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The Rose

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Life was never easy for 19 year old Mariam. She was a slave and her parents abused her. She's never been loved or outside until recently. Kimberly is a business woman who has a business woman who has a busy schedule and really no need for a slave, but when she saw Mariam she couldn't stay away. So she bought the girl and fell in love instantly. Kimberly has changed Mariam's life but is it for the better or worst? Will Mariam accept this new way of life with freedom? Read to find out!

Romance / Action
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I’m alone again, I’ve always been kept in my room, waiting for some orders from Father. It seemed no one warned me when reality would be crashing down on me. I can’t believe I trusted my family. I easily trust people, but this lead me to trust no one, no one except myself.

I wake from a hard hit to the back, with a belt just inches from my face. My father was standing above me, anger in his eyes, the belt in his hands. What have I done this time? I genuinely ask myself. I know it’s my fault. It always is. My parents don’t even need any excuse for it to be. I just agree and get punished. But sometimes, I ask myself, Is it really my fault, or are they just manipulative parents? I open my eyes, and look up at him and ask, “Yes, Father?”

The room was barely lit, the candles already melted. That was the only warmth I had in this room. Father was standing before me, with a belt in his hands. I wasn’t scared of being hit, I was scared of how hard it would be. But of course, I didn’t show the fear that was bustling inside of me. “You little piece of shit. Do you think you can just do nothing all day? Your lazy ass is going to come and clean up for us, or else. And we will be having guests, so don’t screw with us.”

I didn’t question it, parents are like this, right? I’ve never been outside of the house, but I bet it’s better than this hell hole.

I walk upstairs, with my father trailing behind. The winding steps make me nauseous but I keep going. As I reach the end and see the door, I collapse. I felt like I was going to vomit. But of course, father made it worse. “Get up!” He yells.

I pant out, “I can’t, I’m sorry father” His belt comes whipping at my back, and I scream in pain. “I’m sorry!” I scream.

“You little whore! Can’t you do anything?!” I couldn’t speak, the tears kept me from talking. The wetness of the tears trailed down my face, onto the cement ground. The little sound of the tears hitting the ground comforted me.

The door opened instantly, and there stood the woman I didn’t know would be the savior and the death of me.

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