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Let me start from the beginning.

I met Robert Storm in a cafe' two blocks from my place of work. I was in there for my lunch break, already munching on a piece of toasted bread.

Then came in a man who was incredibly handsome, so much so I found myself checking him out.

His brown eyes, ooh! Those plump lips, his wide shoulders, his physic looking all athletic, very good looking toned body.

I was swoon and basically drooling not even to realize he was already standing in front of me.
He introduced himself and I was too embarrassed after getting caught ogling. He asked if he could join me at my table.
Recovering from my embarrassment I simply replied him yes. I mean, who wouldn't want to be in the company of this hot looking guy.

I accepted to go on a date with him after a month of playing hard to get. I was really impressed.

Our first date was very simple but beautiful. He took me to a nice restaurant, we had a nice chat and he was such a gentleman always out to make me comfortable.
If something wasn't to my liking, he made sure I got what I wanted.

We held hands for the first time that night and it felt fantastic. I never wanted that evening to end.

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1st November2021
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