Champion Moves

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Chapter 19

It was the middle of the damn night and Lyra’s phone was blowing up. There were tons of text messages rolling in. Lifting her head up, eyes only half open she grunted as she reached for her phone. Dante pulled her back into his chest. “Someone better be dead,” he rasped. God even sleepy he was sexy as hell.

“I agree, big man,” Lyra whined. Yawning, she unlocked her screen to see a bunch of picture messages from an unknown number. Opening the first one, it was a picture of Dante in a lip lock with some blond bimbo. Rubbing her eyes, she finally forced herself to wake up. “What the fuck is this shit?” she whispered. She shoved Dante. Finally rousting him awake, she showed him the picture. His eyes were suddenly bright and pissed.

“What the fuck?” he thundered. Taking a good look at the photo, he felt his rage building. They thumbed through the messages together. There were tons of pictures of him with the same blond woman in various states of undress and passion. He was flabbergasted. Then he caught sight of the number the messages were coming from. “That bitch just won’t stop!” Sighing, Lyra laid her head on his chest, rubbing his stomach to calm him. Three more pictures came through all with the same girl and theme. The final message pinged, stating only ‘I told you he was MINE.’

“Well fuck,” Lyra giggled. “I guess she showed me! I thought you said you were only with her one time?”

“I was, love! I swear it!” Lyra kissed him.

“I believe you, babe. You’ve never given me any reason to doubt you’re a man of your word.” Dante sighed in relief. “Here, let me look at these real close.” She zoomed into one of the pictures of Dante and Angie where she was straddling his lap, her boobs hanging out of her shirt. Literally. “Uh huh, that’s what I thought. God she can’t even do a decent photoshop. Look.” She pointed to the blurred lines where Dante’s mouth was supposedly wrapped around one of her nipples. His mouth was closed and it looked like he was looking into a corner rather than at the large fleshy breast shoved in his face.

“I’m no guy but from what I’ve seen of the male species, having that much boob in your face is going to steal all your attention. Your mouth is closed and your eyes are looking down at the floor. Definitely not the look of a guy getting off sucking tit.” Dante barked out a harsh laugh. “I mean, when you suck mine you have this sexy beast look on your face, like you’re ready to devour me. This one looks like you’re about to go to sleep.” Dante grabbed her phone and threw it across the room.

“Sexy beast, you say?” He took one of her nipples in his mouth before she could answer. Sucking hard, he nipped gently giving her just the right amount of pleasure to soothe the pain. She moaned and arched her back into him.

“Oh yeah,” she purred. “Sexiest fucking beast I’ve ever seen.” She moaned again as he slipped a hand down to her pussy, finding her already slick with need. His fingers danced expertly over her pulsating clit. He continued to torture her nipples, sucking one and rolling the other between the fingers of his free hand. “Fuck me, Dante,” she whispered. “Take me on all fours and fuck me like the savage you are.”

“Right after I devour that delicious pussy of yours, love,” he rasped as he made his way down her toned stomach. Throwing her legs over his shoulders, he attacked her dripping cunt with his ravenous mouth. He would never tire of eating her, hearing her moans of rapture or feeling her writhe under his tongue as he brought her to climax after climax. It didn’t take him long to have her gripping his head with her strong thighs as her body shuddered in hard release. Pressing his thumb over her still quivering clit, he flipped her over onto her stomach and rammed into her dark hole.

“So fucking tight,” Dante groaned. No matter how many times they went at each other, her pussy sucked him in like a vice. She was the perfect fit. He flicked his thumb on her clit, alternating with pressure. Gripping her by her hair, he pulled her up against his chest so he could get to her beautiful breasts. “Hold on, sweetheart. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you forget who you are.” Lyra gripped the headboard and prepared herself.

“God yes, Dante! Fuck me like you mean it!” His hands still playing with her clit and nipples, he slammed into her from underneath. Using the headboard for leverage, she met his thrusts with hard movements of her own, making sure she felt every delectable inch of his thick cock inside her.

“Yes! That’s it, sweetheart. Ride my cock. Ride me hard, love.” Her moans and mewls were driving him wild. He loved every sexy sound she made, from her soft cries of passion to her keening wails of release. At the angle he currently held her, he hit her g spot with every thrust causing her to cry out.

“I want to see you come, babe,” she barely pushed the words out of her mouth. “I love watching you.” He flipped her again onto her back. Lifting her legs, he crossed her ankles and laid them at an angle over his shoulder. Plunging back in, the position made her impossibly tighter and gave him the perfect angle to hit every nerve in her channel.

“You were made for me, Lyra. Your body made for mine. Your pussy made for my cock.” He accentuated his words with hard, deep thrusts sending her into hyperdrive. “Come for me, my beautiful girl.” He pressed his thumb on her clit again and she felt her body tighten, preparing for release. “I love you, Lyra Salvador.” Her orgasm swept upon her so violently, her back came off the bed.

“God I love you, Dante!” Hearing those words brought on his own violent release. He shot his seed deep into her, coming so hard and fast it was gushing out between them. He let go of her legs and collapsed on his elbows, careful not to crush her with his weight.

“We made a mess,” he chuckled. “Damn, woman. That was intense. I’ve never come so hard or so much in my life!” Lyra beamed at him, her love for him shining brightly in her aquamarine eyes.

“Me either, big man. Holy shit! When can we do that again?” Dante laughed and kissed her, ravaging her mouth the way he’d ravaged her body.

“Let’s take the next round to the shower.” She agreed and they bounded off the bed. After another round of hot incredible sex, they changed the bed and crawled back in to snuggle close under the clean sheets. “So what am I going to do about Angie?” He hesitated to bring that bitch up but she had to be dealt with. Lyra just smiled and kissed his pec.

“Oh I have some wonderful ideas, meu coração. But we can talk about her later.” She ran her hand under the sheets and traced them lightly against his semi hard dick. He groaned, cupping her ass as she gently massaged him. “Right now, I want to fuck my insanely hot boyfriend into oblivion.”

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