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My Poppy

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Adeline has had a perfect life. Attended excellent schools, had great parents, the best brother, and three best friends. She couldn't ask for anything more. She knows everything will stay the same until a vital partnership comes along. They agree on only one condition, for her hand in marriage. Adeline doesn't want to let her father's hard work go down the drain, so she agrees. Only soon, she has a secret that threatens her marriage, both companies, and her life.

Romance / Drama
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I was up before the sun, waiting for somebody's call. I couldn't stop smiling with the immense excitement raging through me. It was barely a week after he left, but the house felt so damn empty without him. I scooted to my desk, immediately calling my brother.

"Hey Zack," I yelled, giving my brother a toothy grin,

"Hey baby sis," yawning, boy didn't even bother to cover his mouth, "Why call so darn early?,"

"How's it there?" ignoring him,

"There's a lot of work, I can barely rest," he had a bit of stubble, a surprise as he was always neat, clean-shaven every morning,

"Ha, serves you right," leaning into the seat and pulling a leg up,

"Who is that?...Adeline, is that you?" the handsome face prepped onto the camera, his beard already dotted with silver strands,

"Daddy!!" I wanted to hit him so bad, I could only open my arms.

"You've changed," he sighed, pulling Zack out of his seat, "When are you coming over?"

"And yet you missed my graduation,"folding my arms and raising a brow.

"Oh, Zack showed me everything,"

"Doesn't make me feel better Dad, you still weren't there,"

"I'll make it up to you, I promise... How are you though?" dad asked, his grey eyes boring to mine, even though it was a video call.

"I'm fine dad," my voice dropped as I rubbed my arm,

"Yeah, do you need anything?"

"Clothes dad, she needs clothes," Zack chirped in, "Look at what she's wearing. She looks homeless" and dad laughed, I was in a simple pink sweatshirt and comfy yoga shorts

"I don't look bad, shut up,"

"What? All the money you get is wasted on food, movies, and clubs," my head jerked to his face my eyes wide with shock, he hand his hands over his mouth as he looked at dad. Pure fear spelled in his eyes.

"Clubs! You go to clubs??" My dad exclaimed, his eyes darting from Zack to the screen,"You take my little girl to a club??!" I heard Zack yelp as he out of view.

"She's a big girl!" Zack yelled.

The screen went blank, I wasn't the least bit worried. Whatever happened, Zack will sort it out. He spilled the beans.

Back in college, he would pick me up and my gang then we hit the club till late in the morning. Even though I promised dad I wouldn't step into any building that sold alcohol. And yet Zack promised to watch me like a hawk and made sure I keep my promise.

It was easy to honor during the first month. But with everyone leaving college grounds, enjoying their weekends, you can't stay alone, right?

My parents divorced, about three years ago. My mom wanted to cut all ties with my dad, but as he wanted us to inherit his property, some adjustments had to be made.

Zack and I kept a healthy relationship with her, just talking once in a month or something. She was never really there anyway, with me away in boarding school. I can't say I had a close bond with her.

I stayed in my own apartment, away from her and her new husband. With one bedroom, a bathroom, a living room kitchen in one. All to myself. But, I was done with college now, I just didn't want to go back. My graduation was two days ago, only dad didn't show because he was too busy.

I made myself a quick sandwich, warming up on the couch with a late-night movie. Sheila and Rhea came over sometimes but now they got boyfriends. You know how girls get. I was the single girl who gave relationship advice. Cheers to me.

Halfway through the movie, I remembered I had to pack up for home, throwing my head back with a groan. Ken, my stepdad would be picking me up. With a deep breath, I pressed play and The Nun resumed. Now's not the time to worry about such feeble things.

Someone knocked at my door, just as I had dragged out my last suitcase. I checked my watch, 11:34 am. Time to leave.


I opened the door, knowing it was Ken. The tall skinny man with a thick beard and shiny head. I raced back to my room to double check for anything I missed.

"Morning," he said, "Ready ?" he called from the living room.

"Yes," slinging my bag over my shoulder,"Let's get going,"

He helped me with my two suitcases as I carried my duffel bag.

The mood in his car was quite dampening, I have never been thrilled no have a conversation with him. Despite the AC being on, I couldn't breath in enough air.

His head kept turning towards me, like every five minutes. Thirty stiff minutes later, he stopped right at Sheila's house, as I requested.

"Be safe, okay?" he uttered through the window.

"Sure, greet mom for me. I'll see you guys in two days anyway,"

"Yeah, you'll have to talk to your dad about that,"

"Okay," I waved my hand for him to get ,

"Have fun, love you,"

"I know," he chuckled as he drove away, shaking his head.

I waved till the car was out of view. My bones were crushed the moment I turned around, Sheila, my bestie hugged me. She had light brown eyes, curly dark hair, and glowing bronze skin, wide hips, and a huge butt. She was of Caribbean descent, some nice genes she got there. The trousers she wore didn't hide her assets either.

"Hey, babe," she cooed in my ear, her curly hair tickling my face.

"Ey," I followed her into the house.

I was all smiles until I saw the others. Melanie, my other bestie was here too. I had to be happy but they had their boyfriends over. Sheila dropped on Joel's lap, so much for a night with them.

"We're going to the club tonight," Lanie cooed, she loved partying, I loved drinking. Don't get me wrong, it isn't frequent.

"I have no dress," I let out,

"I know, I got one for you," Lanie said, sharing a glance with Sheila, "Come with me,"

She held out her perfectly manicured hands and led me to her room.

"It might not be your type but you'll look good,"

Lanie walked into the room, all sexy as I strapped in heels. I walked out of her dressing room, brushing the soft leather. The mini dress was black, with thin straps and a plunging neckline.The dress clung to my hips. My back was out for the world to see. It had slits at both sides, exposing so much skin.

Lanie giving me her signature whistles, like a gangster. I was always in sweats and pants or shorts. I only wore dresses for formal occasions and on some nights out. And my dad would have a heart attack and mom would drop dead if she saw me now.

If dad saw me, or even Zack, they would lock me up. But I have graduated, an adult ready to meet the world. Only I haven't had a boyfriend or anyone to warm my bed since forever. It was going to be a lonely night, I got to admit, being third-wheeler sucks, well for two couples in my case. But not enough for me to cave into the yearning.

I had endured four years of college without one, and I intended to keep that record.

I strapped on a pair of silver lace up block high heels, and out we went. My hair was fine with out any style.

"Let's go bitches," I yelled as I grabbed the keys from Sheila's hand. She protested but she can't do anything if I'm already at the wheel. The car was ready by the time they got in. Lanie sending a silent prayer. I sped down the road.

The two girls were screaming directions, I had terrible driving skills. It's a miracle I haven't caused an accident.


My mind was spinning my skin felt hot as the alcohol entered my system. I had taken six shots, and the music was seeping into my bones. I started nodding as dragged the two girls from their boys to the dance floor. With no coordination, as in my dancing sucked, but I could still twerk, though.

Once we reached a spot void of single men, I bent halfway, placing my hands on my knees as I shook my behind. Sheila smacked my butt, her head thrown back in a laugh muffled by the music. An hour later, we walked off sweaty, and my longing for another shot.

I winced at the tangy flavor, shaking my head. Just as I was about to request another round of drinks when cold liquid splashed on the side of my face. The smell reaches my nostrils.


I turned to this girl, her face spelled scorn with her glass in one hand, breathing hard. Her eyes zeroed on me, holding so much anger and hate. She wore black leather pants and a cute crop top, showing off her belly button, bright red lipstick, and perfectly styled hair.

"Excuse me, who the fuck do you think you are!?" I yelled, slamming an empty glass on the counter.

"Stay away from him, he is mine!!!" she yelled. We had gained a bit of attention by now.

My jaw dropped before I threw my head back and laughed . I didn't know her. Sheila jumped in then, "Um..I don't know you. Another round, please,"

"No, I know you. Adeline Poppy!!!" she yelled, smashing the glass she was holding, the crowd gasped around us.

"Because of you my plan is ruined!!I had everything perfectly planned out and because of you damn BITCH!!" she screamed at me.

My brows shot up. Wow. I looked over at Lanie. She had sound judgement r and right now, I needed to know if my next step was okay. She gave me a slight nod. Good girl.

I removed removed my hoop rings and every piece of jewelry and unstrapped off my shoes. With a wild cry, I ran towards the girl, tackling her to the floor, landing two punches on her face. She screamed amidst the chaos before she pushed me,turned and straddled me. She messed with the wrong bitch.

-Third person p.o.v -

Sheila watched the two rolling on the floor. Addy had broken the girl's nose and maybe pull out some strands of hair. The girl looked so terrified, at the brink of crying, but Addy wasn't letting on. Addy was a sweet girl, but not the right choice to mess with. She could turn savage in a nanosecond.

The girl screamed again as Addy pulled her to stand with her hair, a punch landing in her gut.

"You feel that!" Addy laughed, gripping her hair and ramming her face into her knees.

A couple of 'ooh' resonated around the room. By then people had pulled out phones, and a circle around them. Lanie poked Sheila, pointing at the two bulky men pushing through the crowd.

A glass broke on Adeline's head, a look of relief on the girl's face as Addy staggered for a second. Even though she has a bloody nose and busted lips, a possible black eye.

They didn't know a thing.

Lanie raced towards Addy, pulling Adeline off the poor girl.

I had her head trapped between my thighs and squeezed till she was slapping my thigh. I groaned, my head throbbing from the bottle earlier. Till someone yanked from me, as Lanie held me back. The bouncers led us out, officially banning us. Sheila's face came into my view, with my shoes and the other three following behind.

"Next time choose your battles carefully, bitch!!!" I yelled, giving her the finger. She heard it as the music was off.


My head whipped round,my heart dropping, and every shred of anger fled. I became sober in an instant. I gripped Lanie's dress, mumbling incoherent words.


Triple shit.

My life has ended.


Mom always told me I had anger issues, acted out of impulse. I was intoxicated and not thinking straight. I have beaten up some kids from school, had several detentions, and had a suspension. She wanted the perfect daughter, and I was the worst choice. She made that clear, though she accidentally said it.

And now, I felt like my next destination was a maximum prison. I watched the man pace in front of me, with my hands clasped tightly on my laps. I sat between Sheila and Lanie, nursing in swelling on my head, a swollen eye and a split lip, as he scolded the shit out of us. A guilt trip.

Sheila's dad was a long-time friend to my family and we all know how he struggled after her mom died. We were like 6 years old; she became my sister and best friend. Her dad was now a director at my dad's company.

Melanie was a tight friend. How we grew so close was still a mystery. It all just kind of happened. We became the closest of friends too. She still didn't escape the guilt trip.

And me, the innocent lamb. First, the strap to my dress was torn, Sheila had tied it to the other side. I was poorly dressed, half-drunk, barefooted, and was fresh from a fight.

"You know, I wanted Zack to tell me it was a lie. That you don't come to clubs," my dad swore, "But here you are," his palm opened to me. He was red in the face, his hands on his waist.

I gulped, yes. As in, my dad, who was across the country yesterday when we talked, was here. In this very club, I fought in.

"I'm sorry dad,"

"No, no, there is nothing to apologize for. It is done. Leave the room, Poppy, stay behind. We need to talk,"

Sheila and Lanie walked out at his request. His back was turned towards me, his head turned downwards.

"Come here," with tinny steps and a racing heart, I made my way to him. He pulled me into a hug, tears spilling from my eyes.

"When did my little girl grow up?" His chest vibrates as he laughed yet with so much pain.

"I'm sorry," I cried into his chest, as he rubbed my back.

"Hush now, daddy's here. I knew it would happen one intellect just didn't expect it to come sooner." Someone cleared his throat at the entrance.

"I'll be there in a few minutes," dad said without looking back, "There's something I need to tell you,"

"What is it?" I wiped my eyes, sniffing.


He sent me home with his chauffeur with a heart-wrenching message. It had to be the worst news I have ever received. When I saw Sheila and Lanie waiting for me in the living room, the party mood was long gone. I could help the tears as they hugged me, thinking it was the lecture we had just received.

"We'll be more careful next time," Sheila tried to comfort me.

"Yeah, I liked you today. Wild Poppy," Lanie whooped,

I laughed/ cried,

"It's okay," she added,

"I'm afraid there won't be the next time," I sniffed. Looking at them, "Dad came to pick me up,"

"What?" Lanie,

"What do you mean?" uh

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