Champion Moves

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Chapter 10

“I will tell you I want to claim you as my girl for the whole world to see but if that’s too much for you right now, I understand. We move at your pace, beautiful.” If she wasn’t halfway in love with this man before, she was now.

“I’ve got another month of school then I’m done. I wanted to go back to Chicago.” She watched his smile falter a bit and the disappointment spark in his eyes.

“Is that what you still want?” Dante hoped with everything he had he could convince her to stay.

“I don’t know,” she said softly. “I’m confused. There’s really nothing for me back in Chicago except for Tio and my fight family. I really like it here, especially when I’m with you.” She reached up and laid a hand against his cheek. Dante sank into her touch. “I’ve got to figure all this out.”

“We’ll figure it out, love,” he said softly, turning his head to kiss the inside of her palm. Her stomach took the opportunity to growl loudly, letting everyone know it was hungry. Breaking into laughter, the couple pulled apart and let Ivy set their food in front of them. Nothing was said for the next several minutes as the fighters shoved their meals in their mouths. The food was out of this world and Lyra would definitely be bringing her uncle here.

Afterward, they enjoyed good conversation swapping funny stories from their childhood. Neither of them wanted to spoil the moment reliving painful memories so those were left for another time. As Dante listened to her musical voice tell one story after another about her uncle, he vowed right then he would do anything he had to to get her to stay. He wanted this woman in his life…and he was pretty sure he wanted her for the rest of his life.

The drive home was quiet but it wasn’t uncomfortably so. He laced his fingers through hers, holding their clasped hands on his thigh. Lyra couldn’t remember being so relaxed. The good meal was out of this world but follow that with a smoking hot man who wanted to pursue her was all she needed to let her worries go. She wouldn’t think about the next month right now. Right now she wanted to concentrate on Dante and the intense feelings she had for him swirling inside her. A lazy smile graced her lips as she closed her eyes thinking about his sweet words.

“I hope I’m the reason for that smile,” he said, placing a kiss on the back of her hand.

“You are,” she giggled. “Dinner was amazing. I’m definitely taking Tio. He will love it and I’m pretty sure June will love him.” Dante chuckled.

“Yeah she will. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Pulling into her drive, he cut the engine and leaned over her seat. “I think it’s time for dessert.” No chance to react, he captured her lips in a heated kiss. He worked his fingers under her sweatshirt to skim her bare skin causing her to gasp. Just what he needed to taste her deeply. He swept his tongue into her mouth and devoured her. Lyra was gone. She had lost all mental faculties under his touch. She pushed her fingers through his silky hair and gave herself over completely to his kiss. She could feel the heat pool in her core and a need for him ripped through her like a tidal wave.

When Dante finally broke the kiss, he laid his forehead against hers both breathing heavily. “You don’t know how bad I want to lay this seat back and fuck you until you forget your name.” Her breath hitched. She gently stroked his cheek, placing a teasing kiss on his lips. “But I refuse to have our first time in the front seat of my Jeep in your mother’s driveway.” Lyra giggled and wrapped her arms around him.

“I better go then or that’s exactly where it will be.” She kissed him again and unbuckled her seatbelt. “I’ll see you tomorrow, big man.” With a wink and another stolen kiss, she left the Jeep and bounded into her house. Dante sat for a bit, gathering himself back together. His cock was rock hard from want of Lyra. As much as his body wanted to feel her beneath him, he longed to feel her heart beat for him. He wanted to see her light up when she laid her gorgeous eyes on him, wanted to see her stolen breath after he kissed her. He wanted to see all of her, every good moment and every bad one. As his sister would say, he was smit.

He didn’t remember the drive home. His mind was on the raven haired beauty who had stolen his heart. He had only just met her, been training her for a few weeks and already he was head over heels in love with her. He had never fallen so hard or so fast for a woman but he was taken the very minute he met Lyra. Her strong spirit and sassy personality won him over before he ever got the chance to fight it. He was glad she thundered into his life. He couldn’t imagine a day without her in it. He didn’t want to.

Lyra laid on her bed, thinking about dark eyes and talented lips. That kiss had sent shockwaves of desire through her, her mouth still tingling. If she closed her eyes, she swore she could still feel his lips against hers. She hated it when she had to move from everything she knew but now, she couldn’t bring herself to. She found she actually liked it, even without Dante’s intoxicating presence. She’d made a lifelong friend in Cherry and the fighters at the gym had become family. Then there was the man himself, Dante Maxwell. The man who set her blood pumping and her core on fire.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she stayed. Yes, she would miss her uncle like crazy but to have the chance for a man like Dante in her life, it would be worth it. To spend days in the ring with him and nights in his arms would be nothing short of heaven for her. How had her simple little crush progressed so fast? Because he was everything she ever wanted in a man. A strong fighter, a man comfortable enough in his masculinity to allow her to fight and be herself. He wasn’t intimidated by her or her skill. If she didn’t know any better, she would say it turned him on.

Hell he turned her on in more ways than she thought possible. Everything about him was a turn on. His lethality in the ring, his smile, his eyes, his thick thighs and chiseled chest. And those tattoos had her drooling every time. He was beautiful outside that’s for sure but his heart was the best thing about him. It shone in his eyes. She could clearly see it every time she gazed into those dark chocolate depths and found she wanted to drown in them. Yeah, she smiled to herself. Maybe staying wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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