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She had onced believed in the idea of do well to be loved well. But no matter what she do, no matter how hard she thrive, she had never felt nor received such foolish feelings. She was once a naive girl, hoping to receive affection, but now that she died, she no longer know if seeking for love was really the right path. Looking up to the dull vision of her body moving on its own and killing herself for the nth time, every second made her heart turn cold. Even loosing the hope in her eyes. A dry and petty laugh made out from her mouth as her heart secretly mourned and also hoped. Someone out there, grant me my greed, she thought, let me live. Just this once. As nothing seemed to happen, she smiled bitterly and closed her eyes. But when she opened it again she was back. But this time, she will change everything. Love? I have money. Attention? I have knowledge. Relationship? I got food. But wait, who are you and why are you doting on me?

Romance / Drama
Frince Daian
Age Rating:



A figure of a young girl could be seen sitting in front of a screen which repeatedly plays a life of a pitiful human.

She could see how the human thrives to receive affection from the boorish people whom she calls a family. She was a person but she became a shadow of someone else’s.

A dry laugh came out of the girl’s mouth as she saw it again. For the nth time, the human took her own life away.

Then after the human died, people who surrounded her, lived and continued on their own paths. Her family did not even visit her grave.

Pity clouded the girl’s eyes as she realized that human was once her and is still her. She could only watch from the side as her own body did what she did before. She just woke up unable to control her own body and only experiencing the emotions her body has.

She was utterly speechless and also lost hope to the idea of maybe, she can change things. She regretted her life a lot.

She regrets that she never got to love herself, be herself and do what she wants.

So naive that she had hoped for the life the others had. Deep inside her, she was grieving and also wishing, that maybe someone out there could give her this greed. Just this once and this time, she will live according to her own will.

Just this time.

Suddenly her dull vision turned bright and clear, it was then she woke up on the day her regret started.

She glanced around her and saw people looking at her. In her past life, she made a scene in order to be noticed, but this time she won’t do it. Never.

She gathered her strength and patted out the non existent dirt on her ruffled dress. Her once joyous and jealous eyes turned cold, then she turned away and left.

This will be the beginning.


After she had left the ball that night, she had been locking herself up or either being at the maze practicing the 4 major arts that she had missed in her past life.

You see, before, she had believed if she acted naughty, her parents would at least notice her and at least reprimand her, but no matter what she does, even if she was dying, they never spared her a glare.

She wore a blue dress that has ruffles and ribbons around it. She had matured too early before, thinking that if she acts differently she will be praised, this time she wants to enjoy her childhood.

Her brows were scrunched as she looked at the notes for the violin she was learning. She had asked her tutor to give her a few when he visited her this morning for their sessions.

It was her tea time but she was sleeping with joy with the idea of learning those pieces. Her tiny hands gripped the violin as she leaned on it. Her delicate hands positioned itself, closing her eyes, the bow she held met the beautiful strings and a sweet yet lonely melody played.

It was her first time to play the piece but noticeable errors could be counted with one hand.

On the other side of the maze, are two old men playing chess and a little boy watching and criticizing their mistakes. They were engrossed into the game when they heard the music.

It was known that every afternoon these old geezers would spend their time here playing with the young and emotionless boy at the side.

The old man with glasses who was about to move his knight and knock the other man’s queen, stopped mid air.

His gaze stayed on the big bush as if he could see someone from the other side.

“Leave it be Giovanni, it’s not like it was played wrong, in fact it is beautifully played. I wonder who that could be.” The old man sitting in front of the old man Giovanni said.

Giovanni scoffed and turned his eyes back to the chess board.

“Lucas, I heard this grandson of yours will finish school much earlier than his peers. Such a bright child.” Giovanni said while simultaneously glancing at the unfeeling child who kept his eyes on the book he was reading. It was quite a complicated one. Political Books for a young 7 years old was quite a show.

“Oh yes, and I heard one of your grand daughters managed to skip grades after taking an exam? What was her name again? Soni?” he asked and purposely called the wrong name.

“You have turned older every minute Lucas, her name’s Somi, she made quite a scene at the last ball, I had thought she would whine and throw childish tantrums when she slipped in front of so many guests. But the girl just stood and left.” Gio grinned as he remembered the scene, the old man Lucas chuckled as he saw some small changes in his friends face. He knowingly smiled and knew a change of air was approaching.

The beautiful sound of the violin then stopped after some time and then the maze was covered by silence again.

The young child who appeared oblivious felt pity, he had never been so relaxed with just such play that he felt a bit weird when the sound stopped. He brushed the thoughts off and continued to study the book.

He glanced to the side as he felt someone’s presence, then he saw a tiny girl walking passed. Her hair was like the white snow, shimmering over the sun’s light. Her face wasn’t that clear but he could see her round teary eyes as if it would fall any minute covered by her long butterfly lashes, her small button nose and pouting thin pinkish lips. She wore a blue fluffy and childish dress that he thought looks, cute. There was a violin’s case on her back as she strode away. Pity.

His brows met as he realized what he was thinking, mentally scolding himself then coldly grunted and continued reading. He didn’t know her image was deeply etched in his mind and soon in his heart.


Back to our heroine, Somi who felt a bit sleepy decided to stop her practice and continue later at her quarters.

While she exits the maze she had kept on yawning that her eyes watered. She pouted her lips as she grumpily left.

Her tiny 5 year old body was still growing and she still needed nap time.

After reaching her quarters, she swiftly tuck herself on her bed and dozed off leaving the door open. The maids who walked by saw the open door and was about to close it when it made a bit of a noise.

A small whimper and cute snoring could be heard, the maids then decided to leave it open. They would regret waking such a cute bunny up.

Smiling from the cute sight, they left and reminded everyone in the mansion not to make too much noise especially when crossing the young mistress’ quarters.

Somi was unaware that with just a month, she had gained the affection of the servants with just her cute image of sleeping. From time to time, a servant or two would pass by and sneak glances to the cute child.

They were so into it that the young child from before who was crossing the pathway noticed them. He coldly shrugged and decided to take a look.

Silently passing by, he saw a cute sight of a curled up bunny who was silently snoring.

Her hair was covering parts of her face but she just appeared more lovely.

The young child who was rudely struck by her cuteness turned red. He covered his mouth and walked away fast. Then a quick series of curses were chanted in his head.

With his ears turned red, he decided to spend his time in the comfort room. It would be a shame to be seen in such a situation, he thought. Then a figure of him running away could be seen by the puzzled servants, after seeing him, they nodded their head and giggled. It looks like the bunny gained a carrot.


Maple Writes

Don’t forget to leave a comment, share and give me reviews for me to know if there are things that I should improve with and change at the same time. Have a good day. Enjoy reading.

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