Champion Moves

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Chapter 8

“My shirt looks hot on you, love,” he said, his voice low and husky. Angie was fuming. Lyra just smiled and continued to caress Dante’s hot skin. “Help me wrap?” He sat back down, drawing her between his thick thighs and handing her a roll of tape. Giggling softly, they continued to nuzzle each other. Dante took full advantage and licked the line of her neck to the sensitive spot behind her ear, groaning as she shivered.

Looking up at Angie, she slid her fingers through his soft hair. “I’m sorry, was there something you needed?” With a huff, Angie stormed out of the dressing room slamming the door behind her. Lyra broke down in laughter.

“Omg that was hysterical! Did you see her face? Totally worth it!” she giggled. “Hope that got rid of her. Looks like prime stalker material under that fake hair.” Dante laughed along with her, hugging her close. He wasn’t quite ready to let her go.

“You’ve no idea,” he chuckled. Cherry was open mouthed. “I bagged her over a year ago after a hard night of partying and she’s been on my ass ever since.”

“Well maybe now she’ll leave you alone. Girls like that get on my nerves. So fucking needy.” She took a small step back. “Now give me your hands so I can get you wrapped.” All business now. She wrapped his hands neatly and tightly, tossing the unused tape in his bag. “All set, big man. See you ring side.” She winked and walked out the door. Cherry gave him a quick hug and ran after her. The girls made their way to their seats. Dante wouldn’t be up for three bouts yet so they settled back to watch the competition.

“So what was all that kissy huggy stuff about back there?” Cherry asked, giggling. “Don’t get me wrong, I totally ship the idea of you dating my brother. It just came out of nowhere. And I can’t stand that Angie girl.”

“Just one fighter helping another, Cher,” Lyra responded. “He looked miserable and she wasn’t letting up. I just helped him get rid of that leech.” Smiling, she sat back and crossed her legs. “But, I have to admit. I had way more fun than I intended.”

“Well you totally shocked Dante. I just hope he can still fight after that.” The girls laughed and watched the show. The three fights were over fairly quickly so they didn’t have to wait long. Dante’s opponent was introduced first. Lars “The Anvil” Ulven was a bear of a man with long blonde hair pulled back in a man bun and sporting a neatly trimmed beard. He was well muscled and handsome, reminding her of the Vikings of old.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, entering the ring at six foot four weighing in at two hundred sixty five pounds of solid muscle….Dante “The Demon” Maxwell!” The crowd went crazy, Lyra and Cherry included. Dante strutted around the ring with fists in the air, inciting the crowd further. The two fighters squared off. Lars charged first with a loud roar, a tactic he used to startle his opponents. Dante was ready for him. He met him head on and they grappled with grunts trying to get the advantage on one another. The grapple worked in Lars’ favor as he soon had Dante against the cage with a forearm in the throat. A solid punch to the solo plexus loosened Lars’ hold and gave Dante the opening to move away from the cage. Lyra was on the edge of her seat. Dante was a hell of a fighter. Both men were. Each punch, kick and sound of skin crunching against bone set her blood on fire.

Rounds one and two came to a draw. After a brief respite between, the fighters met again in the center of the ring. In the blink of an eye and a solid haymaker later, Lars was stumbling back shaking his head to clear it. Dante moved in for the kill and delivered a series of crushing hits to the jaw, laying Lars out cold. Breathing heavy, the referee held up Dante’s hand. “And the Demon does it again by TKO in the third round!” Lyra was hoarse from all the screaming. Dante looked around, spotting her making a fool of herself as she jumped and shouted. He grinned big at her and pointed to her as he left the ring.

The hall to the dressing rooms was packed with press and women looking to score with a fighter. John spotted the girls and quickly led them through the throng to Dante’s room. The huge smile on his face seemed to get bigger when he saw Lyra. He crushed his sister to him as she congratulated him. Then he scooped Lyra up in his arms and twirled her around the room. Before he could stop himself, he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. She gasped in surprise and he took that opportunity to plunder her mouth with his tongue. With a soft moan, she melted into his embrace and returned his kiss. It was, in a word, electric.

His lips were soft and persuasive. His tongue was maddening and he kissed her as if she would disappear from his arms at any moment. It was the last thing she ever expected but she sure wasn’t complaining. The man knew what to do with his mouth and she soaked it all up with her own hungry response. When they finally parted, both were breathing heavily. He placed his forehead against hers, holding her tight against him.

“I can see why Angie won’t leave you alone,” she panted. “Wow.” He grinned and slowly set her back down, keeping his hands on her hips.

“Yeah?” he said with a sexy smirk. “I would apologize for that but I can’t bring myself to be sorry for kissing you.”

“That’s good because I can’t bring myself to be mad at you for doing it.”

“Ahem!” Cherry gave a fake cough. “Pardon me for interrupting but there are some things a sister should never see. Her brother making out is one of them.” Lyra blushed and stepped away from Dante’s arms. “I promised the twins I would watch their fights and Rory should be coming up now.” Winking at Lyra, she giggled. “I can leave you here if you prefer.” Lyra chuckled and shook her head.

“I told them I would as well. Besides, Demon here needs a shower.” Turning to Dante, she bit her lower lip before exiting the room with Cherry. Winding their way back down the hall, Lyra couldn’t help the smile on her face. That kiss had been something else. The feel of his hands on her body had felt good, too damn good. She had been kissed before but never like that, with such reckless abandon. Dante took what he wanted and she’d be lying if she said it didn’t turn her the hell on.

The twins won each of their fights as did many of the other Maxwell fighters. Some of the rookies suffered losses but it was to be expected. The after party was being held at the twins house, which was absolutely fucking huge. It was larger than life, just like the two redheaded beasts themselves. The drinks were flowing and the music was blasting. There were plenty of groupies fluttering around the fighters but this was nothing new to Lyra. She was used to it having been around her uncle and his fighters. And let me tell you, the Latino fighters knew how to party.

Lyra entered the house, fingers linked with Dante’s. He led her into the kitchen and grabbed a couple cold bottles of beer. Filing outside, he found them an empty lounger by the pool. The backyard was massive as was the inground pool. These MacGregor boys didn’t know how to do small. Dante settled into the chair, pulling her down on his lap. She settled in, draping her arm around his shoulders and curling up. There was no conversation, just a quiet comfortable silence as they enjoyed each other’s company. She watched Cherry flit around like a hummingbird, socializing her little ass off.

She felt soft lips flutter along her neck. Closing her eyes, she breathed in deeply as her fingers slid through silky hair. “Dante,” she whispered. “You know I’m not a groupie, right?”

“I know,” he mouthed into her throat. “I don’t expect anything, love. Just in case you were wondering.” She sighed and leaned into his broad chest. “One day at a time, yeah?”


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