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Chapter 6

I must have drifted off because my next thought was wondering why I was lying on my stomach. My wrists were still tied to the headboard above my head, I was still blindfolded, and I was still naked, but I had been flipped over. I sighed, feeling my breasts press into the warm sheet, my face nuzzled into a pillow lying between my head and arms. I could reach the wooden slats on the headboard now. I clasped them lightly, smelling my sweat and perfume on the pillow.

I was just about to call for Shubam when I felt warm liquid on my shoulder blades, and then the feeling of hands spreading the liquid out over my skin. It smelled like lavender.

“Welcome back, Hun. You took a little nap.” He leaned down and kissed my cheek. “I took advantage of the situation and rearranged you. Are you feeling okay? Are your arms sore?”

I smiled and murmured, “Nope, I’m good.”


He kissed me again and then began massaging my back and shoulders. His fingers slid through the oil, his hands gently pressing and pulling at my muscles, drawing moans and groans from deep inside me. I’d had several massages before, but none had been this sensual. It aroused me more than it actually relieved any tension.

His fingers moved up into the base of my skull, massaging my scalp and up behind my ears. I breathed slowly, remembering where else those fingers had massaged me. When he finished with my neck, he worked up my arms to my hands. Our fingers laced together, slick with oil.

He squeezed my hands and worked back down to my lower back and sides. I shivered when his fingers brushed against my breasts, rubbing the oil around to my chest where his fingers could reach.

I was moaning by now, feeling the weight of his body between my legs, pressing against my ass. I shuddered when I felt his bulge harden, but he backed away, working on my legs now. I whimpered, burying my face in the pillow to muffle the sound.

He finished with my feet and slowly slid his hands up the back of my legs, over my ass, pressing out along the back of my waist and hips and up my sides. His fingers grazed the sides of my breasts again, and then he lay flat on top of me, his mouth against my neck. He brushed my hair away and nibbled my right earlobe, making me moan.

I sighed and wiggled my ass against him, feeling his hardness throb in return. I didn’t want to beg, and I’d agreed not to say anything, but I was hot and bothered despite the massage. I needed more.

“Shu?” I whimpered and arched up again.

“Yes, Maxine?” He sounded amused. As if he was expecting this. He pressed back against me.

I groaned. “Please?”

He licked at my neck. “Please, what?”


“Hmm?” He stood up, I heard the rustling of clothes, and then he sat beside me, his bare thigh against my shoulder. His hand stroked my lower back, caressing my ass. “What do you want, Hun?”

I couldn’t breathe for a moment, knowing his cock was right there. I whimpered and then bit my lower lip. “Let me see you.”

He slipped the blindfold off, and I had to blink several times to adjust to the light. I stared at his bare shoulder and a barbed wire tattoo circling his left bicep.

My eyes drifted down, and I felt something deep inside me twist with desire when I saw his cock, hard and thick laying across his thigh. It pointed right at me, the head red and glossy. I sucked in my breath and turned my face back to the pillow, grasping the slats on the headboard again.

“Is that all?” His hand moved lower, stroking the inside of my thighs.

I squirmed, moaning. “No.”

“What do you want, Hun?” His voice was softer, huskier.

I forced myself to swallow and closed my eyes. “You. I want you. Please.”

“This?” His fingers slipped up between my wetness, rubbing against my clit.

I gasped, my eyes flying open. Somehow, I managed to find my voice again. “More.”

He stroked slowly. His fingers dipped inside me. “This?”

“More.” I struggled to get my knees up under me, to open my legs wider, to feel him deeper.

“How about this?” His voice was a hot whisper in my ear.

I cried out when I felt him press his cock against me, stroking it back and forth between my outer lips. “Oh, please, yes!”

“What do you want me to do next, Hun?”

My tongue froze. I only thought dirty in my head. I’d never imagined myself saying the words aloud. Until now. But I couldn’t say them. I just couldn’t...

He leaned across my back, his cock resting between my ass cheeks, and he whispered in my ear, “Do you want me to fuck you, Maxine? Do you want me to do it really slow?”

I choked and then nodded so furiously, my neck hurt from the effort.

He chuckled, sat up again, and grasped my left hip in his strong hand. I felt him move his cock until it rested between my outer lips. The pressure increased. My whole body tensed. I’d played with toys many times, so I was well accustomed to the size of his cock. But I’d only imagined what it would be like to feel the real thing inside me. Despite being aroused and stretched, I still worried about pain.

He nudged my knees with him, and they slid further apart on the sheets. He pressed again, and this time he entered.

I choked again, burrowing my face in the pillow, pretending it was his fingers instead of his cock so I could relax. And just as he promised, very slowly—inch by inch—he entered my hot, wet pussy. I couldn’t believe the sensation. There was no pain. Instead, there was hard, throbbing heat. And pleasure. Oh, the pleasure! I thought he’d never stop, and then he did, and we were both still.

“Are you okay, Hun?” One hand still held my hip; the other stroked the small of my back.

I managed to get out a breathy, “Yeah.” I could only imagine our erotic scene: I on all fours, my wrists tied to the bed, my ass raised up to him; him kneeling behind me, his cock buried deep within me, his hands on my hips. Tremors rippled through me.

I’d never imagined myself submissive...until tonight.

He began to back out. He worked his way slowly—out a little, back in; out a little more, all the way back in—until he was sliding so that just the head of his cock remained inside. It was a breathtaking experience, and I could only let out small gasps of pleasure as he moved.

Both of his hands gripped my hips now, and he slowly stroked in and out, rocking my body back and forth against him. He got into a rhythm, and I found myself bucking on my own volition. When he would press all the way in, pausing to give an extra deep push, burying his balls against my ass, I groaned louder.

I lost track of time, just enjoying the sensations: his hands on my body; his cock inside me; the slurping sound of him sliding in my slickness; my heart beating in my head; our heavy breathing. I don’t know if he said anything, but I was so focused on the increasing pressure building within me that I don’t think I would have heard him if he had. He had not increased his speed throughout. It intensified the entire experience, drew out the pleasure.

He shifted slightly, possibly to relieve pressure on his knees. Why he did it didn’t matter, but he shifted inside as well and I cried out, realizing he’d hit my G-spot. He paused on his withdrawal. “Maxine? Did I hurt you? Are you okay?”


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