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The Mafia Man's Deal

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Bristol Maccabee's father is in danger. She sacrifices something dear to her to save him, but the mafia man has other plans for her.

Romance / Drama
C.C. Lopez
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Chapter 1

*Warning Graphic Content*

It's the last day of senior year, and I spend the day with my friends Camari and Brinley, cleaning out the last of our things.

Today is also my eighteenth birthday, and we have plans to hit up a popular nightclub with our fake IDs.

"So Bristol, how are things with Cole?"

I glanced at Brinley while pulling my books out and shrugged. "I don't know at this point. He keeps pressuring me, and I'm just not ready."

"Oh, come on, Bristol, it's just sex." Camari butted in.

"Not to me. It's sacred." I replied, irritated.

Camari rolled her eyes, going back to grab her things.

Since elementary school, Brinley has been my friend, and Camari started at our school in ninth grade, so she doesn't understand my reasons for waiting.

"Camari, don't act like that. It's her choice. Some of us aren't sluts." Brinley said, irritated.

"Whatever, I'll see you guys tonight. I have to meet Billy now." Camari said, walking away down the hall.

Brinley noticed my familiar overthinking face had appeared.

"Bristol, don't listen to her. You will do it when you are ready. Don't let anyone pressure you." Said Brinley.

I closed my locker, shifting my attention to Brinley. "I won't. Thanks for always being a true friend." Pulling Brinley into a hug. "I'll see you tonight. I have to get home to help my dad before tonight. You know he is helpless when it comes to cooking." I laughed.

"Haha, yeah. Okay, see you later." Brinley waved, walking towards the football field to meet her boyfriend Devon. Then I left for home.

Once I parked the car, I headed inside. As I stepped through the door, I tossed my keys into the glass bowl by the door.

"Dad?" I yelled, but no answer. He must still be at work. I thought.

Grabbing some frozen meat from the freezer, I laid it out to thaw then walked to the garage where my mother's 1967 Camaro sat covered.

I walked over, pulling the cover off, strolling around the car, tracing my fingers across the smooth red candy apple paint. "I miss you, mom."

My mother's car is the only thing I have left of her. We lost her when I was twelve in this very car. After her accident, dad and I rebuilt it to keep her memory alive. My father promised that her car would be mine on my eighteenth birthday.

Smiling, I placed the cover back then headed back inside.

After making dinner, I realized how late it was, and my father was still not home. He must have had a last-minute client. I think nothing of it and run upstairs to get ready for the club.

Meeting in the parking lot, my friends and I walk to the entrance to stand in the long line at Mystic Pleasures. A club most popular for crazy nights and not checking fake IDs closely.

"I can not get over that dress Bristol. You look freaking hot!" Brinley playfully fanned herself.

"Haha, Thanks."

"Yeah, you sure do, and you would look even better without it," Cole said, winking.

I sighed. "Cole, stop."

"What? You're my girlfriend, don't you think we should take it further? it's been enough time." Cole argued.

My annoyance was evident. "I don't think this is the time to talk about this."

"Fine." Cole huffed, turning to Devon and Billy.

"Told you," Camari whispered.

"Shut up! Are you her friend or the boys?" Brinley hissed.

Camari rolled her eyes. "I'm going to see if U can sweet talk the bouncer into getting us in faster. You two can discuss this on your own." and she walked away.

"Uh, she is such a bitch sometimes," Brinley shook her head.

I snickered under my breath. "Let her say whatever she wants. It doesn't change my decision to wait."

Brinley smiled. "Good."

"Let's follow Camari. She may be terrible sometimes, but she knows how to sweet talk people, and I'm tired of waiting here," I said, and Brinley nodded, following behind me.

Camari got us in quickly with her flirtatiousness, and before long, we had drinks then headed to the dance floor. Colorful light pulse to the neat couple grind on each other. You could literally smell sweat mixed with perfume, an odd combo, and gross if you think about it, but yet I found myself bouncing to the music. You only turn eighteen once I'm going to live it up.

Cole pulled on my arm, grabbing my attention. "Can we talk?"

I stared blankly at him while taking a sip from my fruity drink. "About?"

"You know Bristol."

"Then no, I came here to have fun, not argue with you about sex," I returned.

His face burned red. I completely ignored his frustration and turned back to the girls when I saw something from the corner of my eye.

Dad? I thought to myself as I squinted to see him ushered by a large bouncer to the back of the club. Turning back to my friends. "I'll be right back."

"You want me to go with?" Brinley asked.

I gave Brinley a reassuring smile. "No, I'll be okay."

"Okay." She replied, then I took off through the crowd.

After pushing my way through all the drunk people stumbling into me, I came to some stairs near the back exit. A door at the top was creaked open, so I walked in.

My eyes searched the room bouncing from man to man. There were at least ten of them.

"BRISTOL?!" My father shouted from a chair across the room where a man stood holding a pistol to his temple. "Leave now. Hurry!" He screamed, scared.

I shook my head. "Daddy, what is going on?"

A tattooed man appeared. His demeanor is fierce. His features screamed power.

"How cute the daughter came to save the day." The man laughed.

"Please leave Bristol," My father said with fear engulfing his face.

My eyes darted from my father back to the tattooed man rapidly. "Please don't hurt my father," I begged as tears filled my eyes.

The tattooed man narrowed his eyes. "Give me a good reason to spare his life?"

"He is all I have left." I sobbed.

"That's sweet but not good enough," He said, grinning. He enjoyed the torture of holding my father's life in his hands.

"Please, I don't know what he has done, but we can work it out," I said, wiping the tears from my face with the back of my hand.

The man moved closer to me. "Your father owes me a lot of money. How are you going to work that out?"

"How much?" I blurted.

He tilted his head. " Way more than you can offer, sweetie."

My brain racked all of my options. "I have a car worth at least seventy grand, and if that's not enough, it's a down payment, and we can get the rest," I negotiated.

The man lifted a brow, intrigued. "Where is the car?"

"No, Bristol, that was your mothers." My father said.

I closed my eyes, shaking my head as I thought about giving away the last memory of my mother. "It won't mean anything if you're dead." I declared, sobbing.

"This is a sweet daddy-daughter moment, but I'm going to have to cut it short," The man said, annoyed.

"Will you take the down payment?" I asked nervously.

The man looked to his bouncer nodding his head, and he released my father. When the man turned back to me, a devilish grin played at his lips. "I will take the car as a down payment, but you have until tomorrow at eight to have the rest."

Afraid to ask, but I did it anyway. "How much is the rest?"

The man rubbed his hand over his chiseled jawline, thinking it over. "$80,000."

"WHAT?! Are you crazy?" I responded in shock.

The tattooed man chuckled, amused at my surprised expression. "Its interest. You better find a way, or daddy takes a bullet." His lip curled into a snarl. "Got it, barbie?"

"don't freaking call me barbie! I'll get your damn money," I spat back.

"Fiesty, I see. Your father stays here until then. Call it collateral. and if you get the police involved, think about everyone you love because I will kill them all." He threatened.

My heart is so rapid I feel faint, but I push through it. "I won't go to the cops."

"Don't do this. I can handle my debt," My father chimed in.

I sent my father an icy glare. "Oh yeah? You think you would have done it the first time he expected his money. How stupid could you be to consider going to a mafia boss?"

"I'm sorry, honey." My father apologized.

I shook my head in disappointment.

"Your daughter seems wise. I take it the smart gene came from the mother." The tattooed man chuckled hysterically.

"Leave my mother out of this!" I scowled.

"Touchy, are we?" The man walked up to me, gripping me by the throat. "I wouldn't talk to the person with a gun like that, just a suggestion." He taunted.

He shoved me away. Instantly my hand went to my throat as I gasped for air.

My father struggled with the bouncer, and the man pistol-whipped him.


The man grabbed me again, holding me back from my father. He gripped my jaw, squeezing it tightly, forcing me to look him in the eye.

"Get. My. Money." He shoved me away once again then ordered his men to escort me out.

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