Mafia's Daughter

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Rosa Salvatore. Daughter of the Spanish Mafia. Step-Daughter of the Greek Mafia. To-be-daughter-in-law of the Italian Mafia. How did she become a part of the three most powerful mafias of the world? Find out. When Rosa learns that her whore of a mother is getting married to yet another powerful man, she can only hope that it is the last of her mother's marriages she has to attend before she turns 18, so that she can finally go live with her father and brothers. But 18 is a year away. What does she have to endure in this year? 5 Step brothers with God-Knows-What up their asses. A school with the ever popular Queen Bee(itch). An very observant step father who she has to sneak from to attend her street fights and races, who, should I mention, is the Greek Mafia's Leader? Yeah....This year is going to be hell...... This book is primarily published on wattpad, Inkitt is just a side along. Link on my Bio.

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Characters Part 1

Main Female Lead

Rosa Bella Salvatore


5′9, Teal eyes, Brown wavy hair.

Loves listening to songs and reading.

Is basically a Google Translator. Name any language, and she knows it.

Assassin,Street Racer and Street Fighter, works under the name Black Rose.

Has a bike and two cars.

Main Male Lead(Love Interest)

Vincent Luca Morretti

27 (Yes there is an age gap of 10 years.)

6′5, Honey-Brown Eyes, Black, shoulder length hair.

Has a secret love of playing Guitars and cooking.(shh!)

Heir to the Italian Mafia.

The Romerro Family (Spanish Mafia)

Santiago Romerro



Spanish Mafia’s Leader

Father to Mateo, Anthony, Leonardo and Rosa

Ex-Husband to Bianca Salvatore

Husband to Alex Jones-Romerro

Alex Jones-Romerro



Santiago’s husband

Step-father to Mateo, Anthony, Leonardo And Rosa

Mateo Romerro


Eldest son of Santiago and Bianca

Heir to the Spanish Mafia.

Over-protective of his brothers.

Wants his sister to come back to them.

Anthony Romerro


Eldest triplet between him, Leonardo and Rosa.

Anger issues (cliche?)

Misses his sister, wants to kill Bianca(his mother)

Rosa Salvatore

Middle Triplet

Leonardo (Leo) Romerro


Youngest triplet

Goofy, but shy and timid



Has a Daddy, but doesn’t live with him.

Bianca Salvatore


Has married 7 times, has 4 children from first marriage, none from others.

Took custody of Rosa to act as struggling MILF in front of her sugar daddies.(Eww)

Author’s Note-

More characters will be introduced in the next chapter. Thank you for taking the decision to read this story. I will try not to disappoint you.*cue dramatic curtains closing*

Anyways, Please Comment and Share!

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