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Chapter 7

SWEET TORTURE the last Chapter of Moan

“There!” It was all I could say, my breath caught in my throat, silently urging him to continue. I gripped the slats on the headboard and tried to push back against him but his hands held me still.

He pushed forward, and I cried out as he hit it again.


“Aahhh. I got it, Hun. I got it.”

And he did. Over and over again, he slid deep into that perfect spot. The edge got closer and closer. And then I tipped over, screaming the whole way. I collapsed against the bed, but he continued to stroke, whispering words of encouragement. I barely made sense of what he was saying, but his deep voice was comforting.

I felt his hands grip me tighter. His hips slammed into my ass, a hot stream entered me deep within, I cried out with him, and then we were both still. Amazingly, he began stroking again, just as slow as before, and I tripped along on another orgasm.

While I shook beneath him, Shubam reached above me and untied my wrists. I fell onto my side. He pulled me back against his chest, still inside me. Tears leaked out my eyes when one of his hands covered my breast and caressed it. His other hand dropped down to cup my mound, his fingers slipping between my thighs to rub my clit.

And I came a fifth time.

At some point, I pushed his hands away. I felt his cock fall out of me and lay against my leg. He scattered kisses along my shoulder blade and just held me spooned against him.

When I’d returned to earth and caught my breath, I rolled over to face him. His arms wrapped around me pulled me close.

“We didn’t use the hot tub,” I mumbled against his shoulder.

“What, not enough torture for one night?” He chuckled and pressed his lips against my forehead, brushing my hair behind my ear. “Checkout isn’t until noon tomorrow. We’ve got plenty of time.”

I tilted my head back so I could stare into his dark eyes. They looked heavy-lidded, as sleepy as mine felt. I managed to hide my yawn with a grin. “Good, because payback’s a bitch.”

“Just love me like you do Hun.”


The End


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