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Also on Wattpad- but they deleted one of my books "But you're scared." He finished, running his fingers down her neck and to her collar bone, following the chain of her necklace, making her shiver, "So responsive." He murmured to himself. "Yes." She whispered, lips parted, eyes locked with his. He was gorgeous. She had no doubt in her mind about that, but she had been afraid to admit it. She felt dirty for letting him be so close to her and touch her in a way that seemed so foreign and inappropriate- Yet exhilarating... "Maybe scared isn't the right word." His deep baritone voice rumbled, his fingers setting her skin on fire as he reached the opening of her top, the only thing dividing them, "Maybe, confused? Intimidated? But you're not scared of me, right, pet?" "I- I don't know." She answered, her heart pounding against her ribcage, making her shake nervously. "You're scared of this-" his hand lifted back up to circle around her throat and he applied slight pressure, but nowhere near enough to hinder her ability to breathe, "or this." He bent down so she could feel his hot breath skim across her cheek making her face flush. His rough lips, ran across the base of her jaw until he reached her ear, "But you're not scared of me."

Romance / Mystery
Paige I. Herel
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Vera Reed dreamed of attending school. A normal one. With other students and teachers that weren’t her mother or a computer screen. She wanted to socialize, even if her communication skills were subpar.

She wanted to make friends and eat lunch in the courtyard. She wanted to laugh and tell jokes. She wanted to not feel so alone.

So she decided, the moment she finished 12th grade, she was going to attend a public college, and eventually, she did, after much convincing and pleading with her mother who wanted her to stay home in small-town Tabor, Iowa.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln was only an hour’s drive away and she promised to visit often (every weekend to be exact). She promised to be careful and always carry her pepper spray with her, though Vera knew she probably would never be brave enough to actually use it in a compromising situation. She was weak, passive and she knew that. She wished she wasn’t but that’s who she was and how she was raised; how was she supposed to change that?

After 19 years of bible-thumping, she was ready for something new. There had to be more out there for the world to offer and she was ready to find out what it was. So she set off, with only 2 suitcases in the back of an old, used, red Subaru they had found for very cheap on Facebook.

She was becoming independent for the first time in all her life and it was exhilarating.

When her father died, he left behind a trust fund for his only daughter so that one day she may go to college. Of course, it wasn’t very much money but would help her with the initial costs of her small one-bedroom apartment since she had been awarded a full-ride on an academic scholarship.

Not being allowed to do much, aside from reading the Bible and going to church, Vera studied. A lot. School was all she truly had in and it gave her hope for a different life. One of excitement and dreams coming true.

Her apartment wasn’t much and the neighborhood was sketchy but it’s all she could afford and truly she didn’t mind. As long as she was able to make it on her own, she didn’t mind where she lived. She was happy to be in a big city and attending a public school full of other people. There was so much still she had yet to learn and was beyond excited for the possibilities.

Her entire life she had been locked behind window shutters, desperate to see the sun, and now that she was, it all seemed so intimidating. Could she handle this? Had she gotten in too deep?

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