Shackled To The Bad Boy

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All her school life, Elana had been quiet. She disliked talking much or giving others any kind of trouble. All she wanted was to finish her high school with a good grade, get accepted in an Ivy League university so that she could get a good job as soon as possible. But her simple plans were ruined when she caught the eyes of the vicious school bully and the billionaire heir Elijah. He was the true definition of trouble and danger, what she always tried her best to avoid. Unfortunately, her life was bound to get difficult when Elijah officially announced his enmity with her and was hell-bent on teaching her a lesson. But, slowly he got to realize his feelings for her. He got to know more about Elana's life and realizes her life wasn't as simple as it seemed. Many dirty secrets come into light which make him question his morality and existence. Is it possible for Elijah to save Elana? Or he will lose her even before expressing his true feelings to her?

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Chapter 1

Elana’s POV:

I entered the cafeteria with my friend Harper and Ricky.

The entire cafeteria was packed. Every table was filled with students eating. There wasn’t a single empty chair. It was an usual story of rush hour, during the lunchtime. Some students were even eating standing or some were going out with their lunch.

But one table was completely empty. Yet no one dared sitting at that.

How could they! It belonged to the Cobra group, the notorious and most immature group of Northeastern Mcbrown High. No one would dare sitting at that table. If the Cobra group got to know anyone touched their belonging, his/her school life would be living hell.

We stood in the line for food. But at that time entered the notorious yet super popular group in the cafeteria. They were six in total and all of them were tall and huge, all of them had masculine body at this age. They all must do regular workout. When they walked together, I wouldn’t lie, but they looked intimidating.

Like every time, they showed middle finger to the rules. They ignored the line and stood at the very front and took their food.

We waited and saw them getting and eating food even though we came earlier than them. Whatever, when we got our turns, we took the food and three of us headed out of the depressing cafeteria. The extreme display of power was nauseating.

“How unfair is that! They have a fifteen persons’ table when they are just six persons, they never get in line to get food yet always get the best dishes. Hump!” Harper complained.

We all came to the back garden of the school and sat on a bench.

“Yeah.” I mumbled taking a bite of my cheeseburger.

“They are trouble. We must stay away from them.” Ricky spoke.

“Elana, the next Thursday is a Math quiz. You know how weak I am at Math. Let’s study together. I don’t understand the integration at all.” Harper whined.

“I have told you many times before, but you always told me that you have enough time for Math, Harper. You know that I cannot go out of my home after school. If you need to understand something, we can study in the library. You know how Mr. and Mrs. Owen are.” I said.

“Okay. Library it’s then.” She beamed.

There were already so much trouble in my life; I couldn’t afford to get new ones. After the school was over, I returned to the unfortunate place I called home.

The people who took me in, they were quite wealthy and powerful. They often brought enough media attention. And it was a positive side. Or else I was certain that I would have to do their household chores instead of the maids.

I got freshened up and entered my room. Actually it wasn’t my room alone. My little sister and I both shared this room. She used to stay here with me on a different bed.

Most of the time, she used to feel sick, so she had to stay on bed. Lily was lying on the bed. It broke my heart to see her like this. When other children of her age were so strong, energetic, played all day, my little sister’s world was limited to this little room.

“Hey, lil? How are you feeling?” I touched her forehead.

“Sis, I am feeling good now. A few hours ago I puked. I dirtied the bathroom, I am sorry.” She apologized.

“It’s okay. I will clean it. Do you want to eat something?” I assured her.

“Sis, can I drink some orange juice? I don’t feel like eating anything solid.” She mumbled.


I went to the bathroom, cleaned it and then got freshened up. Coming out, I made some freshly squeezed orange.

“It’s delicious, sis.” Lily smiled as she took a sip. Her face was white.

Lily needed to be taken to the hospital again. That meant huge cost which I needed to pay by myself.


The next day,

After our classes were over, Harper came to me.

“Can we go to the library now?” Harper asked.

“Yeah, you go first. I am coming there shortly. I have to go to the restroom first.” I said.

“Okay.” She headed out of the restroom first. I went to my locker and kept all the books inside before going to the restroom.

“Oh!” But my eyes widened, and a gasp left my mouth as I entered the restroom area. It was such a compromising sight to see.

Elijah, the leader of Cobra group was getting a blowjob from Kimberly, the cheer leading queen of Northeastern Mcbrown High. Terry was on her knees, when he was thrusting his ‘thing’ inside her mouth.

I didn’t miss the haughty smirk that Elijah flashed me. How shameless they were! They didn’t stop their inappropriate deed even after seeing me.

I quickly ran outsides of the restroom. I didn’t know why I felt so embarrassed. They should feel embarrassed in the first place.

Restroom was a place to get ourselves relived; it wasn’t a place to fuck. Let alone in a school restroom.

If I waited any longer, I was sure to pee on my pant. The previous running already made it worse controlling my bladder.

With patient and agonizingly slow steps, I walked to another restroom which was in the complete opposite direction. Finally, that’s when I could pee.

After I was done, I reached the library. My eyes scanned the area and found Harper waiting for me. She was doodling on her notebook.

“What took you so long? Were you perhaps constipating?” She gave me a look.

“Something like that.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Let’s begin with what you understand.” I said as we both opened the math book.

“Actually, I don’t even know what I don’t understand.” She replied.

“Okay, then start from the beginning of the chapter. Basic formulas and concept.” I said.

We studied together for almost two hours without any break.

“I think that’s enough for today. If we do more you can’t remember. Do all these maths at your home, so you understand better. We will study tomorrow again.” I said.

“Thank you so much, Elana. You are a lifesaver. I wanna make you my sister-in-law.” Harper croaked.

“Stop being dramatic. Your brother is only three years old.” I laughed.

“Oh, I almost forgot. But if he was older, I would make sure he married only you.”

“No thanks. I have to go now.”

Elijah’s POV:

“Babyyyyy!” The irritating nasal voice brought me out of my thoughts.

I looked at Kimberly only to see her pouting at me.

Rolling my eyes, I zipped my pant.

“Babyyyyy, why aren’t you saying anything now?” She said rubbing her boobs on me.

“Kimberly, move away from me. Don’t rub your boobs on me. And what were you even saying?” I asked.

I actually didn’t hear what she said. My mind was busy recalling the girl who entered the bathroom just now.

Her eyes widened at first, her cheeks turned pink. Covering her face, she ran out of the bathroom. She was cute, and reminded me of a bunny.

Why didn’t I notice her before in the school?

“You can come to my house tonight. My parents are going to California and brother has gone to Japan.” Kimberly spoke.


“So means what? We can do more than what we have done here.” She winked.

“Kimberly, listen darling. I have done it with you before, but you are not at all fun. So, I won’t come. I got plans for tonight.”

“What are you even saying? I could remember you liked it so much last time. You even moaned my name. Besides, what better plan you got tonight?” Kimberly asked.

“I am going to do it with Jennifer tonight.” I answered.

“What!” She exclaimed, her nasal voice reached the octave within a second.

“How can you do this to me? I thought we were a couple.” She wailed in her nasal voice.

God! It was a horrible sound to ears.

“We were never a couple. I am not into things like couple, love, dates, valentine etc. You came to me, you were into me. We fucked each other, got the fun out of it. Don’t think more about it. Besides, I don’t want to be couple with such a girl who has cum of someone in her mouth and cum of another person in her pussy at the same time. So, stop bothering me.” I remarked.

She gritted glaring at me.

“You fucking asshole!” She hissed and left the bathroom stomping her feet.

Fucking hell! Tried to act pure. Like I didn’t know how she often used to fuck different boys in the janitors closet during the lunch break, and now she tried to act sweet in front of me.

I wasn’t stupid.

By the way, who was that girl? Was she new in our school? Or she was a junior?


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