
A small smile played on my lips, "Typical Riven to change things up."
Beth sighed, "Harley, can I ask you something?"
"Do you think that you and Jesse could be happy? Long-term."
"I have no idea, I don't know him well enough for that."
"No instant connection?"
I shook my head, "Not really, I mean nothing different than usual when you just start getting into a relationship with someone."
Beth sighed again, pulling up in front of a bar, "Do you want to join us tomorrow night? Bachelorette party, Cassy from the pack is getting married to Merlin, also from the pack."
"That sounds nice, but shouldn't I be watching Lowe?"
"No, no, she will love to have another sleep over with her friends."
"Then I'm definitely in, gives me a chance to dress up for a change!"

I sat at the table with Riven, Beth having just left to fetch Lowe and speak to her about the pack.
Riven's eyes hadn't left me, and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.
"Why do you keep staring at me?"
He chuckled, taking a sip of his coffee, "I'm just wondering what's going on in that head of yours? How do you feel now that you know about everything... About what I am?"
I eyed the coffee mug as he set it down, the words "One Hot Dad" printed on it.
"I don't know, I feel like I should be freaking out more than I am," I shrugged, "It should shock me, bother me even, but it doesn't. I kind of think it's cool."
"Beth thought that you would take it worse, I had a feeling that you would be okay with things. I am usually right about these things."
I looked down at my hands, biting my lower lip; I so badly wanted to tell him about Jake but Beth had asked me not to.
"Harley, unless you want me to make you my Luna right now, please stop doing that."
I looked up suddenly, "Doing what?"
"Biting your lip like that."
I knew I was blushing, I could feel it.
"Riven, Beth doesn't like this idea of yours."
He frowned, "Does this mean that the only reason you aren't with me is because of what my daughter thinks?"
I blinked, was it?
"I, um, I don't know, Riven. Maybe?"
He got up and my stomach did a summersault as he came over and crouched in front of me, "Harley, what do you feel? Not Beth's feelings, not Jesse's feelings and not my feelings, your feelings."
I glanced down at his hands on my thighs, "I don't know, Riven. I know that I feel some weird pull towards you. I know that when I'm this close to you I can barely control myself."
He leaned up, his lips so close to mine, "I won't pressure you, but I really want to kiss you right now."
I pressed my lips against his, our tongues entwined instantly.
My body tingled at his touch.
My body wanted so much more than his kisses.
Pulling him closer I ran my hands through his hair as he moaned into me, standing he effortlessly lifted me with my legs and arms wrapped around him.
Sitting me on the table my body betrayed me as I was lost to the moment.
Nothing else mattered but Riven's touch.
I craved it as if he was a drug.
His hand snaked under my shirt and without thinking I went for his belt buckle.
He caught my hand and pulled back, panting as he looked deep into my eyes, "Harley," my name came out in a soft moan from his lips.
And then there was a knock on the door and I was sure that I had never felt such anger before.
He stood and I jumped off the table, straightening my shirt as he walked over to swing the door open only to reveal Jesse, who wore a few dark bruises on his face.
Jesse's eyes were dark, "Morning, Riven."
I wondered if he could tell what we had just been doing.
Was my scent on Riven?
Jesse smiled at me, "Hey, I know you said you would come by, but I was coming past."
"Right. Hi. Morning. How are you?"
Riven stepped aside and Jesse came in.
"I'm okay, how are you feeling about everything?"
Riven glared at him, "She's fine. She isn't a child that needs to be coddled, Jesse."
I nodded, "What he said," realizing that had sounded harsh, I sighed, "I mean, it's odd but I'm okay."
"So, Beth says you're going to the bachelorette party? That's great, you'll love everyone. I probably won't see you because we're forcing Merlin into a bachelor party."
Riven nodded, "All very wild."
I smiled, "Yes, and that reminds me, I need to go to your moms boutique and pick something out for tonight."
Jesse motioned towards the door, "I can go with you?"
I glanced at Riven before answering, "Oh, um, yeah sure. Let me get my purse."
I didn't want to be around Jesse right now, but if I stayed here with Riven, I would end up a werewolf, no two ways about it.
All I wanted was to jump on top of him.
Following Jesse to the car, I couldn't help but wonder what exactly had gotten into me.
I had always had what would be considered a healthy sexual appetite, but around Riven it was so much worse.
It almost felt like my life depended on having him buried inside of me.
I blushed at the thought, my underwear already wet from earlier.
What on earth was this man doing to me?
Was this even normal? I had never been this way with any other man, not even Jake, and he was a gorgeous man who knew his way around the female body.
Shaking my head I mentally scolded myself for the way I was behaving. It had to stop at once.
Beth would be ashamed if she knew of my dirty thoughts of her father.
Studying Jesse I sighed, I would have to do something soon to stop my lusting after Riven.
Perhaps I was just incredibly horny because I hadn't had sex since Jake and I broke up almost a year ago.
Yes, that must have been it.
There was absolutely no other reasonable explanation for it.
Unless Riven was right about me being his mate.
Was that even a possibility?
I shook my head again, no that couldn't be right at all.
It just couldn't.
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