My little secret

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Nine years old Chase with a normal life and a normal everyday schedule, the only thing is…Well besides his 𝙨𝙚𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙩.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Waking up is the worst thing that happens to me because it means another boring day in my boring miserable life.

Well, almost boring and miserable because today’s Sunday, and Sunday’s when he comes home. “Who is, ‘he?’” You may ask. Well he’s my little secret. Yep and emphasize on the, “my” as in mine, M-I-N-E. Just to make it clear. Now, why am I happy that he’s coming? Well…It’s special when he comes to visit me, he only comes when I’m relaxed, when I’m happy, when I feel like I want him. I don’t know the reasoning for this but it does come in handy, sometimes we’ll just sit and talk and sometimes we’ll uhm—Well that’s not important.

Though…Something that seemed weird to me is that, he only comes at night and only when I want him to. I’m not complaining I’m just curious, unfortunately I have to wait for him…But I’m going to be honest. I wanted to get destroyed from both sides, lips on all three of my sensitive places but…I have to wait and him of all people know I hate to wait for the things I want.

Around 12:00pm I was sitting on my bed being a weeb and talking to me friends about my favorite anime’s when I felt a sudden rush of want, a rush of need. I felt a sudden need to…Submit to him though..this feeling only happens when—
“Dude are you okay?” The small voice spoke to me from the speaker of my phone. I looked at my phone and when I was about to say something the feeling got stronger and started to hurt in all places, I hung up suddenly and turned to my door with a weary smile. “Baby…It’s not time for you to be here yet.”
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