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Chapter 5

Just thinking about the fact that he’d covered my pussy with Cool Whip—and most likely why, based on the recent chocolate experience—made me pant. I’d played with myself more times than I could count. And while I’d had many new experiences already tonight, I’d never imagined a guy licking me down there.

I felt him sit back on the bed, not touching me. He growled, long and low. It was the sexiest sound I’d ever heard, and I couldn’t stop myself from echoing it. The bottom layer of Cool Whip was starting to melt and dripped down around my clit. I wiggled around, moaning softly as more Cool Whip pressed between my lips. I’d had shaving cream down there before when I’d attempted to shave my pussy, and the feeling now was just as erotic, squishing and caressing my sensitive skin.

“Getting a little feisty, aren’t we?”

I made some unintelligible sound of impatience, and he chuckled. I loved his chuckle as much as his sexy growl. I struggled to swallow, loving what he was doing to me mentally as well as physically, despite my intermittent frustration.

Shubam ran his fingers over my left breast, along the heavy curve underneath, over the soft swell on top, outlining the areola. He cupped and massaged my breast. His thumb and forefinger pinched my nipple. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out. He gently rubbed the hard nub back and forth and then flattened his palm against it, easing the sharp pain.

His hand slid down the valley in between and grazed over my right breast. His fingers played again, electrifying my skin, sending new fire down between my legs. When he pinched my nipple, I rolled towards him, wishing he’d put his mouth back on it again.

“So sensitive.” His breath brushed my cheek, his tongue ran along my jaw, and then he was making my wish come true. His lips closed over my nipple and gently sucked away the sharp pain he’d created.

I rocked back and forth, moaning. I felt the Cool Whip sticking to my thighs now and wondered if he’d forgotten about it. I didn’t want him to leave my breast, but suddenly I wanted him down below. I wanted to know what it felt like to have his tongue teasing me there just as he was doing to my nipple. What it would feel like to have the tip of his tongue pressing inside me, his teeth nipping at my slick skin.

He ran the flat of his tongue over my nipple again and then slid down my body, kissing and nipping and licking every inch of my skin along the way. Not soon enough, he was lying back between my legs. He kissed my hips and then trailed his tongue down the junction between my legs and pelvis. He added a fresh layer of Cool Whip, and then his arms wrapped under my thighs and held them apart.

I moaned, my body convulsing slightly. I felt his hot breath against my soft curls. I cried when his tongue darted out and touched my clit. I spread my legs wider, and he raised my bared pussy closer to his mouth.

His tongue darted out again, and I whimpered in relief. His fingers massaged my thighs while he licked deeper along the length of my pussy. I heard the soft sound of his tongue lapping at the mixture of my wetness and the whipped topping. His tongue was everywhere, not missing any little crevice. It was a slow, tortuous process, and I prayed he wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

I let myself go, my hips bucking under his mouth. When he sucked on my clit, I cried out again. When he pressed the tip of his tongue into me, I groaned. I couldn’t get enough of him. And I wanted to touch him more than ever before. I cursed my restraints...and yet they raised the level of arousal at the same time. I’d never had such an assortment of feelings running through me all at once.

I came for the second time when his finger slid inside me again. He stroked me through my orgasm, his mouth still latched onto my clit, his hot breath mingling with my own heat and wetness.

I was coming down from my high when I felt the ice cube and screamed. He’d pushed it right up inside me, and cold water ran down between my ass cheeks. His fingers pressed in, holding the ice in place, letting my heat melt it. I felt my muscles squeezing around his fingers, and he slowly stroked them in and out in time with my cries.

Another ice cube joined the scene, this time against my clit. I fell into another orgasm, my head rolling back and forth between my raised arms, feeling the ice and his fingers stroking me throughout. His mouth returned to lap at my pussy while I writhed beneath him. Somehow, my fingers managed to grab the pillow.

I think I yelled a few curse words because Shubam chuckled and said something about me being a bad girl, the sound vibrating against my skin.

Finally, he offered me some relief and pulled away, lowering my legs to the bed. I was panting, my eyes clenched tight. My body felt on fire as if nothing he’d done so far had satisfied it completely, and yet I felt exhausted. His mouth covered mine. I managed to find the strength to return the kiss, tasting and smelling my own sweet muskiness on his lips.


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