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Chapter 4

I tilted my head to the left against the pillow and sighed when he traced designs up my neck and teased my ear. When he slid the feather under my chin, I tilted my head the other way and sighed again as he repeated the same motions all over my neck, across my shoulder, and up my left arm and hand. I wiggled my fingers, the feather slithering between the digits.

He stood up, leaving my body begging. My fingers clenched, echoing the constrictions deep inside me. I licked my lips again, feeling my heartbeat pick up. Thankfully, he was not gone long.

A new sensation—a silk scarf, would be my guess—brushed against my fingertips and down both arms at the same time. It covered my face, slowly sliding down my nose and mouth to drape across my neck. When it reached my breasts, I arched up, moaning. He rubbed it back and forth across my aching nipples.

Then the scarf caressed my abdomen and hips, briefly grazing over my pelvis on its way down to my thighs and feet. He repeated the process in reverse, taking care to linger in areas when I made low noises of pleasure. And then the scarf was gone as soon as it had appeared.

I heard Shubam rummaging through a plastic bag, and then he was laying on the bed next to me. There was a snap that sounded like a plastic top. I gasped when something cold covered my left breast.

His tongue lapped at my nipple before he sucked it into his mouth.

“Ohhhh!” I arched up to him, and he complied by dragging his tongue all over my breast, his hand cupping and squeezing it.

When he’d apparently licked my left breast clean, he shifted to lay on my right side and repeat the process. I could feel the heat throbbing low within me, begging to be touched, and I whimpered.

“I know, Hun. I know.” He squeezed my right breast and reached up to kiss me, dipping his tongue into my mouth. “Mmmmm.”

I tasted chocolate and moaned with him.

He kissed his way down my chin and neck, nuzzling my shoulder. A cold stream of chocolate fell across my lips, and I hungrily licked it up. His finger pressed between my lips, and I sucked it deep into my mouth, cleaning it of chocolate as well. Then the coolness trailed down my chin and throat. It continued through the valley between my breasts and circled my belly button. His tongue and lips slowly followed, making me shake with arousal.

The bedsprings squeaked as he moved away, and then I heard the water running in the bathroom. He returned a minute later, slowly running a warm washcloth over my neck and breasts and stomach. The change in temperature had me gasping and my body undulating.

He laid down on my left side again, his hand splayed out across my abdomen. He massaged me for a moment, his mouth covering my left nipple, gently nibbling and sucking on it. I tried to reach down to run my fingers through his hair but my hands snapped back, reminding me that I was restrained. I clutched at the air instead, trying to press my side against him. His hand slid up and cupped my breast.

I cried out at the sudden bite of an ice cube rubbing against my nipple. I jerked away, but there was nowhere to go. Coldwater dribbled down my breast, the ice slowly circling my nipple. It ached, but the sudden pain grew numbingly pleasant, and I felt the heat increase once again between my legs.

I whimpered, trying to pull away now, my fists clenching.

“Shhhhh. Shhhhh.” His free hand returned to press against my stomach, holding me to the bed while he sucked at my numb nipple, licking up the water. He pulled away, and the warm washcloth covered my shivering breast.

I should have been ready for him to move to my right breast, but the freezing ice cube still surprised me. I shrieked, and once again, I was whimpering and pulling away, regardless of his attempts to soothe me. The sharp pain returned, tightening my nipple, numbing the skin around it. As the ice melted, his mouth licked and sucked away the water, and then the washcloth warmed my breast.

My head was hazy now. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, even more so since the ice treatment. I felt a little guilty that I’d enjoyed the brief pain. The resulting pleasure was amazing. I was glad that Shubam had tied my wrists. I was certain I would have tried to stop him if I’d had the ability.

How long have we been at this, anyway?

My thoughts snapped back to the present when ice slid between my breasts.

I shrieked and arched up. Shubam caught my sides in his hands, holding me up to him as he trailed the ice up and down the center of my body with his mouth, my breasts brushing his cheeks.

I felt water pooling in my belly button, spilling down over my hips. I didn’t think my body would ever stop shivering.

His tongue replaced it wen the ice was gone, licking at my skin that now sizzled under the cool layer from the ice and water. His hands moved up to cup my breasts, squeezing them as he nuzzled the valley in between.

It took me a moment to realize that he was lying between my legs. I instantly raised my knees to his hips. He felt so good nestled against me where I needed to be touched the most. I sighed, the heat of his hard bulge evident through his slacks.

His deep chuckle vibrated through my chest. “Okay. I get the hint.” He released me and crawled away from my legs.

I whimpered at the sudden absence, but his hand on my hip stilled my squirming body. His fingers wove their way through my curls and down to my heated skin. I sighed. My legs fell open again. One of his fingers pressed into my slickness, briefly touching my clit. I cooed, opening my legs wider.

He slowly stroked his palm over my outer lips. Occasionally, he dipped his finger, dragging it from one end to the other, making me gasp. His hand paused, cupping my mound, and two fingers pressed down, spreading the engorged lips.

I held my breath when his thumb circled my clit. And then a finger slid down further. He teased, tracing the edge of my tight hole before moving up to rub along the walls of my inner lips. My hips bucked, trying to force him back down and inside me.

His free hand pressed my hips back to the bed, and then he was fully stroking my pussy. The heel of his hand rested against my pelvic bone while his first three fingers dipped down, swiping through the valley, curling up to graze against my clit. Again and again. It was the most exquisite feeling, finally having him touch me, relieving some of the pressure. My hands clenched my body arching, striving for release.

I groaned, throwing my head back into the pillow when he pushed two thick fingers up into me and then sucked my nipple between his teeth. His hand sped up, pressing hard and deep. The tightness in my belly increased, and I squeezed my thighs around his hand, crying out. His hand stopped, but his fingers wiggled, still buried between my legs. He suckled my breast while I rode out my first climax.

When I’d caught my breath, he rolled away. I heard him rustling in the bag again, and then he was lying between my legs, spreading my thighs. My breathing picked up again when I felt him spread something solid and cold over my pussy. I shivered and sucked on my lower lip, unable to stop my hips from arching up to him. His fingers brushed against the insides of my thighs, and then one finger pressed in, swiping my pussy from top to bottom.

I gulped and took a deep breath only to have him slide his finger into my mouth. My lips closed around his digit. I moaned at the taste of Cool Whip with a touch of my own tangy juices. While I sucked on his finger, he stroked it in and out, mimicking what he had already done below. It wasn’t hard to think of him doing that with more than just his fingers.

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