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My last breath will be for you.

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The story is about the love that burns so deep between Alisha and Max but then a sudden change in both lives. Alisha moves to New York and they figure out how to keep the fire burning, while Max kept a secret from Alisha so that he didn't hurt her... My last ache will be for you. Alisha travels from New York back to France because Max was kept in the hospital. Alisha found out what Max have been hiding from her and his last words left her in sorrow. _

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter one

Max's Pov:

We got our weekend away from all the chaos of the world. A weekend away with my beautiful Alisha. I can't believe God blessed me with this amazing girl.

"Alisha, babe let's go to the beach we are in the bahamas after all why don't we take a long walk on beach while we at it."

"Max we can't go now I am still busy packing out the bag's"

This woman is driving me crazy always on her toes such a busy girl, and bossy too. I guess falling for her will never end, everything she is and everything she does she makes my heart skip beats like I am on an steroids dose.

"Babe just relax we have one weekend away." Max walks up to Alisha pull's her in his hands softly grabbing her by the lower back as his lips softly falls on her glossy rose red lips.

"Maxxi okey we can go let me change real quick okey I'll see you at the door."

"Babe come on your talking forever."

"Maxxi I don't think we can go." Alisha looking into the mirror while a insecure look falls over her face.

Max smirking as his eyes fell on her.
"Baby you look beautiful as always and you will out shine everyone."

Why can't she just believe me when I tell her she is God's best creation for once I want her to see herself how I do.

"Okey then let's go" Alisha passed Max running down the trail to the beach.
"Hey slow poke are you coming or not!!"

"Hey babe that's unfair. You had a head start."

Her wild side is crazy it's drives me mad but there is no way on earth I am going to let her reach the beach before me.

Max's run's till he reach Alisha pick's her up and he jumps in the ocean.

"Next time Maxxi I will win just you wait."
Alisha splashes the water to Max.

"My love just know it doesn't matter if you do because losing to you is only bringing you closer to me."

"What do you mean Maxxi"

Max grabs her pick's her up moving one of his hands behind her head and kisses her.
"Baby because when I lose I will pick you up like this and kiss you and that will be my win"

"Maxxi have I ever told you that you truly are a romantic"

"No, you haven't but it's okey aslong as you know your my queen I will bow to your needs."


Alisha's Pov:

This guy is going to be my death I can see it. He is going to be my baby daddy and my helper in crime. He is the guy I want to spend my life with. I can feel it in my gut he'll be the one racing with me in the nursing home on our wheelchair's by passing al the rooms and crashing in to the pudding table in the feeding room. He is the one God sent to help me.

"Maxxi I think your the angel God has sent to help me on the right path."

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