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Dakota Adams is a shy girl and a orphan. She lost her father and brother in a fire that she caused. Dakota went to an asylum because of the fire. Her mother passed away 2 years later from brain cancer. She also has a deep secret that no one knows. Kai Cortez is a Mafia leader of the Cortez family. His been waiting for the el correcto (right one) his whole life. When he meets Dakota he can't resist the pull. Will Dakota and Kai fall deeply in love? Will kai Kai find out her secret ? Warning:: Spelling mistakes 18+ LGBTQ Spanish Enjoy the book at your own risk Please don't copyright

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Dakota Adams POV

I wake up to my alarm making a screeching noice at 5:30 am. I switch it off with my fist and jump out of bed.

I go to my closet ,and put my robe on and put my earphones in and play 'The Nights' by Avicii.

I went down to the kitchen and made myself something to eat. When my father died along with my brother Daniel my mother kicked me out of the house. I found an apartment to stay in. That's where I live now.


16 years old

I saw the matchers lying on the couch in the lounge where my father sits when he smokes. Mom was out with her friends and she left dad, Daniel and I at home.

I grabbed the matchers as fast as I could before dad came back to the lounge. My heart was pumping out of my chest.

I quickly ran up to my room and locked the door. I took a match out of the box and lit it. I stared at it for a while mesmerized by the flame.

The flame was slowly coming down to my fingers. It touched my fingers and i quickly let it go when i felt the burn on my skin. It felt like bees where stinging my fingers.

Suddenly my floor caught a light and i jurked away from it and ran to the door.

I unlocked my door and ran out. I forgot dad and Daniel where sleeping. I ran into the woods behind my house.

I then remembered Daniel and dad , i quickly ran back but the house was in flames. My face started to burn and I felt a tear slid down my cheeck

When Mom came back she bursted into tears.

"Why Dakota,I should've given you up when I had the chance. I knew you were crazy enough to play with fire , but your father didn't believe me ... It's all your fault they died ." cried Mom

"I-im s-so s-sorry m-mom." I said

(End of flashback)

"Ugh, stupid flashback. I need a smoke." I walked up to my room.

I got my smokes and walked out to the balcony and lit the cigarette.

I looked at my wrist watch 6:50am. I needed to get ready to go to work it's my first day and I can't be late.

After 3 minutes. I had a pencil skirt on and a white button up shirt. My wavey black hair was platted.

I put on black eyeliner and black eyeshadow. I went and put on my black heels and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

I made a egg sandwich for breakfast. I ate it and went to the garage and got into my car and drove to my work.

"Good luck to me." I said

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