Champion Moves

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Chapter 15

This man was incredible. The way he felt plunging in and out of her, holding her as if she was his lifeline made her heart skip beats. Her chest was ready to explode with the deluge of feelings rolling through her as he fucked her. Even though they were going at it hot, hard and heavy it felt more than just sex. It was more than just filling a need or giving into lust. She felt her soul connect with his on a level she’d never experienced before. Dante, in all his beautiful tattooed glory, was the man she had waited for. It didn’t matter they hadn’t known each other for very long. Her heart knew what her mind and soul confirmed.

Reaching climax together, they rode the high of their orgasms as long as they could. The sex was the best she’d ever had but the man himself made everything right. Gazing into his lust hazed eyes, a tear rolled down her cheek. She reached up and kissed him softly. She needed to tell him but hesitated. Was now the right time? She wasn’t sure. Taking a deep breath, she spoke.

“I’ve fallen in love with you, Dante Maxwell,” she said softly. Stroking his hair away from his forehead, she continued. “I don’t know how you got under my skin so fast but I don’t care. I may have fucked up by telling you but I couldn’t hold it in.” She chewed her lip anxiously, her eyes searching his for a reaction. He remained silent. Smiling sadly, she patted his shoulder. “It’s ok. I know it’s too soon and you don’t have to say anything.” Pushing against him, she tried to get out from under him before the tears fell.

“Hey hey hey,” he said. “Lyra, look at me.” He pulled her eyes back to his, her chin between his fingers. He kissed her. “I’m in shock, love. Shocked that someone as amazing as you is in love with me.” He stroked her cheek. “I think I fell in love with you the minute I saw you. I’ve never met a woman like you, Lyra. So beautiful, fierce and wild. Please tell me you’ll stay here in England. With me. I don’t think I could bear to be apart from you.” He kissed her again, pouring everything pounding in his heart into it hoping she would feel the depth of his love for her. “I love you so much it would tear me apart.”

The tears fell but she was happy. She returned his kiss with her own passionate fervor, answering his question. “I’m not leaving, babe.” His smile was so bright, it blinded her. He leaped off the bed with her in his arms and headed to the shower. While intent on bathing each other, it soon led to another round of mind blowing sex. Getting dressed again, they headed back out to the party. This night could not have gone more perfect. She’d won her fight, gained a new friend in Kate and snagged the man of her dreams.

The next few weeks went by in a blur. She spent every spare moment she could with her uncle. Mateo was heading back to the States at the end of the month, right after her graduation. They worked out together at home and trained at the gym. He’d even worked with the fighters there, doing what he loved. Coaching. Thanks to just a few training sessions, Dante’s speed had increased as well as the drag from his left foot eliminated. His upcoming fight would surely see him come out on top.

Her relationship with Dante was only growing stronger. They had been together physically since the night of her first fight, stealing moments whenever and wherever they could. She was sure if the gym’s shower could talk, she would be an embarrassed mess. It only made her grin. Cherry’s training was going fantastically and she even had her first fight scheduled in the women’s flyweight division. Mateo had helped with her training as well. She had become a pint sized badass, just like Lyra knew she would. She was fast and fierce, holding nothing back in the ring.

“You’ve turned my little sister into a monster,” Dante chuckled into Lyra’s hair. They were watching Cherry spar with Kate, Mateo circling both women shouting instructions at Cherry. Lyra giggled, hugging him close.

“I know. She’s a badass now. I’m so fucking proud of her!” Her phone rang in her pocket. Disengaging from Dante’s arms, she answered. “Hello?” A bit of silence on the other end before a raspy voice sounded through the receiver.

“I-is this Lyra Salvador?”

“Yes, what do you want?”

“M-my brother Leo gave me your num-number.” She could hear the voice struggling to speak. “H-he’s in ho-hospital. Can y-you come?” Her eyes went wide. Why was Leo’s brother calling her and why was Leo in the hospital?

“What hospital?”

“E-e-eddington. Pl-please hurry. Th-they h-hurt him bad.” The voice trembled and she heard the muffled sniff. Dante mouthed ‘I’ll take you’.

“Ok, I’m on my way. What’s your name?” The voice hesitated again.


“Ok George. You sit tight. I’ll be there as fast as I can and we can talk some more.”

“Th-thank you, Lyra.” She ended the call and grabbed her things. She hurried out of the gym with Dante on her heels. They jumped into his Jeep and sped out of the parking lot. Squealing wheels into the hospital parking lot, they made a mad dash through the emergency door. The nurses milling around the station were startled by their rapid entry. Asking for Leo Brighton, a nurse took them to the waiting room. There they saw a lanky teenage boy with his sandy blond head in his hands, crying quietly. She looked at Dante with concern. She made her way over to the boy and knelt down in front of him.

“George?” she said softly. His blond head popped up and the look on his face damn near broke her heart. It was full of pain and sorrow, his hazel eyes red and puffy from crying. She opened her arms and embraced him. The young boy shuddered and clung to her like a life preserver. She rubbed his back and rocked him while he cried. Dante took the seat next to him and rested his hand on the boy’s trembling shoulder. When he finally calmed down, Dante handed him a box of tissues one of the nurses had brought them. After several deep breaths, his face wiped clean of the tears, he sat back in the chair.

“H-he was def-def-defending me,” he said quietly.

“Was it because of the way you talk?” she asked gently. He nodded his head. Sighing Lyra stood and took the seat on the opposite side so George was between her and Dante. “Does this happen a lot?” Again, George nodded. “Well, it sounds like Leo loves you very much or he wouldn’t fight so hard for you.”

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