Boyfriend Daydreams

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Daydreams about my love.

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Waterfall Date

After a long day at work, I laid across the bed in my hotel room with my head in my boyfriend's lap, while he stroked my hair. We were both exhausted, and happy to relax together. "You want to go out together this weekend?" I asked hopefully.

"What did you have in mind?" He replied, looking down at me.

I sat up and faced him, excitedly. "We could go on a hike to a waterfall. I haven't seen any waterfalls here yet, and I'm trying to do healthier things, and you said you like to swim so-" He cut me off mid-rant with a gentle kiss.

"I think we can work that out, as long as you keep being good for me." He whispered, making me shiver and bite my lip. I pulled out my laptop to start searching for a waterfall in the area.

"The ones at Hawk's Nest have really good reviews. They're about an hour from me and two from you." I trailed off and looked at him hopefully.

"It sounds good, babygirl. If that's what you'd like to do, let's do it." He said to me as he took my laptop from me and pinned me beneath him on the bed.

I felt every nerve where his body was pressed to mine and my breath was shallow, but my heart was thudding like a piston, and I looked into his eyes shyly. He leaned in and kissed me deeply, and whispered against my ear how badly he wants me, and the things he's going to do to me, before kissing a trail down my neck.

Just with that little bit of intimacy, I could tell I was already soaked with anticipation. I kissed over his jaw and ran my fingers down to the hemline of his shirt. I felt him pushing my shirt up, and leaned forward to aid in removing it from between us, and quickly moved to remove his.

His hands traveled up to my breasts teasingly before quickly moving to pin my wrists above my head. I whimpered softly in anticipation and encouragement. I nibbled over his collarbone and ran my nails over his back before I felt him working on the removal of my pants.

I pulled up to the parking lot at the beginning of the trail we had decided on and saw he was already there, waiting on me. I smiled and jumped out of my car with my hiking backpack. "Hi, baby!" I greeted him excitedly just before he pinned me against my car.
I felt one of his hands cup my butt, and the other slightly pulled my hair as he growled against my ear. "You should know better than to make me wait." I shivered, and giggled, and nodded.
"Yes, Daddy," I replied playfully, as he took my hand and led me out onto our trail. Every so often, I'd have to stop to take a picture of something I noticed and he'd stand and watch me patiently, sometimes asking me questions about whatever I had decided to photograph.
The fourth or fifth time we stopped was for me to photograph a cluster of wildflowers on the side of the path. Once I had finished with my photos, I turned away to grab a fresh bottle of water. When I turned back, he was standing in front of me, holding one of the wildflowers. I smiled and looked away shyly as he placed the flower in my hair before giving me a gentle kiss and continuing along the trail.
Before long, I began to hear the thunder of the falls and smiled excitedly. About five minutes later, we rounded a corner in the trail and arrived in a clearing near the base of the waterfall. I squealed excitedly and clapped my hands.
"Yay! We made it!" I cheered and heard my boyfriend laugh, most likely at my childish reaction to our arrival. I found a large flat boulder on the edge of the creek, and sat, unpacking snacks and water bottles. "Picnic time!" I said excitedly and looked at him expectantly.
"Alright! What are we having?" He asked enthusiastically as he sat next to me.
"Nothing fancy. I just made ham and cheese and brought chips and water." I mumbled sheepishly.
"Hey. You made food. It'll be great. It sounds wonderful." He reassured me as he grabbed his sandwich and took a bite. I couldn't help but giggle appreciatively before I also began eating.
After we finished and sat and talked some, I stood up and stripped off my tank top to reveal my sports bra. "Are you ready to swim?" I asked hopefully. He nodded, looking me over appreciatively, and making me blush.
I waded into the creek happily and swam toward the falls. I swam around with him for about fifteen minutes before I swam closer to the falls. I swam beneath the falls and found myself in a small cave completely hidden by the falls. I smiled and relaxed and admired the marvels that nature can pull off. I was broken out of my reverie by the sound of my boyfriend swimming beneath. the falls and standing next to me.
"I was wondering where you went." He said looking around us. "I like your hideout." I smiled at him and kissed his jaw.
"Thank you for agreeing to go with me," I said softly. He chuckled lightly, and grabbed my waist, and pinned me against the wall of the cave with his body.
"Of course. I love spending time with you and I love seeing you happy like this." He said, before kissing me. I smiled as he pulled back to begin kissing down my neck, drawing a soft moan from my lips. "Have you ever been taken behind a waterfall?" He whispered seductively in my ear.
I shivered, and shook my head no, as his hands trailed up my body from my waist. "Why? Have you taken someone behind a waterfall before?" I asked shyly, wrapping my arms around his neck.
He laughed and shook his head no, and slowly let his hands roam my body as he kissed me over and over, both of our breathing getting shorter and heavier as the tension grew.
After a quick passionate bout of lovemaking in the waterfall cave, we decided to swim some more. I was tired and cold so mostly, he walked around the deep pool while I kept my legs wrapped around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder as we talked before deciding to dry off and head back. Before he left to get in his car, he gently kissed my nose and told me how beautiful I am, and I kissed him goodbye.
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