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Adeline has had a perfect life. Attended excellent schools, had great parents, the best brother, and three best friends. She couldn't ask for anything more. She knows everything will stay the same until a vital partnership comes along. They agree on only one condition, for her hand in marriage. Adeline doesn't want to let her father's hard work go down the drain, so she agrees. Only soon, she has a secret that threatens her marriage, both companies, and her life.

Romance / Drama
Samie Kai
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Late night

I was up before the sun, waiting for somebody’s call. It was barely a week after he left, but the house felt so damn empty without him. I scooted to the desk in my room, immediately calling him.

“Hey Zack,” I yelled, giving my brother a toothy grin,
“Hey baby sis,” yawning, boy didn’t even bother to cover his mouth, “It’s too damn early,”

“How’s it there?”

“The stress, dad stored up lots paperwork for me," he had a bit of stubble, a surprise as he was always neat, shaved every morning,

“Ha-ha serves you right, ”

“Who is that? Oh, Adeline,” the handsome face prepped onto the camera, his beard already dotted with silver strands,


“You’ve grown so big,” he said, half pulling Zack out of his seat, “When are you coming over?”

“I can’t believe you missed my graduation,” I whined, total daddy’s girl here.

“Oh, Zack showed me everything,”

“Doesn’t make me feel better Dad,”

“I’ll make it up to you. How are you though?” dad asked, his grey eyes boring to mine, even though it was a video call.

“I’m fine dad,” my voice dropped as I rubbed my arm,

“Yeah, do you need anything?”

“Clothes dad, she needs clothes,” Zack, “Look at what she’s wearing. She looks homeless” and dad laughed, I was in a simple pink sweatshirt and comfy yoga shorts


“What? All the money you get is wasted on food, movies, and clubs,” my head jerked to his face, he hand his hands over his eyes as he looked at dad. Pure fear spelled in his eyes.

“Clubs! You go to clubs??” My dad yelled, “You take my little girl to a club??!” I heard Zack yelp as he ran away from the camera, out of my view.

That’s how it goes. My parents may have divorced, and my mom took full custody of us but since my father wanted us to inherit his property, some adjustments had to be made. Zack and I kept a healthy relationship with him, despite mom’s opposition.

I stayed in my own apartment, away from her and her new husband. She was never really there too, with me away in boarding school. I can’t say I had a close bond with her.

The screen went blank, I wasn’t the least bit worried. Whatever happened, Zack will sort it out. He spilled the beans. He would pick me up and my gang then we hit the club till late in the morning. Even though I promised dad I wouldn’t step into any building that sold alcohol. And Zack promised to watch me like a hawk and made sure I keep my promise.

It was easy during the first month. But with everyone leaving colleges grounds, enjoying their weekends. I turned down invitations a lot, the temptation was greater.

I made myself some instant noodles, warming up on the couch with another late-night movie. With one bedroom, a bathroom, a living room kitchen in one. Sheila and Rhea came over sometimes but now they’re with their boyfriends. I groan at the thought.
I remembered I had to pack up for home, throwing my head back. Ken, my stepdad would be picking me up. With a deep breath, I pressed play and The Nun began.

Someone was banging on my door, the prick was persistent. With a groan, I checked my watch, 11:34, hmm. Time to leave. I opened the door, knowing it was Ken. The tall skinny man with a thick beard and shiny head.

“Morning,” he said, “Have you packed yet?”

“Uh ha,” shaking my head, and hiding my yawn.

“Don’t tell me you’ve just woken up?!” irritated,

“Sorry, had a late night,” I checked the fridge, pouring him a drink.

“Give me an hour, I’ll have everything ready,”

He groaned before dropping on the couch.

The ride back home was silent, I had plugged my ears with some calm music. I could feel Ken’s glance every one and then. Thirty minutes later, he stopped right at Sheila’s house,

“Be safe okay?”

“Sure, greet mom for me. I’ll see you guys in two days,”

“Have fun, love you,”

“I know,” he laughed as he drove away, shaking his head.

I wave till the car was out of view. My bones were crushed the moment I turned around, Sheila, my bestie hugged me. She had light brown eyes, curly dark hair, and glowing bronze skin, wide hips, and a huge butt. She was of Caribbean descent, some nice genes. The trousers she wore didn’t hide her assets either.

“Hey, babe,”

“Ey,” I followed her into the house.

My stomach dropped when I saw the others. Melanie, my other bestie was here too. I had to be happy but they had their boyfriends over. Sheila dripped on Joel’s lap, so much for a night with them.

“We’re going to the club tonight,” Lanie cooed, she loved partying, I loved drinking. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t frequent.

“I have no dress,” I said,

“I know, I have one for you,” Lanie said, sharing a glance with Sheila, “In the dress, now!” Miss fashion.

Lanie walked into the room, all sexy as I strapped my heels.

I walked out, Lanie giving me her signature whistles. I was always in sweats and pants or shorts. Never in dresses. And my dad would have a heart attack and mom would drop dead if she saw me now.

The dress clung to my hips, the thin spaghetti straps and plunging neckline left little for the imagination. My back was out for the world to see, with the dress short, just mid-thigh. I felt naked.

If dad saw me, or even Zack, they would lock me up. But I have graduated, an adult ready to meet the world. Only I haven’t had a boyfriend or anyone to warm my bed since forever. It was going to be a lonely night, I got to admit, being third-wheeler sucks, well for two couples in my case. But not enough for me to cave into the desire.

I had survived four years of college without one, and I intended to keep that record.

“Let’s go bitches,” I yelled as I sped down the road. The two girls were screaming, I had terrible driving skills. It’s a miracle I haven’t caused an accident. Yet.

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