Champion Moves

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The room was dark and smelled of bleach. He tried to open his eyes but they felt like they were sealed shut. His chest hurt like hell and he couldn’t move his heavy limbs. What the hell was going on? He tried to speak but no words would come out. A gentle hand was laid on his forehead and soft murmurs sounded next to his ear. Slender fingers threaded through his hair. He felt his body relax and his mind ease.

“Shshsh,” the soft voice said in a whisper. “Just relax, Leo. Your body needs to rest. You have to heal so George won’t be alone in this world.” It must be the voice of an angel. A cool wet cloth was gently swiped over his lips, letting in a bit of water to quench his parched throat. George. His brother George. He must have been making some sort of sound because the hands came back as did the voice. “He’s fine, Leo. You stopped those jerks from hurting him. You protected him. He’s just worried about you. He wants you better so he can kick your ass for trying to die on him.” The angelic voice giggled. The corners of his mouth rose slightly.

The gentle touches continued and the voice kept speaking to him. Then he heard his little brother talking with the angel. “Th-thank you, Kate.” So his angel’s name was Kate. When she pulled her hand away, he panicked and grasped for it desperately. Even in his sedated state, he needed her to stay. “I-I think h-h-he wants you t-to stay.” He heard sounds of fabric rustling against fabric and hoped she was sitting back down.

“Then I’ll stay, Georgie. Why don’t you go lay down for a bit and I’ll sit with him, yeah?” Her voice was heaven itself. Her hands continued to massage his and every once in a while he would get a bit of water. He was content as long as his angel stayed by his side. He tried to imagine what she looked like but his brain was still fogged. Soft footsteps sounded at his feet.

“His vitals are good and stable,” a new voice said. “Are you his girlfriend?”

“Y-yes,” George called from behind him. “H-he likes h-her to b-b-be next to him.” The angel giggled. The sound was melodic.

“Then you be sure to stay, dear.” The footsteps walked away.

“You are a bad boy, Georgie,” his angel said with a smile. “I’m not his girlfriend. He doesn’t even know me.” George chuckled.

“H-his heart r-rate hasn’t d-dropped since you came. I-I think S-s-sabine sent you to h-him to help him.”

“You might be right, George,” she whispered. “I believe she did too. I think she knew you would both need me.” She giggled again, lightly stroking Leo’s arm. It felt amazing. “Now go to sleep, naughty boy.” The gentle ministrations continued for some time, Leo soaking it in as much as he could. He had no idea how long she stayed with him, tending to him but he hoped she wouldn’t leave anytime soon. He must have drifted off again in his mind because the next thought he had was about the light coming through a window wherever he was. His eyes fluttered and they no longer felt glued shut. He forced them open with a groan. A hazy figure stood above him, those now familiar fingers brushing back his hair.

As his vision cleared and the figure came into focus, he found himself staring at the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. A sweet smile split her plump lips as her blond hair fell around her face in a halo of golds and bronzes. “Angel,” he whispered. This had to be his angel. Her brown eyes twinkled as she smiled at him.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” that heavenly voice washed over him. “But I’m afraid I’m no angel. Quite possibly the devil incarnate though,” she laughed. He tried to smile but his lips were so dry. She fetched him a cup of water and helped him drink through the straw. “Slow down, killer. You don’t want to get sick. Believe me tossing your guts with stitches is the worst fucking thing in the world.”

“What the fuck happened?” he croaked. “Where am I?” She sat down next to him, still holding his hand.

“I’ll let your brother explain everything to you. He’s gone to freshen up but he’ll be back soon. He’ll be so mad he missed you waking up but I had to do something. Poor guy smelled like a rubbish bin.” Leo smiled, letting out a low chuckle. The movement made him clutch his chest in pain. “Oh no, sweetheart, don’t do that. You’ve got quite the wound there.” His chest felt like it was on fire. Kate pressed the red button for the nurse as she lifted his hand away from his chest. Rushing in, she saw Leo awake and in pain. With the speed one only learns from years of nursing, the woman injected some pain medication in his IV and proceeded to check his vitals. Kate stroked his arm absently and he melted at her touch.

“There you go, young man,” the nurse beamed. “That should fix you right up. You might get sleepy so don’t fight it. Just give in and rest.” Looking at Kate, she made some notes in his chart. “The doctor will be round in a bit.” She exited the room as Leo felt his eyes getting heavy again. He didn’t want to sleep. He wanted to talk to Kate.

“You’re wrong, you know,” he said yawning.

“About what?”

“You are an angel. My angel.” His eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep again. Kate sat beside him, staring at him. He truly thought she was an angel. He’d even called her his angel. Without thinking, she smoothed his hair back and caressed his cheek. He murmured something but it was too low for her to make out the words. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he sunk deeper into the healing rest he needed.

Kate studied him in the light. Leo was handsome, even in his pale state. His eyes were blue like an early morning sky in spring. They were framed by dark lashes so long she was envious. She watched them flutter on his cheeks as he slept. His blond hair lay in waves around his face, glinting gold in the shafts of sunlight filtering in the room. His nose had a small hook where it looked like it might have been broken before but it only added to his strong jawline. Yes, he was handsome all right. And most likely hell on wheels when he was healthy. She giggled softly at her thoughts before yawning. George hadn’t come back yet and it was still pretty early in the morning. She didn’t have to be at the Maxwell gym until ten. She could lay down on the couch for a bit and catch a nap.

In his subconscious, Leo gripped her hand as she tried to pull away. “Oh you silly beautiful boy, I have to sleep.”

“Stay,” he whispered. “Angel.”

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