Champion Moves

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Chapter 5

School came way too quickly the next day. Lyra was still jazzed from her session yesterday with Dante and the offer to pick up her fighting career again. Cherry had texted her late last night to tell her that she would meet with their uncle after school. She hardly slept. She packed her gym bag and had it waiting by the front door with her backpack. She was so excited she had talked circles around her mom and Mateo during dinner. Even living in another country with a time difference, they still found time to have a meal together through video calls.

She got to school earlier than she had planned but it worked out as she got to see Dante again. Ok so she might be crushing just a little on Cherry’s older brother. She had left her hair down in a jungle of curls with a pair of teal and black plaid thigh high tights that sported brass buckles. She had taken her tie and made it into a bow choker around her neck, pinned together with a steampunk style broach made from pocket watch parts.

Dante pulled up, lowering his sunglasses. His dark brown eyes were taking her in with a lazy smile. Yep. She was crushing. She couldn’t help it! Dude was HOT! “Well good morning gorgeous” he said. She blushed and chuckled, shaking her head. “You ready for this afternoon?” he asked, his voice like velvet sliding over her skin. She didn’t even want to get started on that accent. Yum.

“I sure am,” she said. “Tio sent me a few videos he had of some of my best fights. He said he would fly in for my first serious bout.”

“Stop ogling my friend, Dante,” Cherry giggled. “We have to get to class.”

“See you later, Lyra.” Waving, she turned with Cherry to enter the school. He sat for a little bit longer, watching the seductive sway of her hips. Those stockings were giving him erotic images of peeling them slowly down her magnificent legs before he spread her thighs to fuck her.

“Get it together, man,” he muttered to himself. The girls had disappeared through the doors. He left them to their day. Getting to the gym, he unlocked the building and checked everything to make sure it was ready to open. He had lifted Lyra’s number from Cherry and was sorely tempted to send her a quick text. He must have opened the message app a hundred times. The bell on the door sounded as two of his uncle’s fighters came in. Rory MacGregor was one of Dante’s closest friends and biggest competitors. His twin brother Riorden sauntered in behind him.

“Oi man,” Rory grinned. “I heard we missed a hell of a show with a new female fighter yesterday. You tapped out against a girl.” The twins laughed. Dante chuckled and shook his head.

“Stick around today and she’ll be back this afternoon. Uncle John is going to let her fight.” Running his hand through his dark hair, he grinned at his friends. “If you were caught between her thighs with a rapidly growing hard on you would have tapped out too. She’s smoking hot and a hell of a fighter. Turns a man on in all ways.”

“Damn I’ve got to see this girl then. I hear she’s an American?”

“Yes she is. She is Mateo Salvador’s niece.” The twins exchanged shocked looks.

“Are you serious?” Dante nodded, smiling to himself.

“He trained her himself.” Dante filled the boys in on Lyra’s story and the sparring match. “She is incredibly strong, especially her thighs. She was on me like a boa constrictor. I could hardly breathe, she was squeezing me so tight.” He could think of something else he wanted her to squeeze.

“No wonder you had a hard on. I’m catching wood just listening and I haven’t even met the girl yet.” The boys laughed as more fighters filtered in. Joy, the receptionist, came breezing in with her sing song greeting. Dante couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. Joy was…well, Joy. She was a leggy blonde hired by his uncle to be the face of the gym. She was beautiful but she was annoying as hell. She constantly hit on the twins and he thought Rory had even bagged her once or twice. She also loved to wear barely there workout clothes and today was no exception.

“Good morning boys,” she cheered. All three grunted in response and went their separate ways. Dante just didn’t have the patience to deal with her today. He was already on edge thinking about Lyra. Dressing out in athletic shorts, he wrapped his hands and hit the bag. The twins were sparring in the ring with their coach, who happened to be their father.

“Slow down, boy before you hurt yourself.” Dante jerked up, grinning at the face of his trainer. “Trying to beat something out of your head?” Martin “The Hammer” Hendrix grinned back at the sweaty man on the other side of the bag. After retiring from an illustrious and lucrative fight career, he took to training. Dante had been his first fighter, no more than a lanky fourteen year old with a huge chip on his shoulder when Martin agreed to train him. Now he was a champion and in a much better place.

“Just getting ready for Friday’s fight, old man,” he smiled. Dante needed to make sure he invited Lyra. He was defending his heavyweight title against Lars Ulven. Lars was a mean motherfucker in the ring but a big teddy bear outside of it. He actually liked the guy.

“I hear we got a new fighter coming in,” Martin crossed his bulky arms over his chest. “I fought against El Diablo back in the day. Got my ass handed to me,” he laughed. “If she’s been trained by Mateo Salvador, she’ll be damn near unstoppable.” Dante nodded, wiping the sweat from his face and chest as they talked.

“I sparred with her yesterday. She hits like a fucking hammer. She’s fast too,” he laughed. He relayed yesterday’s events to Martin, watching the older man’s eyes light up with anticipation. Lyra didn’t know she would be the talk of the gym but she was on the tip of everyone’s tongue as the chosen topic of conversation. After speaking some more with Martin, Dante headed to the showers. Lyra would be arriving in a few hours. He had dreamed of her last night. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her beautiful face. She was invading all his thoughts and he couldn’t bring himself to complain.

Lyra would be bringing Cherry to the gym after school. The thought of those plaid thigh stockings under that short skirt, showing just a hint of flesh between the hem of the garment and the top of the stocking had been driving him crazy. He wanted to kiss and caress that bare flesh, hear her scream his name as he brought her to climax with his mouth. Quickly he turned the water to cold and doused himself under the icy spray. When was the last time he had to take a cold shower? Shaking his head, he concentrated on anything that would distract him from visions of Lyra writhing under him.

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