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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Which brought us back to me laying on the bed, completely naked, blindfolded, and hands tied to the headboard. Shubam was sitting or standing elsewhere in the room listening to reruns of Law and Order. I highly doubted he was watching the TV.

I could actually feel his eyes on me. And it wasn’t that uncomfortable feeling you get when you know someone is watching you and you wonder why and then glance around nervously trying to locate the culprit. Instead, I felt warmth spread through me, pleased that he found me worthy to look at.

Several minutes passed, the show went to a commercial, and in the background, I heard the distinct click of the hotel room’s door opening and closing.


There was no answer. I tried not to panic, but I couldn’t help tugging on my restraints. I didn’t hear anyone else in the room, which was a good thing. But still...

My thoughts were just getting the better of me when I heard the door open again. I held my breath, hearing the tinkling of ice in a glass and the hiss of an opening can of soda. The heat of another body brushed against my right side, and the bed dipped from the weight of someone sitting down. I gasped when a cool palm brushed over my right nipple.

“Did you miss me?”

I let out a ragged breath, relieved to hear Shu’s voice. “Tell me next time you leave!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” His lips brushed mine. I smelled the cola on his breath. Our tongues flirted for a moment, and then he sat back. “Shall we begin?”

I grinned, relaxing against the pillows. I heard him set down his glass, and then he reached under my head, pulling down the comforter and blankets. Goosebumps prickled my skin as his hands brushed against me. I helped as much as I could in my position by lifting my body. When I was lying on just the cool sheets, the weight on the bed shifted again, and the TV went silent.

“You can’t see anything, right?”

I tilted my head back, to both sides, and then relaxed again. “Nope. Not a thing.”

“Then enjoy. And not a word.”

I nodded and flexed my wrists and fingers. I knew he was watching me again, and heat gathered between my legs. I shifted my hips, wiggled my toes, and then rotated my ankles. Anything to keep me distracted. My lips were suddenly dry, and I licked them, swallowing and finding my mouth dry as well. I forced myself to breathe normally, listening for any indications of what he might be doing.

The air conditioner shut off, and then I only heard his even breathing. But still, he did not touch me. After several more minutes, my muscles relaxed, and my legs fell open slightly. His breath caught, and I smiled. I wondered if he was masturbating, but surely, I would have heard some indication.

I was going to ask him if everything was okay when I felt it. It was the lightest touch, directly across both of my nipples. I groaned when they hardened. The sensation moved down, following the curve under my breasts and up the sides.

It was definitely a feather, the fullness grazing my skin like the softest fingertips. It flitted across my abdomen, outlining my ribs, circling my belly button. My hips bucked when the tip grazed the dip where my leg joined my body. I shivered, cooing. He repeated the motion, moving out over my hip and slowly back again, following the line of my pelvis.

I was writhing by the time he ran the flat part of the feather across the top of my left thigh. Goosebumps prickled my skin, and I opened my legs more, using my feet to gain leverage against the bed to push up.

Shubam chuckled. “Patience, Hun.” But he did slide the feather along the inside of my thigh, drawing it down under my knee and calf.

I giggled when he tickled the underside of my foot. He moved to work on my right side. I could feel the heat of his body leaning over my legs. The feather traced the same pattern backward from my foot up my calf, under my knee and over my thigh, across my pelvis, and along my ribs. I arched my back and groaned softly when my nipples brushed against the rolled-up sleeve of his shirt.

“Hey, no cheating!”

I grinned and licked my lips, but I behaved and lay back down.

He pulled away, and I felt him move up over my head. The feather traced the underside of my right arm up to my wrist and brushed against my fingers. He drew circles on my open palm before moving back down my arm. The tip swept across my shoulder, down my collarbone, and across my throat.

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