Is it Love or a Lie?

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Chapter 1

I had to escort someone around this dark school. I never wanted to be here, but I had to. My parents left me at a young age, thinking that I was a burden. I probably was. My emotions were hidden deep, where no one saw them. I had to keep them away, or else I would be lonely.

I walk through the dark corridors, letting my mind wander through these isolated halls. I never have been granted this time for myself. I’ve always been crowded in groups who want to be, It. Never been able to think for me. Until I’m alone. Which may sound like I’m a loner, but I’m not. I was before I came to this school. I was just like any normal “loser” except I was a baby. I didn’t even have any friends, until Heidi, my best friend, came along. She was there for me the whole time. But I had to leave her behind whenever my parents sent me here.

Anyway, I got to the entrance, whenever I see a black car come into view. The car itself was beautiful but it made me think of it as dangerous. It eventually stopped at the front gate, entering into this school’s “perfect” yard. The personal driver stepped out onto the gravel road with his clean shiny shoes.

I put on a smile, whenever the driver walked around the car. The driver finally stopped at the rear tinted door. He opened the door for me to find a guy who looked about my age. He looked my way, then suddenly our eyes met. I don’t know what it was, but I felt like I knew him. I immediately look away from his invigorating gaze.

We enter the building, with caution. I walked around this school as if I knew it from the very start, and actually, I knew they had an escape tunnel, down below the school. I always use it to escape out into the fields of colorful flowers.

I show him around the place and finally, he says, “What am I doing here?” He says mumbling under his breath.

“Excuse me?”

“What am I doing here?” He says a little more loudly.

“Well, I don’t know? you tell me,” I say in my sweetest voice possible. But I knew my face was betraying me.

“Excuse me, who do you think you are?” He asks, raising his voice.

“My name is Iris, and you are?”

“Maven, Maven Steelbrooke,” He says, quieting down as if I had an effect on him.

“Iris Marrow,” I say, holding out my hand for a firm shake.

He looks at my hand as if I had done something to it. I barely put my hand back, before he grabs it and gives it a small shake, looking into my eyes. I give a small offering smile, for his case. Whatever it was.

After a while, we go into the lunchroom, to get something to eat. That’s when everyone crowds around the “new kid”

“That would be my cue to go,” I say, feeling uncomfortable.

He especially. Everyone was picking at him, like a flock of birds with roadkill. Not saying he is, he’s the exact opposite. His looks made everyone think he was here for popularity. But I knew he wasn’t. It was another reason, I would soon figure out.

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