Slippery Slope

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Bombing Part 4

Bombing: Skiing recklessly without regard for the safety of others or oneself.

Tom grabbed Kristy’s hand and pulled her from her bar stool. He took out his wallet, put a sizable bit of cash on the bar and shouted a good night to Chuck, who waved back at them. He led Kristy to the shadows by the low wall and kissed her back, tugging at her lips with his as she slowly ran her tongue over the edges of his teeth, into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she could feel his firm muscles, and more, beneath his clothing. Tom inhaled sharply.

“Your place or mine?” he asked.

Kristy looked toward the bar. A throng of people now blocked the path back to the casino and hotel.

“Let’s go to mine,” she said. “We can walk on the beach.”

The beach was dark and her flashlight forgotten in the bar, to be retrieved tomorrow. Except for the gentle roll of waves against the beach all was quiet. The right side of the moon was black against a darker sky, the left just a sliver. They stopped for a moment to look at it hanging above the water. Tom stood behind her and encircled his arms around her waist. Kristy laced her fingers over his as he gently brushed his lips up and down the nape of her neck. Tom rested his face against hers for a moment and gave her a slow, gentle squeeze. “There’ll be a new moon tomorrow night,” he said. Kristy smiled and nodded. Although the moon was hardly casting any light what there was sparkled on the water. Tomorrow night, the water would be black and stretch itself out, melding with the black sky. Tomorrow night, the stars would be the show.

Kristy turned to face Tom and slid her arms up around his shoulders, curving her body into his. She kissed him and he ran his hands up her back and into her hair as she ran her hands down his back and slid her hands into his back pockets. They swayed together slowly in the breeze until she gently broke away and took his hand in hers. They walked along the beach until they came upon a cluster of rocks and trees that she knew bordered the pool area at her building. They stopped and kissed again, and then again, walking, stopping, kissing, making their way along the path, each kiss increasing in its heat.

The power was still out. In the stairwell they kissed as they ascended the steps, pulling each other along. At the second floor, Tom grabbed her to him, his hands roaming over her hips. By the third floor they were undressing each other, his hands up and over her thin sheath dress, her fingers quickly unbuttoning and loosening his shirt. Her hands trembled as she unlocked the door to her room and they stumbled across the threshold, urging each other along. Kristy pushed him to the bed still stripping his clothes, tossing them aside. For a moment they both paused, hands lightly caressing each other, covering each other with soft kisses that were easy, sweet, then deeper, stronger, as they both began to move together, Kristy blissfully feeling the heat of Tom’s body, returning his passion until they both were gasping and then quiet again, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Kristy woke up, relieved to feel amazing considering what she’d had to drink. She looked at Tom beside her and lightly ran her fingers along the muscles of his forearm. He had the physique of a man twenty years younger, all firm muscle and tight skin. It was not like her to sleep with a man after just meeting him but as hook ups went, what a man to start with! She nibbled on his ear and he stirred and rolled over, wrapping his arm around her and throwing his leg over her hips. She could feel him growing against her and she pushed into him, inviting him, urging him for more. He kissed her deeply and rolled her under him, parting her thighs with his legs as she arched her back and moaned against him, taking him once again. She writhed beneath him as he skillfully brought her to the brink of pleasure and then over it, leaving her breathless. Tom pushed her hair back gently from her forehead and smiled. He pulled her close and then turned with her, settling her head on his chest, their legs still entwined.

“Good morning,” he said and Kristy suddenly realized that those were the first words that had been spoken between them since they had arrived at her room last night.

“It certainly is,” she replied with a laugh and kissed him lightly on the mouth. She slid out of bed, padded lightly across the carpet to the window and threw the curtains open. She stood there, naked, and looked out onto the beach. When she turned around Tom was up on one elbow, his hand shielding his eyes.

“That’s a bit bright, darlin’, but I’m enjoying the view.” He turned and fumbled for his watch on the nightstand. “7:20 am! Why are we up so early?”

Kristy bounded back to the bed and slid in next to him.

“You’re not a morning person?” she asked, snuggling against him.

“Not at all – you?”

“Absolutely, I am. There’s nothing like being up early, the first person on the mountain. Swishing down some fresh powder.”

Tom groaned, “Early morning and cold? Brrr.” He shivered.

Kristy laughed, “Didn’t you have to be up early when you were in the military?”

“I did, but it was always kind of forced for me. And as much as I hate extreme heat, the cold is worse.”

“Sure,” Kristy said shaking her head, “Sleep with me and then tell me we have absolutely nothing in common.”

Tom kissed her on the mouth, “I’d say we have in common what counts.”

“Well I’d say – you are correct!”

They kissed again and then Kristy pulled back, “I’d love to keep going but we’ve already done it twice and,” she swung her long legs off the bed and slapped him gently on his hip, “I’m starving! How about I go get us some breakfast?”

Tom lay back and put his arms behind his head, watching her as she pulled her dress out from under the chair and slid it over her head.

“That sounds great. Want me to come with you?”

Kristy shook her head, “No, you stay right there and I’ll be back shortly.”

“You won’t get an argument from me,” he replied and closed his eyes.

Kristy found her sandals and slipped them on her feet. The lights suddenly blazed on. She flipped them off and plugged in her phone to charge. As she opened the door to leave, Tom called to her, “Kristy, thank you for such a wonderful night,” he said. She came back to the bed, kissed him lightly on forehead, and then looked into his eyes.

“No problem,” she winked.

Kristy walked along the beach, humming to herself. It was indeed still very early and there seemed no one else around. Chuck had said he was at the bar morning, noon and night, and so she hoped she would find him there and be able to grab some food to go. She bounded up the three steps that led to the bar and stopped short.

Chuck was indeed there. So were the angry man from the night before and another man who was larger in stature and looked equally, if not more, dangerous. They saw her and before she could react, Chuck had grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her over, into the midst of them. He pushed her roughly onto a barstool. Had she not met him previously, she would scarcely believe he was the same man. He looked the same but his demeanor was completely different, as was his dress. Gone was the casual dress of a bartender, replaced by a light tan linen suit that bore epaulets and a formal military style cap pulled low over his brow.

“Where’s the pilot?” he asked her sternly.

Kristy felt her mouth go dry and she looked from one man to the other, “I don’t know,” she lied.

The angry man raised his hand to strike her and she flinched, pushing back against Chuck.

“Stop it!” It was Terrance. He walked up to the bar and looked at her, “Are you all right?” She shook her head slowly. He still looked the same, except for one thing – his machete was gone.

“Mind your own business, Terry,” Chuck said through clenched teeth.

“Chuck, there’s no reason for anyone to get hurt,” he put his hand on top of the hand of the angry man and pushed it down. The man breathed angry short breaths that Kristy could feel against her knees, crowded as they were around her.

“She’s lying,” the man said. “I saw them on the beach. They spent the night together. We should make her tell us.”

Terry addressed the man. “Remember, Jalen, you need her help, too.”

Kristy stared at Terry, “My help?” she asked in a whisper. Terry only nodded his head. He laid his hand gently over hers, which were gripping the bar.

“Kristy,” Terry said softly, “were you with him?” Terry stared into her eyes and Kristy wondered at the kind look he was giving her that seemed to implore her to trust him. Kristy looked down and away from his gaze, not answering.

“Okay,” Terry said, guessing the truth, “All you need do is wait and he’ll come.”

Chuck nodded and Jalen stormed away to the end of the bar, slamming himself onto a seat. The silent man still stood over her, “I hope you’re right about this,” he said.

“I’m right,” Chuck said.

Kristy found the strength to speak, “Chuck, I don’t understand.” She gently touched his arm, “What is going on?”

He looked at her and smiled a grim smile, “I’m going to get us into the airport,” he said, “and your pilot friend is going to fly our men out.”

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