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Strings of Heart: SIAN

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Strings Series Book 1 To avenge the life of a fallen autistic woman, that is Sisu's goal after entering Sian's body. Not until things went array and she discovered secrets after secrets. What will she do when these revealed her connection to this girl's life from the past and the future?

Romance / Fantasy
Frince Daian
Age Rating:


Within the pure white room, a quiet woman stood before the white room, she was beautiful with her long hair that was as black as an ink, face as beautiful as a fairy, skin as white as a pearl who was treasured and pampered for years. Like it had never tasted and knew what sunlight was. Her lips that were supposed to be luscious and beautiful were as white as her skin.

Just like a wilting flower, her body swayed slowly while her hand held a broken shattered mirror in the bedroom and placed it right before her small and thin wrist.

Anyone who would see such a delicate beauty would be afraid for her, her beautiful face was something that anyone would die just to have, but her eyes were soulless. Just like a porcelain doll with no emotions nor life.

There was clearly nothing blocking it at all, but her eyes were always covered by layers of mist, blurring others’ vision. As if she was about to go blind and people would not be able to tell what she was thinking or feeling.

Her eyes resembled the vast empty void that was feared by many. At one glance, it was as if there were ten thousand worlds within it. If one looked at them again, one could discover that they actually held nothing inside.

“Sian…” She whispered in a low voice. There was a trace of a smile in her eyes.

In a split second, the entire universe never knew that inside a cold almost empty room was a woman who had given up on life. Then in one swift movement, a quiet slash resounded and the long white lace dress she was wearing was soaked with red blood, her already lifeless blue eyes turning dull the longer blood seeps out of her body.

She fell to the floor as her long thick lashes fluttered like that of a butterfly’s wings then as if one cue, her eyes shed tears as if she finally found salvation with death coming her way.

“Mama, Papa,” she uttered.

Her hair is scattered on the floor and even when she was dying, her beauty still could not be ignored. If someone would come over and see her, they would certainly think of it as a painting, the light from the setting sun seeping through the ajar windows basking her dying body with its orange light, making her look ethereal.

Blood soaking her body. Shortly after, she closed her eyes and everything went silent.

It was like a scene from a movie as everything turned black for her however, the next second, she opened her eyes and she was in a pure white room.

If there wasn’t any furniture, she would think that this place was the same as the one she had before at the time she killed herself. But it was different, she knew it.

Did she fail?

White ceiling, white curtains, white furniture, white bed.

Looking around, the entire room was frighteningly white.

She sorted through the memory in her mind, climbed out of bed, and looked at the mirror.

The girl in the mirror had an exceptionally beautiful face with skin whiter than snow and picturesque eyes and brows.

However, there was no trace of expressions on her face. Her ocean-blue pair of eyes also did not have any fluctuations whatsoever.

This was not a cold temperament. Rather, the girl called Sian was born an autistic child. In her world, she would only see what she wanted.

The woman touched her face and there came in view were her long slender beautiful fingers, she rubbed her wrist with her other hand and hitched her breath.

This woman is the same woman who killed herself, however, the soul residing inside, is no longer the same.

As if on cue, a rush of memories came down on her body making her wince in pain and clutching her head. Her brows furrowed as she nibbled on her thin pinkish lips, trying to control herself from making unnecessary noise.

This girl…. Her name is Sian, she is an autistic child. Although she was an autistic patient, she was born in an affectionate family.

Her parents didn’t surrender her on account of her intrinsic imperfection. All things being equal, they invested countless times and energy to calmly direct her and endeavored to permit her to carry on with life like an ordinary individual.

Their endeavors paid off. Under the direction of notable specialists and care from the family, Sian’s chemical imbalance didn’t turn out to be more awful or cause a touchy temper like numerous different patients. She was simply especially calm and had no responses towards her environmental factors.

At the point when Sian was 5 years of age, she was found to have an amazing ability in playing the Violin and had an uncommon interest in it. Her folks were wild with euphoria. In the event that she had an interest in specific things, the likelihood of recuperating, later on, would significantly increment.

On the off chance that this sort of improvement proceeded, Sian might gradually live like an ordinary individual.

However, when Sian was still 17 years of age, something awful happened to her parents. They died in an accident and Sian was left all alone to fend for herself.

In their dying wish, they left her to a family friend and wished for them to love and care for her as they do.

Money was not a problem, her parents were rich enough that Sian could leave a leisure life for 3 lifetimes and still would have enough left to squabble.

A family companion received her, yet Sian was exceptionally uncooperative when she discovered that her family had passed on. She dismissed everybody and her condition got considerably more genuine.

She could possibly quiet down when playing the Violin.

However her already pitiful life started to go array when she met the vicious woman, a low maintenance Violin coach welcomed by the Malcolm Family, the non-permanent family of Sian, to mentor their grandson.

That young lady, Khloe, was a normal college understudy. She initially went to the Malcolm Family as a mentor, yet experienced passionate feelings for the Malcolm Family’s youngest son, Kane. Engineer Kane Malcolm.

Be that as it may, the dissimilarity of their personalities and identities was excessively incredible and she could not seduce the man, or plainly had no ability to do so.

Until she saw Sian.

Sian’s Violin ability was unique. Her skills were incomparable to any violinist she ever knew. Her reality was excessively basic. She used to have her parents within her world, however now she just had the Violin.

In any case, Khloe’s arrangement had stuck her in its sights.

She moved toward Sian, took her work, partaken in the overall competitions, and effectively turned into the hero.

She successfully became the genius Violin girl.

Since Sian never contacted the outside world, the Malcolm Family did not know about this matter at all. It was significantly more inconceivable for Sian to uncover Khloe’s schemes.

Nonetheless, Khloe was terrified. She generally felt that as long as Sian existed, the matter of her cheating could be found.

Thus, she wildly formulated a plan to injure both of Sian’s hands with the goal that she would be not able to play the Violin again in this life.

Sian went crazy.

The only sustenance left in her world was the Violin, however, that last solace was obliterated by somebody.

Eventually, when the Malcolm Family’s servant was not focusing, Sian broke the mirror in the room and took her life.

Khloe, this primary offender, depended on Sian’s unique work to turn into the most sweltering star in the performance.

At the point when Sisu arrived in this body, it was not long before the Malcolm Family showed up to advise Sian regarding her folk’s demise.

Sisu, the soul inhabiting Sian’s body furrowed her brows and felt angry on behalf of Sian. She could not understand why but she felt strong emotions for Sian even when she just met this girl just now.

Sisu had long been a wandering soul. For years that she had her consciousness, she lived her life listening to music and it was the only thing that kept her soul intact. She could remember that her favorite musician that had always been the one to call her heart and feed her with its elegant sound never played its tune ever again.

The musician’s tune was like a tune just for her which pleases Sisu all the time.

This was the reason why Sisu was left to become a homeless wandering soul. Sisu wanted to know what happened to the musician and decided to investigate, but on the nth day of her travel, a mysterious sound of a woman’s call resounded and everything went black.


Maple Writes

Don’t forget to leave a comment, share and give me reviews for me to know if there are things that I should improve with and change at the same time. Have a good day. Enjoy reading.

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