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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

His fingers caressed my cheeks and forehead and neck, twirling through my tresses as he moved his mouth against mine. He was gentle but firm. In control, but in no hurry, either.

My fingers rose to trace the contours of his neck, across the slight stubble on his jaw, up into his wavy hair, holding his head.

When his fingers slid down to my shoulder, over the wide strap of the bodice of my dress, and grazed against my bare arm, I sucked his breath into my mouth. Even though the dress and bra, I could feel the heat from his touch and ached for him to cup my breast, to ease some of the pressure I’d been feeling ever since we’d met. He was so close, yet he seemed to purposefully avoid that area.

“You taste so good.” His mouth covered mine once more before moving to my chin, my jaw, and behind my ear before settling in the curve of my neck. His nose nuzzled, his tongue licking at my flesh. He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly with a groan.

“You smell amazing.”

I whimpered, my skin tingling as he ravaged it. “Please, don’t stop. Mmmmm.”

“I don’t intend to.” His voice was muffled as he sucked gently, nibbling and then licking away the sharp pains that resulted.

I gripped his arms, anchoring myself to him. His warm body pressed against my side, igniting sparks under my skin. I wanted to pull him on top of me; I just didn’t have the energy. Or the guts to take the initiative.

His mouth landed butterfly kisses across my shoulder and over to my throat. When he pulled back, my eyes fluttered open. His eyes were fixed, but not on my face. I followed their path, and my breath hitched when I saw the object of his concentration: the quick rise and fall of my breasts pushing against the confines of the dress’s plunging neckline. My gaze returned to his face just in time to see him lick his lips.

“If you do want me to stop, now would be the time...”

“No, no, no.” I clenched my eyes, and a shudder ran through me at the thought that it could be over so quickly.

A soft chuckle was his only reply, and then his lips brushed my throat again. Slowly, methodically, they covered every inch of skin. Sometimes, his tongue darted out, making me shiver. My breath caught repeatedly as he moved lower.

When his lips caressed the swell of my breast, I gripped my skirt, my body arching up to him on its own volition. The flat of his tongue stroked the rise above the edge of my black satin bra, and the feeling of wet heat burned through me. He shifted, laying an arm across my abdomen and turning his head. My nose was buried in his hair. It smelled slightly of woodsy aftershave, and I exhaled with a sigh.

My concentration shifted when I felt his finger trail along the curve of my cleavage, dipping into the space between my breasts before sliding under the edge of the bra. His tongue followed, and a moan rose from the back of my throat. My nipples were so hard they hurt. If he would just...

My body writhed, urging him to go just a little lower to where I wanted it. Where I needed it. When I moved my hand, literally trying to take matters into my own hands to ease the aching, he shifted again and grasped my arm, raising it above my head. He rose up enough to release my left arm beneath him and joined it with my right arm. Holding both wrists with his right hand, he lowered his mouth to my breast again and resumed worshipping my now burning skin.

“Please...oh, please, Shu...” I mumbled past the whimpers he pulled from me.

“What do you want, Hun?” His breath breached the barrier of the bra and made me ache even more. “Tell me what you want.”

“Oh...” My mind was hazy, and I was suddenly embarrassed again. Why can’t he just read my mind?

“This, maybe?” His fingers grazed the underside of my breast through the dress and I shrieked. “Yes, I think that’s it.”

He teased again, and then finally his hand cupped my breast, squeezing gently. His thumb brushed over the peak. Even though the material, sent shockwaves through my entire body.

“Oh my—!”

My eyes shot open and I held my breath, staring at the ceiling but seeing nothing, reveling in the fact that he had finally touched me where I needed it. I gasped as he moved his hand up and slipped a finger under the edge of my bra and swept it over and over again directly on my nipple. Heat rushed down and pooled between my legs.

The world stilled.

His lips brushed my ear, his breath hot but still making me shiver. My breath hitched again when his hand slid further inside my bra to cup me fully. His skin was slightly rough as he kneaded my breast, rolling my nipple between his thumb and fingers.

I turned toward him, my mouth searching for his. He moaned, pressed his lips against mine, and pushed me onto my back again. I wiggled beneath him, echoing his moan as his tongue swept my mouth and played with my tongue.

He squeezed my breast one more time and then removed his hand. He released my left wrist, slid his hand up over to my shoulder, and pulled both the strap of my dress and my bra down my arm. Cool air brushed over my now bared breast. My nipple tightened painfully.

I was gasping for breath, shivering as his fingers slid along my arm and slowly brought it up back up above my head. When I felt him tie something around my wrist, I automatically jerked. “Shu?”

“Yes, Maxi?” He kissed his way down my arm and over my breast, sucking my nipple into his mouth.

“Oh!” I forgot what I was going to ask him, my nerves wiped away with that one simple action, and I arched against him.

He chuckled, teasing my nipple with his tongue as he climbed over me and released my other wrist. When he’d bared my right breast, he moved his mouth over to that side while he brought that hand above my head again. I struggled to swallow, watching him tie off my right wrist.

“You are so sexy.” His eyes were glossy as he sat back beside me, staring down at my naked chest, my dress and bra just under my bust line.

I pulled gently on my wrists and gulped at the tension. There was enough slack to let my arms relax against the pillows, but not enough that I could actually untie myself if I so desired.

“I didn’t think you’d remember.” What had happened to my voice? It sounded so husky.

“Oh, I remembered. I remembered everything.” That lazy smile, that deep tone, that sudden darkening look in his eyes made my heart skip a beat.

My mind raced to remember everything we had discussed...and wondered if I had forgotten to mention anything. But my focus was lost when he reached under my back and released the clasps on my bra and slid the zipper down on my dress. I kept my eyes on him, apparent fascination in his eyes as he shimmied my dress down, revealing more and more of my naked body.

He sucked his breath in when he unveiled my black, satin panties. I bucked up to him, and he paused, gripping my hips and running his thumbs back and forth over my covered skin. Resuming his undressing, the satin of my skirt brushed against my bare legs, and then he tossed the dress aside. His fingers slid over my calves, up to my knees, and then down again to unbuckle and remove my heels.

I had a sudden surge of courage. I slowly ran the tip of my tongue along my upper lip and wiggled my hips. “So you like what you see?”

His eyes raised to mine, and I swear I saw a flicker of fire in them. He didn’t speak, but he slid his fingers under the edge of my panties and slowly pulled them down. I gulped, aware that I really was concerned that he liked what he was seeing.

Cool air brushed against me, and I couldn’t help pressing my thighs together, moaning and squirming as he just stared at me. A couple of times, he raised his hand as if he were going to touch me down there, but his hand returned to his lap. I wished I could read his mind.

He reached into his back pocket and then leaned toward me, brushing his lips against mine.

“You okay?”

I took a couple of deep breaths and then smiled. “Yeah. I’m good.”

His eyes met mine, and he smiled back. “Liar.”

His hands moved over my face. A soft cloth-covered my eyes, blocking out the light, and he secured the elastic band over my head.

My breath quickened. I couldn’t help it. He was right. Part of me worried that I had gotten in too deep. I had wanted this. But once my control was gone, my nerves had returned and I was afraid. Not necessarily of Shubam, but of what I would do...or not do. He appeared to have done this before. What if I didn’t live up to his expectations?


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