Champion Moves

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Chapter 4

“I didn’t tell him I was getting bullied. He has a wicked temper and I didn’t want him to start trouble.”

“Oh Cherry. You should have told him regardless. Even if he lost his shit, which he should have by the way, you could have wiped the pavement with Sonya today.” Shrugging her shoulders, Cherry sat up tossing her empty bottle into the trashcan at the end of the mat.

“You’re a better trainer than my brother anyway,” she giggled. “I’d rather learn from you. You know how it feels. Dante has no idea what it’s like and he’d be afraid of hurting me.”

“Don’t worry, girl. I got you. I’m not afraid of hurting you one bit.” Cherry laughed. “So can you meet me every day for a couple hours after school? I’ll have you kicking ass and taking names in no time.” Cherry agreed, grabbing her phone from her bag as it rang.

“Cherry where the fuck are you? I heard about Sonya. Are you ok? Why didn’t you tell me about that bitch?” A deep voice boomed from the other end.

“Yes Dante, I’m fine.” She rolled her eyes, mouthing ‘brothers’ causing Lyra to giggle. “Oh hey listen! I want you to meet my new friend, Lyra. She’s the one who saved me today. She’s a fighter too. Can I bring her to the club?”

“Hell yeah bring her on. Did she really take on 3 girls at the same time?” he chuckled.

“She did. I’ll let her tell you all about it when you meet her. Can we come now?”

“Yeah of course. I want to thank the girl who saved my baby sister properly. See you in a few.” The call ended. Lyra could barely sit still.

“He said yes? I can go to a real gym with real fighters?” Cherry nodded, giggling. Lyra squealed and crushed the smaller girl in a bear hug. “Thank you thank you thank you!!” She threw on a pair of thin athletic pants and a cut away sweatshirt with her uncle’s gym logo on the front. She took the stairs two at a time, throwing the door open to the foyer. “Come on slow poke! Let’s GO!” The two girls piled in the car and headed out to the club. Lyra turned up the radio blasting Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. “I’M SO EXCITED!!” Cherry couldn’t help but catch the excitement from her new friend.

Pulling into the parking lot of a low slung building with large open windows sporting the sign Maxwell Fitness Center, Lyra squealed again. Walking through the front door, Cherry was swung up in a hug by a huge guy with bulging tattooed biceps. Setting her down, he turned her face spotting the bruise on her cheek.

“Motherfucking bitch! You should have told me, Cherry.” Lyra stood quietly behind her friend. The dude looked so much like Cherry she figured it was her brother.

“Dante I’m fine. If Lyra hadn’t come along, it would have been a lot worse. You should have seen the look on Sonya’s face when she sucker punched Chloe in the chest.” Dante looked behind his sister to the girl standing behind her. His chocolate brown eyes traveled up her body, taking in the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Her black curls were slung high in a pony tail. A few had escaped to frame her oval face. Her aquamarine eyes held him captive, leaving him momentarily speechless. A sculpted eyebrow arched at his perusal, the side of her lush pink mouth tipped up.

“You’re Lyra?” he finally spoke.

“The one and only,” she teased. “Your sister has a natural talent for kicking ass. She just didn’t know it.”

“You’re a fighter?” He was having a hard time reconciling the fact this gorgeous girl was a fighter.

“She’s amazing, Dante,” Cherry piped up. “Sonya went to slap her and Lyra caught her wrist, twisting it behind her back and putting her in a headlock. She was so fast! Then when Lyra let her go, Sonya thought she would pull a dirty ambush and tried to hit her from behind. Lyra knocked her out with a roundhouse kick to the face!”

“Nice!” Dante smiled, showing a dimple in his left cheek. She winked and shifted on her feet.

“Pfft, I got better moves than that.”

“Oh yeah? Fancy a little spar then?” Her smile spread wide and her eyes glittered in anticipation.

“Hell yeah! Let’s go!” Dante led her to the ring, jumping in with ease. He shed his tank top revealing chiseled pecs and a six pack that won’t quit. Damn the boy was built! He moved like a fighter. Lyra entered the ring, getting rid of her sweats. Dante’s jaw dropped. Her body was all power, toned and lethal. He was going to have to really focus because her tiny shorts and sports bra were making his brain go haywire. She stood before him, a look of feral delight in her eyes. He could tell this girl lived for the thrill of the fight.

“You ready?” he grinned.

“Are you?” The two fighters began to circle each other, sizing up their opponents. The occupants of the gym gathered around the ring to watch. Dante took the first swing, feinting to the left. Lyra anticipated his move and caught him with a light jab to shoulder. They teased each other, testing each other for weaknesses. He underestimated her skill and left himself open for a fist to the sternum. Tumbling back, he fell against the rope rubbing his chest.

“Lucky shot,” he chuckled. Damn the girl hit like a hammer. She just circled him again, biding her time. Moving in a blur, he had her caught in a half Nelson. With a grunt she threw him over her shoulder and pinned him with her knees in his shoulders. With a grin, he grabbed her waist and rolled her on her back. “You’re good, girl. Real good. Who is your trainer?” Answering with a wink and a smile, she wrapped her legs around his waist and locked him in a death squeeze. “Holy shit woman!” Feeling himself grow hard as he lay between her thighs that were squeezing him like an anaconda he had no choice but to tap out.

The gym was going nuts, especially Cherry. “My uncle Mateo Salvador trained me.”

“El Diablo is your uncle?!” Dante couldn’t believe it. “No fucking way!” he chuckled. “I can’t believe it! I grew up watching him fight. He was an animal in the ring.”

“He still is,” she giggled. “Yeah he retired and trains fighters now in his gym in Chicago.” She told him the same story she had shared with Cherry. “That’s why I stepped in with your sister and offered to train her.”

“Well you have my gratitude for that. Sonya is a real piece of work anyway. I had no idea she was putting Cherry through hell. I would have trained her myself if I’d known. I still don’t get why she didn’t tell me.”

“Something about an explosive temper and a blood bath,” Lyra laughed. “Although I can’t say I’m much better. I hate a bully worse than anything. I go fucking nuclear.” Dante threw back his head and answered with a boisterous laugh.

“You’re all right, Lyra. Feel free to train here any time. I might be able to get you in a few fights too if you’re interested.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Her jaw dropped at the offer. “Hell yeah I’m interested! Fighting’s in my blood man!” Dante smiled at her, his dimple showing deep. “I need a couple weeks to get back to my peak but I’m definitely ready to fight again.”

“I’ll talk to Uncle John tonight. He’ll want to see you fight first but I’ve no doubt he’ll say yes.” This girl was captivating. She was a predator in the ring and sexy as hell. He was having a hard time keeping his hands and his lips to himself. He was going to have to get to know this girl. Up close and personal.

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