Champion Moves

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Chapter 7

It was all settled. Lyra was now a member of the Maxwell Fight Group and she couldn’t be happier. She had immediately called Mateo and talked excitedly for several minutes.

“Just don’t let your grades slip, joya,” he gently chided her. “Your education is important. You can fight any time.”

“I know, Tio, I know,” she chuckled. “I just wish you were here to train me. I miss you.”

“I miss you too, joya. I’ll be there for your first bout, just like I promised.” They talked a few more minutes, catching up on the small things. Her heart was heavy with home but now she had something that would help. It was time now to continue Cherry’s training. The twins and Dante were trying to muscle in on her turf. Well, her friend.

“Hey! What are you fuckers doing with my fighter?” She stood with her hands on her hips, trying to stare them down. It was hard to be mean when you’re so damn happy. “Nuh uh, back off! I’m training this one!” Cherry giggled. When they tried to justify why they were butting in, she just shut them up. “Shh! She came to me, not any of you knuckleheads. I got plans for this one so don’t make me whip your asses.” The twins exchanged looks before busting out in laughter. Dante’s shoulders shook as he tried to swallow his.

“Really boys. I do want Lyra to train me. Please don’t be mad.” Cherry flashed her megawatt smile and the men melted around her. “She isn’t afraid to push me or worry that I will get hurt. I love you all but you treat me like a child. I’m not a china doll who needs to be put on a shelf so she doesn’t get broken. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a woman now.” She was right. Dante did treat her like a child. To him, she would always be his little sister and she would always need her big brother to protect her. Except he hadn’t because she was afraid to come to him when she needed him the most.

“We’ve noticed,” Rory grinned, winking at her. Cherry’s cheeks felt like a tomato. Dante slapped him in the chest.

“She’s still my sister, Ror, and off limits to a manwhore like you.” Rolling his eyes at his friend, he turned to his sister. “I’m sorry, sis. I didn’t know you felt that way. We’ve only had each other for a long time and I guess I missed that you grew up on me.”

“There’s only two years between us, Dante. But I think I understand where you’re coming from. Just lighten up on the kid sister routine, ok?”

“No promises but I can try,” he chuckled, ruffling her hair.

“Now if we are all through with this mushy stuff, I got a fighter to train. Come on, Cherry. No pain no gain, sister!” Lyra drug Cherry off to the treadmills in the back corner.

“Damn,” the twins said in unison. Their eyes were glued to Lyra’s ass as she walked away. Just about every pair of male eyes were on her ass but it was understandable. The girl had an incredible ass.

“You know your sister is a babe,” Riordan said, rubbing his chin and scratching the stubble. “I hadn’t noticed how well she’s filled out.” Cherry was not petite but compared to his six foot two frame, she barely reached his shoulder. Her honey brown hair hung in shiny waves down below her shoulders to her mid back and was currently curling around her perky breasts. Her narrow waist accentuated the flare in her hips and the roundness of her ass.

“Hey that’s my sister, man. She’s off limits. Period.” Dante glared at the twins. Riordan chuckled and held his hands up in surrender.

“Yeah I know but she’s a knock out. How much longer do you think you can keep her under your thumb?” Dante sighed, running his hand through his unruly brown hair.

“I don’t want to think about it,” he muttered. His kid sister had indeed grown into a beautiful young woman. He could only protect her so far and he would have to start trusting her when it came to her life. He wouldn’t be able to hold her back much longer but he could still make it clear she was untouchable. For now. He also recognized that spark of interest in Riordan’s eyes and couldn’t resist one final warning. “She is not one of your sluts, Rir. You need to remember that. If I find you treating her with anything but total respect, I will kick your ass.”

“I got it, man. I would never do that. Not to Cherry.” Dante nodded and walked off. Riordan went to the weight machines to cycle through his routine. He pushed his limits today, trying to keep his mind busy and off the bombshell on the treadmill. How in the hell had he missed her? She had really filled out and rounded in all the right places over the last year, right under his nose. He didn’t miss her rising confidence level either. Since meeting Lyra, Cherry was growing stronger not just physically but mentally as well. She would be a powerhouse before long and it surprised him how much it turned him on.

Friday Night Fight! The energy in the arena was insane. Lyra breathed it all in and let it settle deep in her lungs. She was headed back to Dante’s room with Cherry before the fights started. The twins were fighting as well along with others from the gym she had briefly met. She also noticed the throng of scantily clad women hanging around as well. Cherry knocked loudly on Dante’s door before bursting through.

“Are you decent, brother?” she giggled. Lyra followed her in with a smile on her face. Until she saw the blonde hanging on his lap. Her large breasts were barely contained in a tight white t-shirt sporting Dante’s fight handle “Demon”. The shirt left her midriff bare and the low slung jeans showed off her belly button ring. Her blue eyes pierced into Lyra with distaste as she placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Come on Angie, I told you to stop,” he said, moving away from the girl’s lips. “I’ve told you I’m not interested.” He hadn’t noticed Lyra was standing in his dressing room. Angie slid her hand up his bare chest, causing him to move away again and stand.

“Oh come on Dante, don’t play hard to get. You weren’t complaining earlier when my legs were wrapped around your waist.” Her eyes never left Lyra’s as she slid a smug look across her face.

“Ah Jesus Ang that was a long time ago and I was shitfaced.” Backing away from the blonde, he looked up. His eyes went wide when he saw Lyra, her hands tucked in her back pockets. With a sly grin, she sauntered over to him and wrapped an arm around his neck.

“Hey babe just came to wish you luck,” she purred, nipping his earlobe. She smirked as Angie’s eyes narrowed. Trailing her fingers down his chest, she slipped her other arm around his waist pulling him close. She turned to Angie and laid her head on his shoulder. “I’m Lyra, Dante’s girlfriend. I don’t believe we’ve met.” Angie sucked in a breath and glared at her. Dante buried his face in her hair, trying to stifle a laugh.

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