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Two of a Kind

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Their supposed to be enemies but destined to be together. Broken hearts and fighting, losing and gaining. Lost and Found. Dead and alive. Will they fight for what's theirs?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Fighting, I'm so tired of it. The constant pain and headaches, my broken heart. When will it stop?

"Anya! Get down here and make me my breakfast!"
"Coming, dad!"
"NOW!" I gather my wits before opening my door and tip-toeing downstairs.
"Your supposed to already have it made!"
"I'm sorry, daddy. I forgot." I watch as my father gets off his couch and stomps over to me. I shrink back and fill the tears start coming.
"You forgot?" I just nod. "Why?"
"Stop your stuttering, speak girl!" He grabs me by my throat, cutting off my air.
"I had to get ready for school, I was gonna make it, I didn't think you were up yet." I cried, gasping.
"Your lying. I told you yesterday that I had an early morning."
"I'm sorry! I'll make it right now!"
"Who are you yelling at, bitch?" I don't respond, hoping he doesn't squeeze tighter. I'm already starting to see stars.
"Turn on the stove." My eyes grow large, I know what's about to happened. It's happened every time I end up pissing him off.
"Please." I beg.
"Please." He mimics. He squeezes tighter and tighter until I turn behind me and flip on the gas.
"Now, light it."
"Dad, please. Don't make me do this."
"What did I just say?" He barks. A tear slips down my chin and I light the gas.
"Now, you know what to do." I just stare at him, pleading. He grins then smacks me upside the head. My vision blurs and I start to tremble. When I don't move he grips me around the wrist and holds it above the fire. Not close enough to burn me but I can feel my hand getting hot.
"Go ahead." He warns. I take a shaky breath and lower my hand. He groans and pushes my hand down all the way. I yelp and try to move back but he's gripping me so tight I can't move.
"Now, make me my breakfast, and don't forget again!" He walks away back to his chair and I cry out. I turn the stove off and wince at my burnt flesh. It smells horrid. I hide the urge to gag and get out the eggs and bacon. I start the coffee pot and grab some ice for my hand. I wrap the ice in a napkin and press it to my palm, my whole body shaking. I make his breakfast and make him a cup of coffee.
"It's ready." I whimper. He sighs and pushes me out of the way to get to the table. He plops down on the chair and rubs his greedy hands together.
"Smells great." He says and I force a small smile.
"Now, go to school." I run upstairs and grab my bag. I go to the bathroom and put some burn cream on the wound and bandage it. I check myself in the mirror one last time. My brown curly hair falls past my shoulders and my green eyes are huge and teary. I splash some water on my face to get rid of the puffiness. I trail a finger over my full, pink lips and sigh in content. This is the best it's gonna get. I head outside and get into my black Chevy truck. I earned the money for this old piece of crap using ten years worth of babysitting. I rode in silence, my left hand cradled in my lap.
At school, I park the car and lay back in my seat, closing my eyes. The pain in my hand was still too much, the throbbing now turned to burning. I curse and opened the door, sliding out gently. A handful of guys stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I wasn't gonna deny it, I did have a very nice body. My boobs were way too big for my tight belly. My butt made a perfect circle and my hips were not too wide. My thighs jiggled as I walked. But I wasn't ever gonna show off my body, there were too many bruises and scars from my father. I ignore the whistles and catcalls and headed inside, straight for the bathroom. I opened the door and got a nose full of weed.
"Shit." Someone muttered but I spoke up.
"Guys, it's just me." I reassured them. I heard my friends sigh in relief and one of them, Clara, ran to give me a hug. I laughed and pulled away. Clara was a foot shorter than me, she was plump and pretty with her freckles on her nose. Her long blonde hair stopped over her breasts and her brown eyes were blood-shot.
"I missed you! I can't believe I didn't see you all summer!" She said, pouting. I squeezed her shoulder and smiled at her.
"Man, you gotta try this. This shit is strong." My other friend, Dianna said. She was tall, with slim legs and little curves. She had black hair cut near her chin and her blue eyes were piercing. Dianna handed me the joint and I took a drag. I held it in for as long as possible before my eyes started to water. I exhaled slowly and started to cough. Dianna laughed and thumped her on the back.
"I told you, man. Three hits out of this and you'll be tripping all day." The three girls laughed and I took another drag. I passed the joint to Clara who bounced up and down with it. Dianna and I smiled at our little preppy friend. The door opened and we stopped. Clara turned and hid the joint behind her back.
"Hey, bitches!" We relaxed when we saw Freya. Freya sniffed the air greedily and grinned.
"Which one of you pot heads has the smoke?" Clara giggled and handed the joint to Freya.
"Yes!" Freya took a long drag and blew out. "Damn." She said then coughed.
"Where did you get this shit anyways?" I asked Dianna.
"I didn't bring it. Clara did." We all looked at Clara in shock and she giggled.
"What, my brothers new GF has good connections." We laughed and we passes around the joint until the bell rang.
"Damn." I sighed.
"Anyone got perfume?" Clara asked.
"Bitch, you know I always come ready." Freya says and sprays us all. I looked in the mirror and hold back the giggles. My eyes were so red and I have trouble keeping them opened. The door opens and a small red head with brown eyes waves at us. I look at Freya and Dianna who shrug.
"Guys, this is my brother's girlfriend, Abby."
"Hey queens, who wants to skip?" She says and I smile.
"Hell yes!"
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